Cat Software Yaesu Ft 736r Repair

Received the Yaesu CAT TTL interface in a timely period, and being new to JT65, it took me quite awhile. Easily connected Yaesu FT-736R to my Windows 7 workstation. The cable worked perfectly and I'm now getting to know HRD software. ZLP was helpful to me in repairing the user error and I'm now in business.

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I'm sure the CAT function in the FT-847 does what it was designed to do. It's just that it should have been designed to do more. The contest and logging software I have used (NA, CT and LogEQF) allow you enter frequency information from either the keyboard or the radio. The ability of the radio to report it's VFO and mode registers permits the radio and software to remain synchronized. Otherwise, during the 'heat of battle' in a contest I'm quite sure this synchronization could be easily lost which would cause a major headache when trying to troubleshoot the logs later. Although the intent of the FT-847 is probably not as a full boogie HF contest radio it certainly is a contender for VHF contesting. Personally, the only use I have for the computer interface to a radio is in the context of logging (contest or otherwise).

In this regard Yaesu made a goof in eliminating the status dump command. I hope they correct this in future upgrades to the radio OS. Actually Yaesu needs to revise their entire CAT command structure so that individual registers (as in ICOM and Kenwood) can be uploaded. The status dump from my FT-1000 is over 1K which is far more info than is really needed and is the only way to retrieve VFO data. W8KX This is NOT true. Unlike the FT-736R when the FT-847 is in CAT mode you do have dual control. The front panel controls are NOT disabled.

It is true that the FT-847 does not send frequency and mode information to the computer like in other radios. I have seen postings about this so called defect of the CAT function. The CAT function works just fine on both my FT-736R and FT-847. I can see posting a message about the CAT function not working or about the radio not sending certain information to the computer. But why does everyone post a message trying to make it sound like some sort of defect?

If you are using the CAT function and operating the radio by computer there is no need for the radio to send frequency or mode information to the computer. If the need is for the present frequency and mode information to be added to logging functions within a CAT software this can be done with software routines within the program and no need for the radio to communicate them to the computer. Unlike my program 'CATLink Pro for the FT-736R', the new program for the FT-847 I am working on will have this capability. You will simply just click the 'save to log' button and all info will be saved to the next log record. I would just like to say, 'Congradulations Yaesu!' For a very fine product in the Yaesu FT-847. Gary N5IXI (Maryland) [email protected] CATLink Software.

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Getting Started with Yaesu Transceiver Control.; if you use one of your PC's USB ports,. if your transceiver's user manual indicates the presence of a CAT TOT (Computer Aided Transceiver Time Out Time) item in its Menu system, set this item to 1000. run Commander, and click the Config button on its Main window to open its Configuration window. in Commander's Configuration window, select the General tab and then set the Radio panel's Model selector to your transceiver model, e.g.