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Darksiders 2 artbook pdf - File size: 4828 Kb Date added: 21 mar 2011 Price: Free Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Total downloads: 704 Downloads last week: 206 Product ranking: 65/100 DOWNLOAD Darksiders 2 artbook pdf Direct Download Links: Darksiders 2 artbook pdf?! Darksiders 2 pdf artbook ZippyShare.com Found: 29 sep 2013 User. Nov 12, 2012 - It's 224 pages thick, which is thinner than the first artbook The Art of Darksiders. Anyway, The Art of Darksiders 2 art book is still very thick!

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Joe Madureira the Creative Studio Director and team has done it again by presenting us with an amazing collection of video game art. Amazon listed the second volume wrongly at 200 pages. It's 224 pages thick, which is thinner than the first artbook The Art of Darksiders. Anyway, The Art of Darksiders 2 art book is still very thick! An astonishing amount of concept art fills the pages. There are character designs, environment concepts, weapons, enemies and 3D renders. And all come with painted version and the sketches. That's a lot to see. There's an incredible amount of variety and detail for all the artwork featured. Towards the end, there's commentary on the style guide and a brief explanation on how they paint over 3D models. The 3D renders are gorgeous but printed a bit small at less than a quarter size for each character. They are considered small only because there's so much detail that you want a larger picture to look at them. The binding has improved. But with a book this thick, I would still be careful. At least, I no longer have the fear of its pages falling out. It's definitely a huge improvement over the the atrocious binding of the first artbook. By they way, the May 2011 second printing of the first artbook has improved the binding also. This is an awesome artbook with a remarkable amount of great art. Highly recommended. (There are more pictures of the book on my blog. Just visit my Amazon profile for the link.)

This book is positively stuffed with Darksiders 2 art. Most of it is concept art by some really talented guys who emulate Joe Mad's art style and philosophy with deft competence. And Mad himself has a few pieces of course. There's over two hundred pages; 217 of content to be exact. I know everyone has different criteria for what they like in an art book, and my complaint with this book is something that may or may not bother you: there is almost no commentary. There is a couple of pages at the end but other than that you get no written insight to the process of design. That being said, there is such an immense amount of art in this volume, so many sketches and painted pieces that they almost tell the story themselves. As a Darksiders fan I found this volume great to flip through and every time I go back I noticed something I hadn't noticed before. The book covers characters, enemies, weapons and places. The places section is pretty sparse, but the rest of the sections are not. There are a couple of missing enemies but they are mostly all there. There's a couple that appeared int he first game that didn't make it in and then there is a boss and a couple of regular enemies that I don't recall seeing but it's possible I missed them due to the vast plethora of enemy art. Oh, there's a section with CGI models as well, which is a nice addition. The binding is good. The pages are thick. Amazon's asking price makes this killer visual tribute to a killer game a must-have for any fan. The only reason i dock it a star is because of the lack of commentary.

Some people collect stamps, coins, baseball cards or comic books. I don't do that. Instead, I collect all the best art books. If you collect art books like I do I would say buy this one. The artwork is great. I am happy to have this as part of my collection. I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Darksiders. I also own almost all the other Udon Entertainment art books and I would like to take the time to recommend them all. In my opinion Udon is just the best of the best. I don't work for them. I don't get paid by them. I'm just a fan of their art books.

great book ,awesome game the both make the perfect match if your a game art lover. mad designs and great art

All of the environments and characters broken down and here for you to see. All concepts and art thru out the whole game. Weapon designs and story boards. You cant ask for much more, this is a must own book for fans of Joe Mad and the Darksiders franchise.

This book is beautifully put together and full of amazing art from cover to cover. I am immediately surprised by just how much art is in this book and how well organized it is. The Art of Darksiders 2 also appears to have been better made then The Art of Darksiders 1. The first book had major problems with the binding and fell appart immediately even when gently flipping through. I am being super careful with Darksiders 2 (just in case) but so far I am not seeing any issue with the binding. Crossing my fingers that it says that way! In any case, a must have book for Darksiders fans or art lovers.

