Australia Fbl Map 2012 Cohn

I have a Ranga Special with IGO8 and it works well and more than happy with it. It is for use in my 101. Recently bought a 7' Win CE 6.0 GPS with Igo 8 on it but has up to date maps, poi, speedcams etc. Looking at the map file names etc in the new GPS I noticed they are the same as the old GPS files just a later version. First I just replaced the IGO folder in the Ranga with the IGO files from the new GPS. Fired up OK but resolution was all wrong and only the top left quarter of the IGO screen is visible with no access to the map menu/icon at the bottom. So I went back to the original Igo 8 files on the Ranga special and just replaced the Australia,fbl and Basemap.fbl in the map folder with the later files of the same name from the new 7' Map folder.

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Australia.fbl 88.67 MB. IGOR3 WhereiS R19 2012.Q1 Australian Map. Sensis/WhereiS version map for Australia R19 2012Q1.

The Ranga runs up OK - loads Igo8 but no map data is displayed. Later I need to work out how to load Oziexplorer and maybe Tom Tom on the new GPS but would just be happy at this stage to get new Igo 8 maps on my old Ranga as the IGO maps and speed cameras are quite out of date now. Thanks Garry. I am certain I ran into a similar problem when I got the Aus maps as they came from someone who had a different size screen. I found a config file and found where the resolution is stated and changed it.

Not much help but I new what resolution the screen was from the information on how to change the screen that gets flashed up on start up as you have to size your image accordingly. Mate you are a lifesaver - after a little searching I found the system text file that had the resolution - changed it to the Ranga special resolution and loaded all the Igo files from the new GPS into the old GPS and bingo - all works great. Thanks for all the help. All I need now is how to work out how to get Tom Tom and Ozi explorer onto the new GPS - something for another day. Cheers Garry. Yeah the unit struggles a bit in bright daylight and it probably will be worse with toppo mapping but it's not much worse than my Nuvi 5000 that I was hoping to replace.

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The 7' screen is easier to read than the nuvi's 5' and it's the only 7' that actually fits in the space The unit powers off but to power up again I have to manually switch it on but that's it, it boots up straight into Igo. I have it sitting in the cubbyhole angled in line with the vents so it looks reasonable. Good luck sourcing a replacement, i have been looking for a suitable unit to fit the space for some time so let me know if you find one! I also use my IPad 2 with Memory Map which on a recent trip tp Moreton worked well, I opened google earth at home before I left so I could switch between it and Memory Maps even without phone 3G reception.

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