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Before I saw this movie I expected to see the story about another popular adolescent who is the leader of the group and is admired by everyone. But it was more than what I thought. It's about a boy like you or your best friend or neighbor: Erik Stifler. Erik is forced by his friends to do what all Stifler's men do: being a winner and getting laid.

His girlfriend acts like a total and refuses to have sex with him so then she gives him a pass to do whatever he wants for a weekend at a 'Naked Mile'. This movie isn't funny at all, more romance. The characters are pretty likable but its not as great as the first three American Pie movies. This one simply doesn't have tat same spark as the others. Perhaps I just don't get the movie business, but I never thought theycould squeeze three more sequels out of this franchise just by namingrandom characters Stifler. So this time around it's some guy named ErikStifler's turn to lose his virginity and get into misadventures, whilein the meantime his interchangeable friends just kinda stand around andremind everyone his name is Stifler.

They do that like, a lot. I thinkthe name Stifler is said about every six seconds or so, and all thesereferences do is make you wonder why you're not watching the realthing. Occasionally there's some vaguely funny stuff going on, like inthe scene where the gang plays football against midgets, but whateverpotential this movie had is ruined by the ridiculously awful dialogues.Even The Sherminator had cooler lines than the cool guys in this movie.The trash talk scenes have to be seen to be believed, and even then.And I can laugh at the dumbest, lowest, raunchiest things, but guysusing their boners as baseball bats is just really unfunny. And also,why the hell is Jim's Dad still around? Anyway, this movie has a goodmoment here and there, but for the most part it's dull and veryuninspired.

The title says it all. I need to really screw my brain to fill therequired 10 lines. The actors are completely unknown, the script is notthat complex and it's rather bad. The mandatory opposition to the 'teamcool' is a bunch of evil midgets that somehow are better at Americanfootball and getting girls. Storyline: virgin couple in high school are forced by peer pressure togo have sex with other people.

It doesn't work and they get finallyreunited. In the meantime a lot of teenage party and a bunch of peoplerunning naked for a mile.

Bottom line: uninteresting, badly played, nice girls. We just had Foxtel connected and this used condom of a movie spurted out of my big new 106cm telly last Saturday at 5pm. Programmed for that time by some corporate adult pervert who (gleefully) knew lots of unsuspecting underage teens could be morally loosened up by the cheerful naked sexual party imagery and it's relentlessly degrading depiction of healthy looking 20 something Americans, this 5th element of phallus/orifice adoration is exactly the sort of movie that proves to the rest of the planet that the polluting degraded immorally sexually cretinous USA must be annihilated. As I spilled my cock-porn er I mean popcorn over myself I wondered at these lovely looking 20 year olds, getting a gig in a 'new movie' and enthusiastically telling their families, Mum Dad Aunties and Gran and the littlies, about their fantastic new acting opportunity. And then they all go the to premiere, or worse still, the new DVD is brought home, mum throws a party for the street and then they all sit down together and.

This pus ejaculation (with sprinkles) manifests before them. There is their new family film star reduced to be some frat-boy jerk, near nude with duck-lipped tit-faced chicks each yahoo-ing and whooping at each other while every character behaves like a 'f.ckwit'. Tedious immature embarrassment piled upon scene after scene. With the apparently hilarious 'climax' being where two guys stand naked and erect in front of the whole party and conduct some sort of erection carnival (toss a hoop, etc).

And one 'hilariously' ejaculates over his pals and their girlfriends in some sort of screenplay teen porn orgy fantasy. The production team of adults far older than the actors who are responsible for this jaw dropping inane pathetic attempt at inferring that this is 'university USA fun' should be in Guantanano Bay. Five movies are enough, there's no way people can support anotherAmerican Pie movie. I Thought that the American Pie franchise was overwith the fourth movie American Pie: Band camp, that already was alittle lame.It has some funny moments, but most of it its just a movieabout sex, nudity and bad words.

There's no story at all and the plotseems weak and very plain. Awful acting from everyone. Please theAmerican Pie movies were over with American Wedding, stop using itsname to produce bad quality movies. They were the worst two hours in mylife. The story was so repetitive, it was like watching the firstAmerican Pie but without the funny parts. Even the the briefperformance from Eugene Levy wasn't enough to make it a decent film.

Very poor entry in the Pie series. 'Band Camp' didn't compare to theoriginal trilogy but it still had some of that American Pie charm plusa semi-interesting story.

It also had some funny gags and some funnylines. All that is missing from this fifth entry. 'Naked Mile' had noreally funny or memorable moments.

