13 Month Calendar Download

Three years to view on a single sheet (36 months per page). Version for the United States with federal holidays. Free to download and print.

Perfect for long-range multi-year planning, for proposals covering multiple years, ongoing projects, series of lectures & events, sports fixtures and travel plans. The calendars are multi-purpose, modifiable, adjustable and customizable, and suitable for a great variety of uses, e.g. As multi-year planner, longer term school, academic or professional planner, club, team, society or hobby calendar or agenda, vacation, trip and holiday planner, application process and progress tracker, event and special occasion planner, business, corporate or personal calendar, long-term planner, desk calendar or wall planner, for project planning/project management, time tracking and many more. Get organized and stay ahead of the pack by planning well ahead with these colorful, flexible multi-year calendars and planners! The PDF files (.pdf) are saved in version 1.4 and can be opened with from version 5.0.

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Template 1: 2018 Calendar for Excel, 1 page, months horizontally, each month. Template 1: 2018 Calendar for. Download Excel Calendar 2018 template 13. Choose yearly or monthly or 6 months. Make a Basic Customized Calendar. Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22.

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Download a Calendar Template for 2018, 2019 and Beyond! - by The easiest way to create a calendar in Excel is to use a professionally designed template. The free Excel Calendar Template on this page was one of my first and most popular templates. It is easy to use and includes useful features like common holidays, mini previous/next month calendars, and highlighted weekends. We have since created many other types of calendar templates, yearly calendars, planners, and schedules that you can find listed to the right.

One of the reasons many people prefer using an Excel calendar over other calendar software is the flexibility a spreadsheet gives you when entering events, highlighting cells, formatting, etc. Excel, originally created for accounting purposes, has turned into one of the most popular tools for creating custom calendars. Theme-Enabled Excel Calendar Templates Create great-looking calendars in seconds by selecting the theme of your choice from Excel's gallery of colors and fonts via the Page Layout tab ( Themes require Excel 2007 or later). All of the calendars shown in the image to the right were created by just modifying the theme. More designs for our theme-enabled calendar templates.

Description Each of the Excel files includes a yearly calendar worksheet followed by 12 monthly calendars on separate worksheets. There are no complicated formulas in these files, so you can easily add events, birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, to create calendars for your family, club, or organization. Holidays and observances are already included.

These full-year calendar spreadsheets do not contain macros. You can change formatting, merge cells to create events spanning multiple days, and otherwise modify the calendar without having to worry about messing up the dates. The screenshot on the left shows what our original free calendar template looked like. Before Excel 2007 came out with a good color palette, we used macros within the template to generate good color schemes for our calendars. Now, you can download the theme-enabled versions listed above if you want a way to easily pick different colors for your calendar. We've created many different calendar templates since this original one.

So if you are looking for something more perpetual, you can try our new, or the. Other Free Excel Calendars.

Vertex42.com - Download, customize, and print a free yearly calendar using Excel. The Microsoft template gallery also includes a variety of calendar templates. How to Make a Calendar in Excel using Built-In Templates To use one of the calendar templates from the Microsoft template gallery, follow these steps after opening Excel:. Go to File New. Look for a calendar in the featured set of templates or enter 'calendar' in the search field.

Click on the template thumbnail to preview or open directly in Excel. Related Content.