Cutting Optimization Pro Keygen

Cutting Optimization Pro is a computer program used for obtaining cutting and nesting layouts for one (1D) and two (2D) dimensional pieces. The software also lets you to define and handle complex products, such as table, desk, cupboard, locker, book shelf. Cutting Optimization Pro can be used for cutting rectangular sheets made of glass, wood, woodworking, metal, furniture, or any other material used by industrial applications. Cutting Optimization Pro can also be used for cutting linear pieces such as bars, pipes, tubes, steel bars, metal profiles, extrusions, tubes, lineal wood boards, etc and other linear materials.

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Linear (1D) and rectangular (2D) optimization in the same program - you may use the program for both 2D and 1D optimization. Guillotine optimization - The cuttings are performed from one side to the other of the material.

This feature is very useful for glass, wood, thermopan. Guillotine optimization in multiple stages - first stage only horizontal (or vertical) cuts are permited. On the second stage the cuts are perpedicular on those in the first stage. Non-guillotine (nested) optimization - The cutting machine can follow the shape of the material. In this case you need to have a complex machine based on laser or flame blade. Generates optimal cutting patterns. Free Google Sketchup plugin for exporting the size of the pieces to the Demand table.


Any measurement metric. Adjustable cutting blade thickness. Adjustable optimization level.

Edge banding handling. Possibility to define complex products such as table, desk, cupboard, locker, book shelf. Possibility to define types of materials (glass, wood, band).

Automatic tool for computing the size of the pieces based on the external sizes of the product. Statistics related to the current cut / layout - in Excel tables. Interface in multiple languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Swedish System Requirements: 8 MB RAM, 90 MHz, 10 MB HDD Choose your download: Version Extension Size Version Architecture Platform Download cutting.exe exe 1.59MB N/A Windows.