Captain Tsubasa 2002 Episode 53

Finally Tsubasa is playing in the Main team of Catalugna. At his entrance, he scores a goal and tie the game. Meanwhile in Italy, Hyuga returns to Piemonte and plays the last game of the italian league. Genzo in Germany plays the final game of the germanian league against Rodburg where he faces Schnider again. After a while, The International cup, the world cup 2002 finally begins and the japanese national team is going to play against Brazil in the first game. There, Tsubasa looks at Roberto and the game begins. Santana challenges Tsubasa to a duel and he hurt his shoulder again.

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Tsubasa doens' t give up and he keeps playing to show Santana the meaning of play soccer in team. Santana see this and his heart of Cyborg is weaker than before because Tsubasa' skills make possible this. At the end of the game, the team of Brancos wins the game and Santana recovers. He is no longer a soccer cyborg. After this memorie, Tsubasa is playing his last game in Brazil with the Brancos and he is planning to go to Europe to meet new friends and rivals. In that same game, Santana plays the last 10 minutes of the game and he faces Tsubasa one more time, Who will win this time?

During the second time of the game between Brancos and Domingo, Santana scores a goal with the flying drive shot. Santana is trying to prove that his skills are better than the skills of Tsubasa; Then one of Santana' s friend remembers the past of Santana until the moment where he becomes a soccer cyborg. After a comment of Tsubasa to Santana, Santana challenges Tsubasa and a shot of Santana hits Tsubasa' s arm and hurt him. Will Tsubasa lose the game against a the son of God, Santana? Japan is winning the game thanks to the goal that Hyuga scores.

But Germany still doesn't give up and Schnider ties the game, scoring a goal. Near the end of the game, Tsubasa falls down, and he hears the voice of Roberto. Tsubasa gets up and continues the game.

After beating Schnider in a duel, Tsubasa score the goals of victory and Japan wins the International Youth cup of France. At the end, Roberto meets Tsubasa and he offers him to go with him to Brazil and Tsubasa decides to go. Japan is having a bad time against Germany in the game. Roberto is there watching the game and he meet Adriano. Roberto send a message to Tsubasa and Adriano tells Tsubasa in the beggining of the second time. During the second time, Mizaki score a goal with the assist of Tsubasa.While Tsubasa try to understand the message of Roberto, Schnider keep trying to socre another goal but Genzo Stops his shots.

When Tsubasa finally learns the meaning of the message, Tsubasa reborns and he is back to the game. With determination Tsubasa decides to score, but instead of shooting himself he pass the ball to Hyuga and Hyuga shoot with the new Tiger shot and score.

Now Japan is winning the game 2-1. In the tournament finals, Japan is going to play against Germany, where Schneider is waiting for Genzo. When the game begins, Tsubasa meet the goalkeeper of Germany, Muller. He is an unknown goalkeeper but he is really good. Muller stops the drive shot and even the tiger shot of Hyuga.

Then, Kojiro and Tsubasa joins and they combine their shots, but even with the shots combined, Muller gets the ball. Now in the counterattack, Schnider gets the ball and he score with his fire shot. Now Japan is in danger.

The next game in the Tournament of France, is Japan Vs Argentina. Juan Diaz is the genius of Argentina and his skills are almost better than Tsubasa. In the firtst time, Diaz scores tree goals. But then in the second time, Tsubasa face Diaz and he beat Diaz.

This make Diaz angry and he challenges Tsubasa to a duel. After Japan score tree goals and the game is tied, Jun Misugi enter in the last 10 minutes of the game and he score the goal of victory. Now Japan go to the tournament semi finals. Kojiro and the rest of the japanese team goes to Germany to play a game against Genzo' s team, Grunwald. During the game, they meet one of their strongest opponent, Karl Jean Schneider a very powerful goaler. Meanwhile, Tsubasa is feeling better and he goes to Germany to see his friends and join to the team.

Captain Tsubasa 2002 Episode 53

But Tsubasa can' t play because he is not registred. Japan loses the game against Grunwald 5-1, and the whole japanese team realizes that their game style is not enough to win in the Tournament.

Captain Tsubasa Road to 2002

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