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Running time 148 minutes Country India Language Hindi Budget ₹12 crore (equivalent to ₹37 crore or US$5.1 million in 2017) Box office ₹43.7 crore (equivalent to ₹134 crore or US$19 million in 2017) Biwi No.1 (English: Wife No. 1) is a Indian directed. It stars, and.

Has a special appearance. It is remake of the 1995 Tamil film. Biwi No.1 was the third title in the directed by David Dhawan and starring Karisma Kapoor after (1995) and (1997). It is also the only one of the three not to feature in the leading role. Contents. Plot Prem is married to the loving yet traditional Pooja , and together they have two children. One day, a model named Rupali arrives at Prem's office to give interview for the role of a model.

Prem and Rupali slowly start liking each other and ultimately both fall in love with each other. Rupali is much more preferable to Prem due to her modern lifestyle and fashionable choices, as compared to Pooja. On, a religious ceremony observed by married couples, Pooja discovers Prem at Rupali's house and asks him to choose between his mistress and his family. Prem chooses Rupali and moves in with her, leaving his children and mother behind with Pooja. Pooja, meanwhile, with the help of Prem's friend Lakhan , has a make-over, becoming a modern woman and taking on modeling assignments. Pooja sends her mother-in-law and children to live with her husband and Rupali. They intentionally trouble Rupali and convince Prem that Rupali keeps them hungry and wants to poison and kill them.

Ultimately the relationship between Prem and Rupali breaks down. In the end, Prem realises that Rupali only came to him since he gave her material things, while his wife stuck with him through thick and thin. Rupali realises her mistake and gets back together with her ex-boyfriend, Deepak. In a twist, Lakhan befriends Rupali, affectionately calling her his sister. While hugging her, his wife Lovely walks upon them and misunderstands the situation. She leaves the house crying, but Lakhan chases after and they make up;with Lakhan saying she is his 'Biwi no.

Cast. as Prem ( as the Hindi dubbing voice). as Lakhan. as Pooja. as Deepak.

as Rupali. as Lovely. as Prem's Mom. Master Shahrukh as Prem and Pooja's son. (Guest appearance). Production Govinda was signed for the film but Salman Khan replaced him later Rambha was signed for Tabu's role but later opted out Sanjay Dutt was signed for the film but later replaced by Anil Kapoor Bobby Deol was offered the film but declined it because of date problems Saif Ali Khan did the cameo in the film later. Reception The movie response was good in parts of India, and considered a Super-hit, because business effected due to Cricket World Cup 1999.

The collections were close to 50% in all centers. Biwi No.1 was the second highest-grossing film of Bollywood that year after.

It became an average grosser of 1999 as the most acclaimed movie of the year was. It ranks 53rd in the after adjusting inflation its worldwide gross reaches ₹49.81 crores.

Karisma Kapoor's role was offered to, but Manisha rejected it for unknown reasons as it was Karisma's gain and Manisha's loss. Awards. – Sushmita Sen.

– Anil Kapoor. – Sushmita Sen Nominations. –.

–. –. –. –. –.

– Music The Biwi No.1 soundtrack was composed by and one song Mehbbob Mere was composed by Sukhvinder Singh and the lyrics were by Dev Kohli, and Sukhvinder. The songs Chunari Chunari and Ishq Sona hai became a major hit after the release in 1999. # Song Singer(s) Picturised on Length 1 'Chunari Chunari' & & 05:27 2 'Biwi No 1' & & 07:19 3 'Jungle Hai Aadhi Raat' & & 06:12 4 'Ishq Sona Hai' & & 06:15 5 'Hai Hai Mirchi' & & 05:36 6 'Mehboob Mere' & & 05:03 7 'Mujhe Maaf Karna', &, & 05:13 8 'Aan Milo' & Excluded from film 07:47 References.

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