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This is a campaign battle on M2TW, Broken Crescent 2.02 mod. Soon after i installed & started playing this amazing mod i immediatly fell in love with it. I decided to make a battle vid between the Kingdom of Jerusalem & the Ayyubids to give a glimpse of its great units & skins during battle. I just started playing this mod only 3 days ago & i'm really enjoying it, exept for some of its middle eastern music, but since this mod is based on the medieval middle east, it obviously has to contain middle eastern music. When i started the Kingdom of Jerusalem campaign i noticed that King Baldwin IV, Guy de Lusignan, Balian of Ibelin, Reynald de Chatillon, Raymond of Tripoli, Sultan Saladin & Al Aziz all have their portrait icons from the actors who played their part in the film 'Kingdom of Heaven', which i really liked it. So as u can see, my general during this battle is Prince Guy de Lusignan (not because i like or admire him cos in real life he was an incompitent idiot who led his Crusader army to certain slaughter, got captured & lost Jerusalem) with an army of 1,743 men against Shahanshah Ayyub & his 1,584 men, Ibrahim Ayyub & his 876 men & Captain Iamam & his 942 men, roughy twice as much my numbers. At first only Shahanshah & his 1,584 men army appeared, but by the time i defeated them, the other 2 emerged one after the other & joined together.

Feb 02, 2010  I have MTW up to patch 1.5 (Kingdoms with all patches). Only other mods are LTC and SS, neither of which messes with vanilla files. Last edited by Zim; at 21:18., 00:51 #401. Broken Crescent 2.02 Hotseat - Lords of the East Sweet! Can't wait to have you join! Nov 7, 2017 - Everquest Item Information for Traders Satchel. Correction 78 unless you want to get you are out of food and water message.

I quickly regrouped my infantry & knights cavalry & defeated them also after some charges & flanking movements. I noticed that Heavy Knights Cavalry charges in this mod are very powerful & awesome even against spearmen units, a well charge can easily annihilate 2/3 of an infantry unit if not all, including spearmen.

At one battle i had only 2 Knights cavalry units against 6 mixed Ayyubid spearmen & swordsmen units, 3 horse archers & a unit or 2 foot archers, i charged my 2 knights units into the infantry killing many of them in the impact, some units already started fleeing & killed the rest by melee, regrouping & charging again. I only lost about 20-25 knights each unit from 60 per unit but the enemy littered the area where the fighting took place.

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The only thing against them is they tire quickly, so u have to time & concentrate ur charges wisely.

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Your browser does not support iframes. The Ayyubid Sultanate, A.D. 1174 Summer The Ayyubid dynasty, a muslim dynasty of Kurdish origin, was formed only very recently. It’s origins trace back to Syria, when king Nur ad-Din of the Zengid dynasty, based in Damascus, sent Saladin and his uncle Shirkuh to conquer Egypt in.

At the time Egypt was controlled by the Fatamid Caliphate, which had been in conflict with the Zengid dynasty since the early 1160s. Despite receiving only an initial military education from his uncle, who had served as a lieutenant for Nur ad-Din on campaigns against the Fatamids, Saladin managed to gain victory in 1169.As of 1169, Saladin was immediately confronted with the difficulty task to defend Egypt against the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem. Without control of the Egyptian army, Saladin was not expected to last very long against the incursions of the Christian knights. With the death of the last,of a long line of child Caliphs controlling Egypt, Saladin gained control over Egypt. However, he still answered to Nur ad-Din of the Zengid Dynasty.Since Saladin assumed control over Egypt he had managed to reorganize the military and revitalize the economy.

However as the years went by he became estranged from his master. Saladin had began to plot against the Zengid Dynasty, however, following the advice of his father, he did not take action until the death of Nur ad-Din in 1174. He assumed the title of Sultan and restored Sunnism to Egypt. Immediately after gaining complete control over Egypt he began his expansion by declaring war on Nur ad-Din’s son As-Salih Ismail and seizing Damascus.With the right actions the Ayyubid Sultanate can become a super power in the Middle-East.

Expansion is possible in every direction, however the first task ahead of should be defeating the Kingdom of Jerusalem, who’s territory divides the Damascus region with Egypt., 公元 1174 夏 Facebook Comments.