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I have a delonghi N100el pinguino r410a portable aid conditioner. Some of the parts arre not available any longer.

This is an air conditioner that is not that old. There is nothing wrong with it. I just need to replace a few parts as it has been moved around a lot.

On the parts the following numbers are what i need. These are from your picture with numbers listed not model # for ordering.

Am I able to get parts that arre compatible from another delonghi? I am unable to purchase a new one and the one I have as I said is still very good except replacing the following parts. I think some of them were lost in our move also. # 68, 64, 62, 59, 63, 65. Please let me know so I can order as it is getting very hot in our area now and I do not tolerate heat well at all. I get ill from it so I NEED to get parts as quickly as possible.

Thank you very much for your help.

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PAC 10
PAC 10
Use and maintenance manual . . . . . . . . . .page 4
Mode d’emploi et d’entretien . . . . . . . . . .page 16
Instrucciones de uso . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .página 28
Istruzioni per l’uso . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .pagina 40

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5751009900 17-04-2003 15:07 Pagina 2 Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing an appliance made by De’ Longhi, the interna- tional leader in portable air conditioning units. Thanks to our years of experi- ence all around the world we are constantly improving the quality and per- formance of Pinguino. We are confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase and enjoy cool comfort created by the Pinguino for many years to come. You should spend some time reading this instruction manual an

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5751009900 17-04-2003 15:07 Pagina 3 Description • Description • Descriptción • Descrizione 1 4 2 5 6 7 * 10 3 8 9 * serial plate * plaquette des données * etiqueta de calsificación * targa caratteristiche CONTROL PANEL • PANNEAU DE COMMANDE • TABLERO DE MANDOS • PANNELLO COMANDI 11 15 12 13 14 ACCESSORY-SET • ACCESSOIRES • ACCESORIOS • ACCESSORI 16 18 19 17 20 21 22

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5751009900 17-04-2003 15:07 Pagina 4 Important Safeguards When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be taken, with particular reference to the following: - Read all instructions. -To protect against fire, electric shock and personal injury, do not immerse cable, plug or appliance in water or other liquid. - Close supervision is necessary when any appliance is used by or near children. - Unplug from socket when not in use and before cleaning. - Do not operate if

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5751009900 17-04-2003 15:07 Pagina 5 What is Pinguino During the summer, optimum comfort is achieved with a tempera- ture of between 75 and 80˚F and about 50% relative humidity. An air conditioner removes moisture and heat from the room where it is located. One advantage of portable air conditioning units over fitted models is that they can be moved from one room to another in the home or even transferred between different buildings. The hot air in your room is passed through a coil cooled by

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5751009900 17-04-2003 15:07 Pagina 6 Setting up The following instructions will help you set up your air conditioning unit as efficiently as possible. AIR CONDITIONING WITHOUT INSTALLATION •With a double casement window, use the 21 suction cups provided to hold the two With just a few simple operations, Pinguino will halves of the window together (fig. C). restore comfortable conditions in your room: 19 • Fit the air outlet tube to the coupling 4 on the back of the unit as shown in fig- ure

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5751009900 17-04-2003 15:07 Pagina 7 Setting up Pinguino is equipped with an adjustable win- If you have a sliding door, use the additional 17 dow bracket . If you have a sliding win- set provided in order to extend the accessory dow, place the bracket on the window sill, to the desired length; joining the two parts extend the bracket fully within the window (fig. E), adjust the total length according to frame and lower the window onto the brack- your needs then, fit the bracket with the rele

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5751009900 17-04-2003 15:07 Pagina 8 Setting up I AIR CONDITIONING WITH INSTALLATION Pinguino can also be semi-permanently MAX115 cm 46 inch. installed (fig. G). MIN 5 20 inch. 0 cm 12 inch. 30 cm 19 When the tube is not attached, close the 18 hole with the stopper . 12 inch. 30 cm NOTE: G When the unit is installed semi-permanently, we recommend leaving a door slightly open To install, proceed as follows: (0.5 in. ‘1 cm’ is enough) to ensure an ade- • Make a hole in a wall that goes throug

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4 7 5751009900 17-04-2003 15:07 Pagina 9 Turning on and programming the unit CONNECTING TO THE MAIN ELECTRIC TIMER: SETTING THE TIME SUPPLY AND TURNING THE UNIT ON As with all clocks, the programmer/timer must 1. Before plugging the unit into the socket, be set to the right time. If it is 4:00 p.m., rotate check that: the pointers clockwise (follow the direction of • the main electric voltage corresponds to the arrow) until you reach 4:00 p.m. the value indicated on the rating plate on Note:

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5751009900 17-04-2003 15:07 Pagina 10 Selecting functions DEHUMIDIFICATION ONLY AIR CONDITIONER Position the appliance in the room without With the unit turned off, the function selector inserting the tube; in this way the dehumidi- 11 is in the “O” position. To turn the unit on in fied air will exhaust directly into the room. air conditioning mode, proceed as follows: 1. Rotate the function selector knob clock- Note wise: In the dehumidifying mode, air colder than the • Place the large crys

