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Watch Crank – High Voltage 2009 Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie Free Online Director: Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor Starring: Jason Statham, Amy Smart, Dwight Yoakam, Efren Ramirez Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller Released on: 17 Apr 2009 Writer: Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 (89,199 Votes) Duration: 96 min Synopsis: Chev Chelios survives a fall from the sky, sort of. He’s in an unknown location, sedated, while various Chinese are harvesting his organs. His heart is gone, in an ice chest; a temporary in its place. Chev escapes, knowing only the name of the guy with the ice chest.

He calls Doc Miles, an unlicensed cardiologist, who tells him there’s only an hour’s life in the artificial heart: keep it charged. Chev needs to find his own heart and get to Doc for a transplant. He starts his time-limited pursuit of shadowy figures, the ice chest, and his heart aided by Eve, Rei, and Venus – a stripper, a prostitute, and a pal with Tourette’s – constantly needing an electric charge to keep going. Server 1 – Estream Server 2 – Vidto Server 3 – Vidzi Server 4 – Watchers.

Synopsis Think a fall from 10,000 feet is enough to put Chev Chelios out of action? When last we saw him, Jason Statham's never-say-die anti-hero had to keep his adrenalin level sky high to stay alive. Now he has another problem. The Chinese mob have stolen his unstoppable heart, and unless he gives his artificial replacement regular boosts of electricity, he's kaput. Prepare to be shocked as Crank creators Neveldine and Taylor put the crazy-o-meter on full charge for the most amped-up action sequel of the decade. Raising the bar for on-screen profanity, political incorrectness and sheer don't-try-this-at-home lunacy, the continuing adventures of cardiac crusader Chev Chelios are definitely not for those of a sensitive nature. Owing as much to Tom and Jerry as Tarantino, High Voltage hits the ground running - or rather, falling - as Chev is scraped off the road by Triads following his tumble from a helicopter.

Our hero wakes up to find his captors sticking a plastic heart into his chest and preparing to harvest his other 'superhuman' organs. Including the most important one.

Naturally, Chev ain't happy. As a taster of what's to come, the no-nonsense Cockney begins his quest for the stolen ticker by debagging a bad guy, taking a lubricated shotgun, and asking the immortal question: 'Now - who's got my' strawberry tart?' But finding lost property is easy. The hard part is keeping his new batteries charged.

Following the advice of his doctor (Dwight Yoakam), Chev empowers himself with anything that creates a spark: Tasers, jump-leads, fuse boxes, cigarette lighters, electronic dog collars, rubbing vigorously against old ladies. Meanwhile, there are scumbags to despatch, gun victims being the lucky ones. The less fortunate are subjected to various genital traumas, macheted funny bones, and a self-inflicted double nipplectomy that could make the most dedicated S&M freak wince.

But since everyone in Chev's world is a low-life, from sneering Triads and Latino gangsters to gay bikers and Bai Ling's potty-mouthed hooker, nobody gets off lightly. As girlfriend Eve, Amy Smart rides again (literally) for another public act of indecency with Chev, while dirty old Triad David Carradine and strip joint owner Corey Haim (sporting a suitably 80s-style mullet) both get theirs. Determined to push as many buttons as possible, Crank-meisters Neveldine and Taylor up the outrage with a thesaurus full of racial and sexual put-downs and a rabidly edited jamboree of bare flesh and gratuitous splatter. Bullet-punctured breast implants? But so knowingly ludicrous it's almost right.

With Ron Jeremy leading a porn actors' strike and other bizarre diversions including an appearance from Geri Halliwell as Chev's mum, this is truly grindhouse for the 21st century. Interest flags whenever The Stath is off-screen but that only confirms his status as the most watchable action star to come from Britain since, well, ever. Stick two fingers up at the moral majority. Then shove them in the High Voltage socket and get ready to have your socks blown off. Elliott Noble Related.

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