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Engage sooner, dig deeper CES EduPack 2016 features enhancements and resources to get students up-to-speed even faster, enabling them to engage with the world of materials. Charting improvements, new tools such as the Part Cost Estimator, and extended data to support real case studies all make it easier for you to dig deep into materials and their applications through lectures and projects, helping students to develop a more complete understanding. New features in 2016 Enhanced chart annotation Help students to grasp key material selection concepts in class, or to demonstrate clearly how a decision in a project has been made.

CES EduPack 2016 features enhancements and resources to get students. This provides one of the top features requested by CES EduPack users. See what was new in: CES EduPack 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008. CES EduPack 2015 materials education software supports teaching for real-world engineering http://buff.ly/1zT0s18.

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Use the enhanced graphical tools, which enable you to plot multiple lines, trade-off curves and boxes on one chart. This provides one of the top features requested by CES EduPack users. Estimate part cost in early-stage design The new Part Cost Estimator helps students to think through the cost of different materials and manufacturing process choices in early-stage or conceptual design, when design details have not yet been defined. Introduce students to ideas including the effects of part size and complexity, off-the-shelf and custom forms, batch size and waste recycling. More sophisticated materials selection Motivate students by enabling them to work on problems they might tackle in industry.

New coupling lines make it easier to study cases with multiple constraints, e.g., a column loaded in compression which could fail in either compression or buckling. For materials selection projects where multiple objectives are competing, e.g., cost v mass, show where the trade-off curve lies. Streamlined process selection A new property called Material Compatibility has been added to ProcessUniverse records at Level 2, where most students learn about selection. This enables them to rule out processes that cannot do the job they want, cannot be applied to the material class they have chosen, or are not economically viable; it highlights the key concepts and enables students to complete their projects faster.

More data for real case studies Quick access to up-to-date, reliable data for real case studies, e.g., design and build projects. New polymers, metals, automotive composites, shaping and joining processes have been added at Level 3. The MaterialUniverse has been enhanced, reference materials databases have been updated and the latest price data has been added. Resources for independent learning Students can easily access a wide range of high-quality case studies, video tutorials, and Teach Yourself booklets on materials topics in the Student Resources page of the Help menu. This enables self-learning, helping students to get up-to-speed faster, or providing stimulation for advanced students. Improvements to usability Enhancements make using this latest version of CES EduPack even more intuitive, interactive and enjoyable. New toolbars, clearer datasheets with prominent science notes, and larger default settings for projecting in lecture theatres will help to engage students.

Windows 10 and touch screen support Changes to the user interface have been made to ensure that students can browse, search and select materials on tablet computers and Windows® 10-enabled machines. These enhancements also mean that CES EduPack can be used on the latest high-DPI monitors. Find out more For details of all the new features, read the What’s New in 2016 Release Notes Educators using CES EduPack can attend the monthly, interactive, online training sessions to ask questions, see the latest version and give feedback. Developments in the next year Have a look at the Database Development webpages to find out what we are working on for next year and Got a good idea? You can email us, submit a feature request in the software or attend the CES EduPack Idea Exchange meeting at the end of the. Previous Versions See what was new in:.