Chaos Wars Gameshark Codes

Chaos Wars is a Strategy / Turn-based game on PS2, developed by Idea Factory and released on May 30, 2008. Oct 29, 09 1:11pmAudio. Nov 13, 2014  Hello I have converted over 350 GameCube games most of them are NTSC Games and some Famous JPN game in single package All GameCube Codes.

I know 2 really good ones. First is RARE CANDIES!!! The code is 820. (note 1) then second is MASTER BALLS!!! You need two codes for this (read carefully) enter the master code first: 000014D1 000A:then under neath it (second line):10044EC8 0007. Then the actual code for the master ball is:82003884 000.

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Now when you go to buy a pokeball from the mart, you will actually receive a master ball for free. Note 1: after you entered the code, the rare candies will be in you item storage. If you don't know what a rare candy is, it is an item that when givin to a Pokemon boost it up a level eg. Caterpie (lvl 13)+ rare candy = Caterpie (lvl 14) 9d4a1bff 05120d39.

There are 4 types of Pokemon fire red codes.

Turok rage wars gameshark codes

Hello Since Wii u don't have internet connection in Wii Mode i have collected all cheats for Wii Games and for Nintendont I have converted over 350 games most of them are NTSC Games and some Famous JPN game All GameCube Codes are Hacked By Codejunkies so the credit is for them List of Games Wii Games = 1279 WiiWare Games = 270 GameCube Games = 399 Total Games Cheats = 1948 For GameCube cheats you need the kenobiwii.bin which can be found in nintendont thread All files collected and converted by Hero Q8 Happy Cheating. Code: All Spells & S Moves Vyse 0430EEA0 FFFFFFFF 0430EEA4 7F000C00 Max Stats Vyse 0230EE8C 0000270F 0230EE8E 0000270F 0230EE3 0030EE3 0030EE3 0230EE3 0230EEB4 000003E7 0230EEAE 000003E7 0230EEB6 000003E7 0230EEB2 000003E7 0230EEB0 000003E7 0030F1BD 000000FF All Spells & S Moves Aika 0430EEFC FFFFFFFF 0430EF00 8F033000 Max Stats Aika 0230EEE8 0000270F 0230EEEA 0000270F 0230EF0A 000003E7 0230EF12 000003E7 0230EF0E 000003E7 0230EF0C 000003E7 0230EF10 000003E7 0030EEDD 000EEDE 000EEEC 000EEEE 00000063.