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Penelitian Tindakan Kelas (PTK) Penjaskes SD. Silahkan yang request PTK ke badui_allhatt sekarang tinggal di download, namun jangan biasakan. PROPOSAL PTK PENJAS. (Kurikulum Penjas SD, 2004). Pendidikan luar kelas pada dasarnya merupakan pendidikan lintas bidang studi, karena di dalam kegiatannya meliputi seni, ilmu alam, pendidikan. Contoh Proposal Penelitian tindakan kelas Author: server Created Date.

Vocabulary is one important aspect in learning a foreign language. With a limited vocabulary anyone will also has a limited understanding in terms of speaking, reading, listening, and writing. It is true that it might be impossible to learn a language without mastering vocabulary. Vocabulary is one of the problems confronted by English language learners. Because of the limited vocabulary, the learners cannot communicate to others clearly.

Sometimes it is difficult to group the idea transmitted to them. The acquisition of a large number of vocabularies can help the students read, speak, listen, and write. Being able to read in English is very important as it is known that success in reading is the most necessary because it is a basic tool of education. All the subjects in Elementary School such as mathematics, science, language, and others depend on the ability to read. In high school and college reading ability becomes even more important. Through reading we acquire new ideas, obtain needed information, seek support for our ideas and broaden our interest. We can also get the message that the writer had expressed.

The ability to read helps to distinguish human being from other animal. Vocabulary as one of the language aspects have to be learned when people are learning a language. Good mastery of vocabulary is important for anyone who learns the language used in listening, speaking, writing, and reading besides grammar. A learner of the foreign language will speak fluently and accurately, write easily, or understand what he or she reads or hears if he or she has enough vocabulary and has a capability of using it accurately.

Burton said: ' without a large vocabulary, it is impossible to. Another dictionary, Webster ' s New World College Dictionary, defined vocabulary as a list of words ands, often, phrases, abbreviations, inflectional form, etc, usually arranged in alphabetical order and defined or otherwise identified, as in a dictionary or glossary. Vocabulary is considered as the most important part in learning a language.

It is impossible for the students to read, write and speak a foreign language without having enough knowledge of the vocabulary. Learning the new vocabulary does not only mean memorizing the form of the word but also understand its meaning. From the explanation above, we can conclude that active vocabulary is all the words used in daily activities, partly while, passive vocabulary is all the words recognized and understood, and not necessarily used.

Jo Ann Aebersold and Mary Lee Field classify into active and passive. Active vocabulary refers to put item which the learner can use appropriately in speaking or writing, and it is also called as productive vocabulary, although in fact it is more difficult to put into practice, its means that to use the productive vocabulary, the students must to know how to pronounce it. Besides receptive and productive vocabulary, Jo Ann Aebersold and Marry Lee Field also classified vocabulary into topic-specific or content- specific vocabulary. Topic-specific or content-specific vocabulary is the words that appear frequently in a particular text because they are related to the topic of the text.

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11 For example, in a text on the topic of ice cream, the words flavor, texture, cone, toppings and carton might appear frequently. So, those words can we call as topic-specific or content-specific vocabulary. From the explanation above, we know that every experts in every book is different in classifying the kind of vocabulary, because every person has different way in showing and telling their opinions and ideas.

Some of them who emphasize vocabulary to the items which the learners can use appropriately in speaking or writing and to the language items which the learners can use appropriately in speaking or writing and to the language items that can be recognized and understood in the context of reading and listening and some of them classify vocabulary that they have made are different, but the point is the same, because their classification are based on the different sides and aspects. Those statements above show the various definitions of reading, they mean generally. Reading means a complex process of thinking in assigning meaning from printed materials which involve most of the reader ' s intellectual act such as pronunciation and comprehension in order to receive ideas or information extended by the text.

It can be seen that reading is not only looking at word in the form of graphic symbols but also getting meaning from word to word or line to line to understand what we read. It means that reading is a process to understand the text content and to get information. Reading with comprehension means to understand what has been read. Dorothy Rubin states that reading comprehension is a complex intellectual process involving a number of abilities. The two major abilities concern word meanings and reasoning with verbal concepts.

23 English has been taught as a foreign language in our country, however, it does not mean that the result of teaching English in our school is satisfactory, despite the fact that it is taught continuously for six years at the high school, three years at SMP, and three years at SMA. Ramelan say that most SMA graduates are still very poor in their reading comprehension, since they cannot usually read or understand articles in English dailies.