Best H-doom

Hail HRH And if you’re new to the HRH circle, then we would like to extend our humblest greetings to one of the closest circle of music enthusiasts on the planet. Last year HRH launched a few new city experiences in Sheffield, HRH DVS was one of those such events and like the others sold out within 7 weeks of launch, HRH has always been at the epoch of creativity and challenging all conventional ways of staging musical events for some years and after selling all of 2017’s multiple HRH events out up to 12 months in advance, we now move to the 2018 portfolio and we are pleased to welcome in Chapter III of HRH Doom vs HRH Stoner. Bands were voted by the fans and were already on our way to selling out in record time. As ever, we will also be featuring three exclusive HRH Hotels on the doorstep of the O2 which will include Royalty & Classic packages, however if your local and you just need weekend passes then that’s fine with us. We are truly excited about Chapter III as are our sponsors, Marshall, Eden, Natal, HRH Mag and HRH TV, plus the multitude of bands who will be doing what they do best in this truly amazing brand experience.

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See you there for “The Sheffield Trip”, Next October, Chapter III All Aboard HRH WATCHTOWER. Cycle 3 of HRH Doom vs HRH Stoner is almost upon us and from your suggestions on social media for next year, its going to be another awesome vote. As ever we value your consul and insight, so get involved and vote down the next HRH Doom vs HRH Stoner line up as we’re booking it all this week. Como activar windows vista gratis.

Mark each band book 'em or not book 'em and make sure your press the submit button attached at the end. You MUST mark all bands one way or another or it isn’t accepted. Voting closes this THURSDAY 8pm!

Best H-doom

Don't forget to pick up issue 5 of at this years festival. If you prefer delivery to your door you can subscribe for £12.50 a year (4 issues) at HRH Mag is pleased to announce the next issue (number 6) is just ready for print now and due for release 31st August. All subscribers will receive their copy through the post. If you want to pick up a free copy we will hand them out at HRH Highway to Hell, HRH Sleaze, HRH CROWS and HRH Doom Vs HRH Stoner all in Sheffield throughout September.

The next issue features some amazing interviews, stories and band reviews. Big bands and small, we cover a wide range of features. The new issue also shows the new cover style we have, more features with independent bands and a whole new look. This is thanks partly to the new Editor in Chief Jon Seymour who we will introduce in the magazine as well as in another post.

Great to have Jon on board. Next issue includes: Iron Maiden, Halestorm, Massive, Gin Annie UK, Fallen Mafia, Massive Wagons, Bad Touch, GUN - Official, The Midnight Dogs, Kikamora, Joe Bonamassa and many more superb artists. Also, a round up of an awesome Summer of festivals and lots more. You can subscribe to HRH Mag for home delivery for just £12.50 a year (4 issues).

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