And a terribly bland,forgettable cast. While the original Pie films felt like a smart homageto the sex romps of the 80s (Porky's, Revenge of the Nerds, etc), thisone just felt like a retread of the lame straight-to-video sex comediesof the early 90s (Ski School 2, Meatballs 4, etc). No real imaginationwent into making this movie. It was purely made to quickly cash in onthe DVD success of 'Band Camp'.

Of course many people will watch thisjust for the naked mile scene in which several naked female breasts areshown bouncing around. That's about the only watchable scene in thiswhole film. Sadly, by that merit alone most people will see this filmas fitting for a recommendation. Trust me, it's not worth it. OK so I thought the fourth one was probably going to be last one, personally I felt they had milked the franchise for all its worth and the previous one only rose above the ordinary on the basis of some great DVD extras.but obviously the filmmakers thought otherwise and KNEW THAT THEY COULD MILK PEOPLE LIKE ME FOR SOME MORE. And even though I'm a sucker for a plot less comedy with loads of nudity, crude language and the kind of humour which will give lots of critics palpitations, I'm not stupid, this is the 5TH MOVIE AFTERALL.

Commonsense prevailed and helped by a 'oh-so-clear' title I prepared myself for loads of nudity, and jokes that would be cruder and more senseless than ever before BECAUSE THE MOST CRUDE JOKES HAVE BECOME COMMONPLACE AND FOR Filmmakers TO GET A CRUDE JOKE THAT HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN THEY HAVE TO BORDER ON THE INSANE and its only time before the cross the line into indigestible territory even for fans of jokes involving copulation with bakery items. The movie starts with a bang (literally) and one of the most memorable comic openings of a film ever 2 points of my rating is just for this hilarious scene. Luckily I didn't raise my hopes and continued to watch the movie with my original expectations. After that this movie is a mindless ride which feels a bit like this. Psycotic Family. Failed Sex Life.FUNNY.

NUDITY partial but HMMMMMMMMMM.MALE ASS ARRRRGGH. STIFLER (suddenly he is a hero stifler was never about being a hero).

Lots of babes in skimpy clothing (will not mention this again assume they come in the spaces henceforth). Crude Jokes involving Midgets. Jokes that were stretched far beyond their potential. NUDITY MALE ASS ARGHHH. NUDITY FROM THE EARLIER HOT CHICKS. (one guess which part of the movie this was he-he).

CRUDE JOKES (THE ONES THAT GO OVERBOARD IT HAD TO HAPPEN). Jokes that were stretched far beyond their potential. Happy Realisation.ROMANCE!!!????

THE HAPPY ENDING (tailormade for the girls wtf when will film-makers realise that only guys rent this film girls only see it to give their guy friends company and when there are dozens of hot women willing to expose why must the cute chick remain so pure, and her friends don't expose either what the hell) And it bloody UNRATED whats with showing us full-frontal in the shower but not in the signature scenes? This basically sums up the movie acting, direction and other technical issues are a mere triviality and not really worth mentioning, the soundtrack was pretty effectively used though.

I expected a lot from the DVD extras after the BANDCAMP but the extras were bad and did nothing for the movie. If you like your cinema to be sophisticated and humour subtle or like to compare SEQUEL NO 1000 to the original then please don't see this movie and then take it to the cleaners. Watch only if you are a fan of such movies and are fully prepared for films that are obviously not going to be as funny (especially compared to the originals).s jokes that cross the line, double standards on nudity, standard sequel weakness (compensating for the missing original characters, cameos etc), lots of ordinary jokes that were stretched far beyond their potential.

+/-s catered to the chicks somewhat +s loads of hot chicks and nudity, ordinary jokes inter-spaced with some really hilarious jokes especially in the first half and ONE OF THE MOST MEMORABLE COMEDY OPENINGS OF ALL TIME. Total (6/10 it met expectations but I didn't give any points for that but obviously factoring in sequel and crude comedy status). I am ashamed to admit it, but I enjoyed this movie. It was one of thoseguilty pleasures that you keep out of sight of your kids, folks, andthe respectable social ilk, to be sure, but I found this film tohysterical and enjoyable to watch. I would suggest, if you haven't seen this film and decide to, see itwithout any expectations in comparison to the other American Pie films.It stands on its own and really, the only tie in is the Stiffler name.Also prepare yourself for some of the lewdest and crudest behavior Ihave witnessed on film short of porn.