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5751009900 17-04-2003 15:07 Pagina 11 Recommendations Follow these recommendations to achieve maximum efficiency from your air condition- ing unit: • Close the doors and windows in the room where the unit is functioning. The only exception is in the case of installation through a hole in the wall. In this case, you are recommended to allow a small amount of air to enter through a door or window to guarantee an adequate exchange of air. close doors and windows •Protect the room from direct exp

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5751009900 17-04-2003 15:07 Pagina 12 Cleaning Before cleaning or maintenance, always turn the CLEANING THE AIR FILTERS. unit off by placing the selector in the “O” posi- To maintain the air conditioning unit at peak tion and unplug from the socket . efficiency, you are recommended to clean the anti-bacteria filter weekly. To clean the filters: 1.Remove the intake grilles by rotating them outwards. 2 CLEANING THE 1 EXTERNAL UNIT We recommend 2.Remove the dust fil

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5751009900 17-04-2003 15:07 Pagina 13 Cleaning END OF SEASON OPERATIONS BEGINNING OF SEASON CHECKS Check that the power cord and outlet are Take out the condensation tank located in undamaged and that the installation is effi- the rear of the unit and empty it. cient. Empty the residual water by removing the stopper in the drainage tube. After replacing the bung, put the condensa- tion tank back. Clean the anti-bac- teria filters and dry well before replac- ing. Protect the unit from dust

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Christian death ashes rar download. 5751009900 17-04-2003 15:07 Pagina 14 Troubleshooting If the unit is not working properly, this may be due to small problems that you can easily resolve yourself. Follow these instructions carefully before contacting your local De’Longhi Authorized Technical Service Center. PROBLEM CAUSE SOLUTION The unit does not • there is no electricity • wait work • it is not plugged in • plug in • the function selector is in the “O” position • move the selector to the desired • the timer pin is in the “0

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5751009900 17-04-2003 15:07 Pagina 15 LIMITED WARRANTY We warrant each DE’LONGHI AIR-CONDITIONER to be free from defects in material and work- manship. Our obligation under this warranty is to provide one year parts and labor free from pur- chase date, with an additional four (4) years on any part of the sealed system consisting of the compressor, evaporator, condenser and factory connected refrigerant tubing. This warranty shall apply only if the AIR-CONDITIONER is used in accordance with th

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5751009900 17-04-2003 15:07 Pagina 16 Mesures de securité importantes Lors de l’utilisation d’un appareil électroménager, il faut toujours prendre certaines précau- tions de base: - Lire toutes les instructions. - Afin d’éviter les incendies, les chocs électriques et les blessures aux personnes, ne pas immerger le cordon, la fiche ou l’appareil dans l’eau ou tout autre liquide. - Faites très attention lorsqu’un appareil est utilisé par un enfant ou se trouve à sa portée. - Il est déconseillé

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5751009900 17-04-2003 15:07 Pagina 17 Le climatiseur portable Pinguino Pendant les mois d’été, les conditions de bien-être sont atteintes avec une température com- prise entre 24°C et 27°C et avec une humidité relative d’environ 50%. Le climatiseur est un appareil qui enlève l’humidité et la chaleur de la pièce dans laquelle il est placé. Par rapport aux modèles à installation fixe, les climatiseurs portables présentent l’avan- tage de pouvoir être non seulement déplacés d’une pièce à l’autr

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5751009900 17-04-2003 15:07 Pagina 18 Opérations préliminaires avant l’utilisation Vous trouverez ci-après toutes les indications nécessaires pour préparer de manière optimale le fonctionnement de votre nouveau climatiseur. • Si vous avez une fenêtre à double battant, CLIMATISATION SANS INSTALLATION 21 utilisez les ventouses ) fournies avec Il suffit de quelques simples opérations et Pin- l’appareil pour maintenir les vitres légère- guino vous garantira les conditions de bien- ment entrouvert

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5751009900 17-04-2003 15:07 Pagina 19 Opérations préliminaires avant l’utilisation Le Pinguino est équipé d’une traverse régla- Si vous avez une porte à coulisse, on peut ble pour la fenêtre. Si vous avez une fenêtre à utiliser les accessoires en dotation, pour ça 17 coulisses, placer la traverse sur le bord faire il faut connecter les deux traverses de la fenêtre, étendre au maximum la traver- comme réprésenté en figure E, étendre la tra- se entre les montants du châssis de la fenêtre ver

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5751009900 17-04-2003 15:07 Pagina 20 Opérations préliminaires avant l’utilisation CLIMATISATION AVEC INSTALLATION Si vous le souhaitez, Pinguino peut être aussi MAX115 cm installé de manière semi-permanente. I MIN 50 cm 30 cm 30 cm G Dans ce cas, vous devrez accomplir les 19 Chaque fois que le tuyau n’est pas rac- opérations suivantes: cordé, il est conseillé de boucher le trou au • Percez un trou dans un mur communicant 18 moyen du bouchon de la bride . avec l’extérieur ou bien à travers