Bathing Beauties Or Beefcake - Luxury Suite

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At first, I had thought it was a conflict between these two mods: Bathing Beauties and Beefcakes - Luxury Suite, and The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold. I read the guides on the toolbar to the right, the self help thing, and after about 8-10 hours of slowly removing mods from my list, starting a new game, and trekking to the afflicted site, I. Download mapsource terbaru free garmin maps.

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Since I began modding my Skyrim a few nights ago, I've been hit with CTDs in a specific area. At first, I had thought it was a conflict between these two mods:, and. I read the guides on the toolbar to the right, the self help thing, and after about 8-10 hours of slowly removing mods from my list, starting a new game, and trekking to the afflicted site, I started to believe that it was because of Realistic Waters 2, but I can't figure out why that would be. Removing Realistic Waters 2 stopped the CTDs. Although, when I turned off every mod except Realistic Waters 2, and Bathing Beauties, I didn't hit any CTDs at all, which makes me curious of the cause of my problems. Also, after re-reading realistic water 2's nexus page, and putting it low in my load order, nothing had changed.

THE AFFLICTED AREA It's outside Whiterun, right next to Battleborn Farm. I circled the general vicinity that I experienced the CTDs. After about 5 minutes of walking around anywhere in that area, it would often CTD, but the closer you were to the suite, the more likely it would happen faster.

MISC INFORMATION. Looking around for anything that could be an obvious cause, I saw a rock in the creek behind the suite. I compared it with and without realistic waters 2 enabled, and found that a rock was added, with the water now being flat, rather than flowing. The toolbar on the right mentions locational crashes could be caused by meshes, could this be a factor?.

I also have done a few SKSE plugins to alleviate crashes. I have installed the SKSE memory patch, crash fixes, and I have also done Memory Block Logs. Memory Blocks Logs came back inconclusive, which leads me to believe it may not be memory related. My ModWatch My RIG Type Item CPU Motherboard Memory Video Card Power Supply Thank you for your assistance!

Bathing Beauties Or Beefcake - Luxury Suite

Damn, sorry to hear, you do have a few more mods than me so it may be something else conflicting. I can't imagine what though. I'll get back to you if I think of anything else! Edit: just checked bbls page again: Lanterns of Skyrim - Bridges and Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One Known to cause a CTD in front of the Honningbrew Meadery when running with BBLS. I have no idea why it happens, as BBLS alters no data in the bridge cells or near the Meadery, but I experienced the CTD myself. NOTE: There are user reports that this is no longer an issue.

Maybe causing it for you?