Dark Sonic Mugen

A Sonic Generations (SONIC GEN) Skin Mod in the Other/Misc category, submitted by WerehogFan201. Sep 10, 2007 - My third mugen wip, dark sonic so far i have done all movements and damage sprites. I also have done all punches and kick sprites and 3.

Dark sonic mugen character download

Female vocal sample pack. I had some improvement on Dark Super Sonic. I finished this time, but I'll add and adjust some moves later. This char was made for compete some tough chars.

But it will be hard for 'cheap' chars. Hope this would be a gift for Sonic and MUGEN fans:) These are some elements that I added. Improve mobility - Improve most of effects graphic - Change hit sparks - Change intro and winning pose - Add some Skills - Add some voices - Add some Hyper moves - And maybe more later. Skill Commands (There is no exact skill name though.) - Basic Move x, y, z: Punch Moves a, b, c: Kick Moves x + a: Charge - Black Wave (Projectile) D, F, x or y: Normal D, F, z: EX - Black Claw (Upper) F, D, F, x or y: Normal F, D, F, z: EX - Spinning Kick D, B, a or b: Normal D, B c: EX - MAX 1 D, F, x+y: Dark Cannon D, B, x+y: Dark Explosion D, F, a+b: Dark Rocket Dash D, B, a+b: Homing Dash - MAX 2 B, D, F, z: Dark Eruption B, D, F, c: Dark Blast - MAX 3 D, B, D, F, c: Fatal Storm. Original Author is 'dshiznetz'. This char has no AI. Link: Duralminn's Wix Homepage.

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