To forewarn you, within minutesof the beginning, a solo sexual embarkment concludes with a young ladejaculating on his parents and grandmother, and yes, they show 'it'. This film reminded me of 80's teen fare such as 'Spring Break', albeitraunchier, raunchier on an entirely different level of raunchiness. Theconflict between the midgets and our protagonists (?) was absolutelyhilarious. The film features more than its share of nude ladies andblatant sexuality, including a Viagra-induced ring toss, for example. What I've offered you here should be enough for those who steer clearof such humor to make their decision whether or not to see the film.But if you don't mind its naughtiness, it's a fun flick! I saw this for the first time last night. I'd only seen it on the shelves about a month ago.

The very fact that it's straight-to-DVD speaks volumes. I really lost faith after seeing Band Camp. It was obvious they'd pushed a highly successful franchise one film too far. Therefore, when it came to watching The Naked Mile I was very sceptical.

However, some of my faith has been restored after watching The Naked Mile. In comparison to Band Camp, the producers have recaptured some of the original American Pie spirit and ideology. Band Camp was full of swearing and not a lot else. Some of the cringe factor found in the earlier movies has disappeared which is a shame, but equally, considering some of the content in American Pie 3, is also rather welcome. As with Band Camp, this shouldn't have been an American Pie film. Save from the one original American Pie character, and a couple of namesakes, it doesn't really follow many American Pie themes other than those present in any Teen Comedy romp films.

The producers could gotten away with changing some of the basic plot and not associating it with the good name of American Pie. In fact, save for the namesakes etc, it could quite easily have been a sequel to Road Trip. Actually, it was probably better than Road Trip. However, on the whole, they did the genre justice. The usual sex, nudity, alcohol abuse and foul language, as present in most films of the genre, were also present here, and the balance of them all was very well done, especially considering the way Band Camp failed at this vital element. In conclusion, if you're looking for an all-round good Teen Comedy, full of the usual elements, you'd be on to a winner with The Naked Mile.

Hoever, if you're looking for a sequel worthy of the American Pie name, I'm afraid you still haven't quite found it. I guess there's just no topping the success of the first two or three films. Eric is a Stifler, but there is one problem, he's also a virgin. Beinga virgin and with the Stifler name is not easy for Eric, especiallywhen his girlfriend is the one who isn't ready for sex. Wanting herboyfriend to be 'sexually pleased' Eric's girlfriend gives him a guiltfree pass for the weekend. Eric and his two buddies go the The NakedMile, a naked run across a college campus.

Eric's girlfriend then hassecond thoughts, fearing that this guilt free trip will eventually leadup to their break-up. I stated in my review of American Pie: Band Camp that the series isquickly becoming a National Lampoon. This is ever more evident with thenewest edition into the series, American Pie: The Naked Mile. NakedMile and Band Camp never really reach the heights of comedy, vulgarityor even quality of the original films. Band Camp was a poor attempt attrying to cash in on the series most popular character, this time weget a bit of fresh air.

The main character is basically the polaropposite of the Stifler or…Stiflers that we've known to love…or hate.The Naked Mile introduces more members of the Stifler family, includingcousin Dwight, who is, yup you guessed it, exactly like every otherStifler. Eugene Levy reprises his role as Jim's father, and serves no purpose inthis film, just like he served no purpose in Band Camp. He gives adviceto Eric about what to do in his current situation of a 'guilt free'weekend. Which is pointless, because you know from the beginning whatthe outcome of this 'guilt free' weekend is going to be. Norm McDonaldis Eric's father and his very…very brief screen time is gold. Old kannada movie songs.

Much like the other American Pie films, Naked Mile tries to gross outit's audience, but doesn't come anywhere close to it. Aside from theopening scene, the film has no real crude humour. Playing baseball withping pong balls and your penis isn't funny or crude. Killing yourgrandmother because you came on her? Alright, I'll give you that one. Naked Mile shows a lot more nudity then the other films.

You shouldexpect this because of the title alone. For what the film is, it's nottoo bad. It doesn't try to be another that it's not. When a film has afootball match against 'little people' you can't really expect much.

IfNaked Mile had came out after American Wedding and not Band Camp, thenI might have given this a lower rating. It just so happens that BandCamp is so horribly bad, that it makes Naked Mile look really good. It's hard to recommend the film.

It's not overly funny and isn't nowhere near what the original films are. If you were upset with BandCamp, then check the Naked Mile out, it's not as bad as you may think.If you can sit through a film that has countless breasts, childishhumour, lots of drinking and a football game against 'midgets', thenThe Naked Mile may just suit you. Steve Talley is the star of this one, Playing Dwight, one of the newly introduced Stifler cousins.