As I've already played Darksiders II, I know that Madueira's art is awesome, so, my review is about a book. Printing is superb. Book itself is freaking HUGE, it's almost A4 and every page is thick and coated. Number of arts in it is just overwhelming - this is definitely not a quick reference. If you love seeing good art from time to time and/or loved Darksiders II go buy this artbook immediately.

Wonderful style! Character sculpts, weapons galore and tons of environmental and prop pieces. A must have for your gaming library!

One of two books purchased as birthday gifts. My son loved this book, it was on his request list, imagine his surprise.

Give all the characters, scenes and weaponries the off screen time they deserve! You'd be awed at the insane amt of details going into stuff you'd have miss while playing the game! Reasons why its not full starred (for me). I don't play the game, its not really my genre (I tend to avoid gross goulies..) For those who'd love the game and into this genre of art/ artist.

Darksiders is back with another great game and equally great accompanying art. The Art of Darksiders 2 is divided into Key Visuals (Artwork), Characters & Enemies, Weapons, Locations, CG models, Storyboards, some commentary on art development, and Key Visuals (CG). It's a bit thinner than the first book, but the binding has improved (thank God). In my opinion, the layout is more organized and even. The first artbook was more scattered and left blank space between the small thumbnails. Despite this, I highly recommend both artbooks if you love the game or video game art in general. There are lots of wickedly good drawings on every page. I'm very pleased with the quality and quantity. :)

I'm not a fan of the Darksiders video games, but Joe Mad has been my favorite comic artist since he started drawing the Uncanny X-Men in the '90s. I bought the first volume (The Art of Darksiders) when the first game came out and couldn't have been happier with the ART. The binding on the first book was TERRIBLE though. With this book it seems that the binding issues have been improved, and the art is again AMAZING. The only complaint I have (it's not really a complaint though) is that I wish some of the images were bigger. There are literally 100s of small pictures that I wish I were bigger so I could see all of the details! If you're a Joe Mad fan, you must add this book to your collection! Image converter plus.

Great book. If you are into concept art, this is pretty much another must have in your library. It shows a great variety of ideation sketches for pretty much every characters, and they are all fun to look at. If you are one of those people who are looking for production paintings / concept paintings (nothing wrong with that) chances are this 'might' not be perfect for you. However, all the sketches and looseness are really great to look at for those who are into design. In other words, this is not a 'pretty book'; It shows a ton of awesome thumbnails and these are much more important than well done paintings for students.

First of all, it's Joe MAD we're talking about here, that should be reason enough. The book is filled with drawings and sketches of all the characters which is great because you get a chance to see how they actually evolved. Usually video game 'art of' books have a lot of polished character poses but this one actually shows you the rough sketches, which I love. It also isn't as heavy on the environmental art like some other video game 'art of' books and focuses more on actual characters. Great book, wish the game was as good.

This book has a generous serving of art and drawings by Joe Madureira. You can be assured that all art; even the sketches in there are in the leagues of the best entertainment art out there. Words are little in this book. It is purely about the art. The consistency in the style is staggeringly superb from sketch to finish. Print is of high quality and art is well organized in the book. The book is a great size of slightly bigger then letter size and an inch thick! The price for a book of this caliber on amazon is a bloody steal. Highly recommend artist an fans of the Joe Madureira and the game to get this book immediately.

One of the best art book i bought. A ton of sketches, concepts/designs and all of them are awesome. Joe Madureira and his team did a great job! I Just wish some of the sketches/paintings could be bigger on the page, to see all the details. Go get it, its worth it! .. still waiting fo Darksiders 3

Great book! Came In wonderful condition! Recommend to anyone who a fan, and who loves to draw. There are a lot of small details yippy didnt realize before! :)