Balance And The Traveling Sounds Something About Us Free Mp3 Download

Balance And The Traveling Sounds combine a variety of musical tastes, cultural backgrounds, eclectic grooves and lush harmonies to create an innovative, captivating and addicting sound accessible by any music enthusiast. This powerhouse of soul, funk, jazz and hip-hop-inspired grooves is composed of seven diverse musicians from a variety of metropolises up and down the Golden Coast (Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego). Comprised of producer EBO, MC KIRB, vocalist Mike Eddie, drummer Julian Hogan, saxophonist Jeff Kolhede, guitarist Ryan Kern, and bass guitarist Scott Fulton. Embodying old-school class with a hip-hop edge, Balance and the Traveling Sounds melds the raw honesty of live instrumentation and introspective lyrics with hip-hop sampling and imaginative beats. They add a modern twist to the musical acts that came before and inspired their musical progress, making them a group of tireless artists with an unparalleled level of devotion to the art form.

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Drama Class

Drama allows children to express themselves through movement and storytelling.

Here are five reasons to use dramatic play in the education of preschoolers:

  1. Dramatic Play improves your child’s memory! Drama activates (or pretends to activate) all five senses in activities that mimic real life. Each sense that is associated with an experience reinforces the memories tied to that sense.
  2. Dramatic Play teaches communication skills! Speaking clearly and listening are skills that will be important throughout your child’s life. Drama is a great way to practice both of them.
  3. Dramatic Play engages creativity and imagination! Activities that allow your child to express and grow their creativity and imagination will improve their problem-solving skills for years.
  4. Dramatic Play is an outlet for children to fix reality! Life isn’t always fair for children, but dramatic play lets them create their own universe where everything follows their rules. It also give them a chance to analyze life from a different perspective and make sense of events that can be confusing.
  5. Dramatic Play helps your child learn non-verbal cues! Important expressions that take children time to pick up on (like “pursed lips” or “knit eyebrows”) can be discussed and mimicked in drama so that children recognize them in “real life.” This strengthens your child’s ability to “read” and interact with others.