As a pretty big fan of the original 3 American pie movies, I enjoy seeing the names live on in new movies, but it's also walking on thin ice when you try to add to a franchise such as American pie. That being said, I watched American pie 5 with open arms, and it definitely lived up to what I expected, and more. I was most entertained by Dwight Stifler, His role was the closest to the real stifler's attitude, as originally played by Sean Scott. This movie was a good fresh spin on the 8 year old American pie franchise, and I liked it a lot better than American pie 4: Band camp I would have liked to have seen more cameos from the original cast, but you take what you can get, and 'Jim's Dad' is always good for some laughs 7/10.

I was surprised how good this movie was. Well all three Pies are bout sex but this one is damn EXPLICIT, well we want such thing! Remember old good Private School of 1982? And remember those stupid pointless movies about sex where just talk, talk, talk and talk again and showing nothing? It is DAMN FUNNY. Who can not tolerate nudity just leave others alone! Plot is good shot is good, acting is good music is good.

Why so little mark. It is NOT gratuitous nudity (how CAN UNDER THIS MOON a nudity be gratuitous in Sex Comedy?

It is not Softcore porn, hell no!). It is made for straight video because idiots in charge would not let it go. They would give it NC-17 which means killing a movie, or even put an 'X' on it. Strongly recommended for open minded folks. I actually Really enjoyed this movie.

I thought it had a good plot, good actors, and a good run. One thing, 90% of the movie is t&a (tits and ass).

They almost overdue it on this one. The American pies have turned into a telling of the stifflers, which is strange, but not bad. There are also so SMOKING HOT girls in this movie, and being the NAKED mile, I am sure you can guess how much clothes there wearing.

If you are in the mood to see another American Pie movie, go ahead and check out this one, I wanted to see it, and finished it satisfied, I think it is worth your time. This movie irritated me enough to go and register with IMDb just so I can post this negative review. Everyone associated with this movie needs to be hog-tied and flogged severely. It doesn't get any worse than this. The guys in this flick are a completely lame and the women are floozies. Why would Eugene Levy agree to do this? Does he need the money that bad?

What an embarrassment! IMDb tells me that I need a minimum of 200 words to post, so now I need to come up with filler to inform everyone exactly just how bad this movie really is. This movie is complete toxic waste matter and is extraordinarily lame and should have never been made.

No one deserves the torture of viewing this dreck. AP5 could be used as a tool to extract information out of terrorist. I'm sure CIA interrogators considered it, however even they have some standards when it comes to cruel and unusual punishment of prisoners. Why is IMDb making me fill out a minimum of 200 words I want to be done with this review. Uggg I need a few more words to make the minimum and this movie does not deserve the effort of my rant. Did I mention this movie is horrid?

I would rather scrape out my eye balls with a rusty spoon than view this mess again. Almost there, just a few more words. Do yourself a favor and checkout the original American Pie. This one is a complete mess.

This review is done at 260 finally. As it goes with most spin offs, I expected this to be a $4 budgetpoorly written train wreck, but the mix of a Stiffler with moralvalues,and the classic jerk Stiffler, work well. Stiffler getting thebeat down from midgets ( little people) was great. Eugene Levy is allthats left from the original cast but he does a good job, in an AxlRose minus Slash,Duff, Matt, and Izzy kinda way. He lends credit to thecontinuing American Pie theme. Although he really had to be placed atweird points, in the movie.

It was great listening to him tell cousinStiffler that he was at the school hanging out, because he's an alumni.Which is actually true, I think? Theschool used was the McMasterUniversity Campus, in Hamilton. Eugenes from Hamilton, and as far as Iknow went to school at Mac. With Dave Thomas, and other Second Cityalumni. I would watch this movie a second time, and I think it couldhave been a strong enough premise, to have been a first run theatermovie.

Street football 3d java game. It's really funny, and most will enjoy it. It deserves a shot. Sorority girls like high school guys 2. Girls are willing to show their tits on command 3.

Eugene Levy has a lot of depth as an actor 4. Lingerie/underwear parties are very common 5. You can drink where ever you want on a college campus 6. People find it hilarious when you walk around a party erect and even drinking games take place because of it?you become the life of the party 7.

