Battlefield 2 Aix 3.0

Feb 28, 2018 - Allied Intent Xtended is the most feature rich single player experience there is for BF2. Building upon the great Allied Intent Mod, AIX aims to.

Deleting the game's cache files in 'Documents Battlefield 2 mods bf2 cache' should fix the staticmesh error. For the mapList.con error you could try looking in that folder and see if the file is there or not.

If not then see if you have any other profiles at 'Documents/Battlefield 2/Profiles' besides 'Default' and if any of those folders have that file. And make sure that your game's patch version is at least 1.41.

If you've downloaded it from Origin then it should already be 1.50 but if your copy is retail then you can download patches from here. 1.41 should be enough but just in case I'll give you a link to 1.50 as well.

Thanks to everyone who voted in phase one at moddb because we made it into the top 100 out of over 6000 mods which is fantastic! The second phase of the competition has begun which requires you to vote one more time to secure how high we get in the top 100.So once again we ask for another 5 seconds of your time to help us out and show your appreciation for the work we've put into extending your fun in Battlefield 2!

Click the above banner, select Battlefield 2 and then click on Allied Intent Xtended to help us out :)

We hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and we look forward to giving you an update very soon with the 1.1 patch and some cool new content to go with it. Enjoy the holiday season, stay safe and have a wonderful Christmas :)

NEWS UPDATE : December 8th
: Mod of the year voting has begun at Moddb! :

From Moddb: 'Welcome to Mod DB and the 6th Annual Mod of the Year Awards - the definative event that showcases the best mods and indie games in the world and recognizes the teams behind them. The MOTY is a tribute to the creativity, dedication & hard work independent developers put into creating unique gaming experiences that enable us to 'play something different'.
As you can see, its a great way for the players to thank and recognise the work that mod teams put into extending the life of the games you have bought. All we ask is that if you have had fun in AIX to simply click here and then click on the vote button! It only takes 5 seconds to show your appreciation for all the hard work we've put into AIX :) The voting closes the 20th of December.

NEWS UPDATE : November 9th
: imtheheadhunter's map pack 3 released! :


The third map pack from imtheheadhunter is now out for Xtending the AIX fun! Included in this pack are some more excellent maps including the great 1942 remakes, Iwo Jima and Tobruk. Also in the pack is Eagles Nest, Manamoc Island, Rebellion and the frantic action filled air map, Red Dawn!
The AIX 1.1 patch is going into closed testing this weekend so expect an announcement regarding its progress soon. A quick teaser from some of the changelog is more uber miniguns, a greater spread of MG support class pickups, inclusion of the Wake Island day version by popular demand among many many other additions, changes and fixes. I urge players and server owners to post your gameplay suggestions for 1.1 now as the cut off for changes is coming to a close very soon!

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