The continuing development of the pool table to lose your virginity shows the lack of talent by the writers 8. Girls love virgins and inexperienced guys 9. When guys climax they kill grandparents Overall, this movie has some entertaining qualities, and if you are a male, you will enjoy the massive amounts of frontal nudity. While most of us secretly want more American Pie films in the off chance we get another classic as in the first three, we all know its not going to happen. What we will get is poor films out to make money (epitimised by Levy's cameo appearance) with the 'American Pie' attached to the title. The general plot is not so bad, though a bit familiar.

The movie revolves around Erik Stiffler (the legend that is Steve Stiffler's lame cousin). He's a virgin just about to finish high-school (sound familiar?) and he has a virgin girlfriend who is not ready to have sex (bells should be ringing).

I wont go into it anymore but i'll sum it up by saying he gets into a moral dilemma and learns something in the end.There's also a part for the 'little people' but I wont go into that. The first four films restrained from overdoing the nudity, but no such attempts were made here. If you like that sort of thing then your in luck, however personally I feel it cheapens the movie. Eugene Levy did not do his career any favours by appearing in this.

He did not really contribute to the film at all other than remind us all how much worse this movie compared to its predecessors. The overall acting is not so bad either, though the movie hardly demands high standards. None of the characters are funny in any way. Even Eric Stiffler, who may have had some potential, was completely misused in the majority of the movie.

If you're dyeing for more American Pie you are not going to find it here. Is it better than Band camp you ask? I'm not so sure.

There are parts that might seem funny to others but personally they bored me to death. I would recommend watching one of the first three instalments of the series instead of watching this dire effort for a movie. Having enjoyed all the American Pie movies this one didn't do it for me. There is the nudity and the jokes and the drinking, but the ending could have been changed to show what any horny teen would have done.

The acting is good, Dwight does remind you of Steve Stifler though Dwight didn't have enough screen time to show that he was more out of control. The Naked Mile's ending was a let down, though predictable.

His short love speech was too much near the end. Up to this point I would have recommended this movie. Sure there may be a few guys with Erik's standards, they're just hard to find. As a small not Erik's brother is Dwight, not Adam (credits may be fixed on this site now). I was really surprised when I got to know that the fifth American Pie movie released, The Naked Mile is really fun and enjoyable movie it has more nudity then the rest of the other American pie titles.There were lot of new actors and actress in this movie but all of them did a good job in acting,The movie would not be a waste of time it is a enjoyable movie to watch. What happens in the movie When Erik Stifler realises that he's the only Stifler family member who might graduate from high school a virgin, he decides to live up to his legacy. After some well-meaning advice from Jim's dad ), Erik is ready to take his chances at the annual and infamous Naked Mile race where his devoted friends and some uninhibited college girls will create the most outrageous weekend ever,Filled with smokin' hot girls.

Eric Stiffler (John White) is feeling the familiar burden of any teenager, all his mates have lost their virginity and he still has not done the deed. Despite practising on his own regularly, he has not yet tempted his high school sweetheart Tracy (Jessy Schram) to let the Stiffmeister do his thing! Things could not get any worse after AP4 is what I thought. This one is worse and by a big margin. I can remember a laugh or two in the previous one. (I loved American Pie 1.

2 was OK and three was OK.)There simply is not one funny scene in the whole movie. The only character remaining from the previous series, is Eugene Levy (Jim's father) and his is really only a cameo appearance. The highlights are the few scenes you see boob. Apart from that there is not a single redeeming feature in the entire movie. Whatever jokes there are so 'signalled', corny, stereotypical or just plain not funny. EVEN if you like this kind of movie (as I do). Liked Porky when I was 12 years old.

Basically even if you are into coming of age movies this will suck and be a wast of money and time. Don't say I did not warn you.

So don't go and watch it in case you think.' Well this guy obviously does not have a sense of humor or a different kind of humor' The only way I could watch this movie again would be a Clockwork Orange style with the little springs that force your eyes open. One has to type in a hell of lot of text just to write your comments for this movie here at IMDb. But I could have summarized the whole movie in just three words 'Simply not funny'.

Before I saw this movie I expected to see the story about another popular adolescent who is the leader of the group and is admired by everyone.. but it was more than what I thought. It's about a boy like you or your best friend or neighbor: Erik Stifler.
Erik is forced by his friends to do what all Stifler's men do: being a winner and getting laid. His girlfriend acts like a total bi*ch and refuses to have sex with him so then she gives him a pass to do whatever he wants for a weekend at a 'Naked Mile'. This movie isn't funny at all, more romance.
The characters are pretty likable but its not as great as the first three American Pie movies. This one simply doesn't have tat same spark as the others.