Delphi Xe5 Serial Communication Tutorial

Quark Cube Tutorial: Basics to save and change with FireMonkey on Win and. [Question] Is there a free component for Serial Port (COM) communication?

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SEPA components for Delphi with Source Code (Delphi 5
Hi all, in the european union change next year the Bankingformat to the SEPA Format. All peoples and companies must change the bankingssoftware and the costumer data form acountnummers in the new IBAN and BIC numbers. See: Functions: - generate SEPA XML'S - Calc IBAN - BIC Database (DE,AT and CH) Questions: [email protected] PS: Bankinssoftware for Develpoers (Germany only) El 26/10/13 21:38, A..
serial com port monitor, good component for Delphi 2009? [Edit]
I have been looking for a good component that compiles with Delphi 2009 and supports serial com port analyzing ('sniffing'). To give an example, the hhd Serial Port Monitor Control is the functionality we are looking for, but it doesn't work well with Delphi (many errors). It should not interfere or lock the COM port and should work even if the COM port is already in use. (Lot of components we tried needed a lock on the COM port). Wasp (software) is reading barcodes over the COM port and we need to capture the COM data and then display a dialogbox to give the end-user a choic..
Installing Delphi 7 and Delphi XE5 on same machine
Is there any implication installing Delphi 7 and XE5 on a same machine? Will it affect the 3rd party components, libraries, dll etc.? On 15/12/2013 23:56, Ebizit IT wrote: > Is there any implication installing Delphi 7 and XE5 on a same machine? Will it affect the 3rd party components, libraries, dll etc.? Ebizit, The usual guideline is to install in release order, Delphi 7 first, then XE5. I would also advise installing in a dedicated, security open directory such as: C:ToolsDelphi-7 C:ToolsDelphi-XE5 However, since I cannot afford the grossly inflated pric..
DesignIDE package and porting Delphi 7 components to Delphi XE2
HI I am porting components from Delphi7 to Delphi XE2, and started run in problems regarding MaskProp.dcu, some of the components uses this, and is looking for TMaskProperty class. After a lot of browsing on the net i figured out that all these units is packaged in the designide.dcp. So i have the design time component in a package that requires the designide.dcp and then the runtime component package that reguires the designtime package for the component. In the runtime component package i get errors regarding the MaskProp.dcu and the TMaskProperty class. I dont know what to do from ..
Is there a PDF viewer component installed with any version of Delphi ? [Edit]
Hi, I am looking for a component to display PDF files within my app. I don't need any editing capability, only displaying them like Adobe Reader does. I am using BDS 2006, I searched in the help file for PDF but did not find something that looked like a component for PDF viewing, so I was wondering if one is included and otherwise if one is available. Searching the net, I read that there is some sort of interface to the PDF reader dll used by Acrobat Reader. Having access to the dll would require Acrobat Reader to be installed - and that would be fine - but I could not find any..
Unable to modify current installation of Delphi XE5 [Edit]
Hi everybody, I installed Delphi XE5 months ago. I don't remember if i had installed the Mobile platform part (for developing iOS and Android) I suppose i didn't because if i try to add a SDK in 'Select Platform' the only possible choice is OS X. So, How can i add the mobile part to the current installation of Delphi, whithout reinstalling the IDE? Thank you. EDIT The problem is that in Modify, Repair, Uninstall i see only 'Remove' and 'Repair' options. I should see 'Modify' for adding/remove features to the current installation (In th..
Delphi XE4,XE5 100% Native iOS Components [Edit]
Delphi XE4,XE5 100% Native iOS Components > {quote:title=Babak Yaghoobi wrote:}{quote} > Delphi XE4 100% Native iOS Components > > Great work! Thanks for sharing this with us! > {quote:title=Babak Yaghoobi wrote:}{quote} > Delphi XE4,XE5 100% Native iOS Components > > If only Embarcadero would include native components as well. I'd love a supported release as opposed to a community release that may simply e..
component installation in delphi 2009 and C++ builder 2009 [Edit]
hi all, I going to migrate from delphi to c++ builder. and also just installed RAD studio 2009. when I install a delphi component, I see it only in delphi ide Tool Palette (while see them in design packages of rad) but when I try install its C++ builder version in c++ builder ide, RAD tell me that its file is associated with one of installed components and i can't install it. what can i do for Making delphi component visible at c++ builder ide, or Installing their c++ builder version? regards js Edited by: john smith on Apr 30, 2009 6:58 AM <john smith> wrote in mess..
RDS 2010: Installing Delphi-Components
Hello again, I have again too many problems installing Delphi-Components:{code} 1.1 E2451 Undefined symbol 'NAN' Delphi, defined as NaN = 0.0 / 0.0; C++Builder header: static const Extended NaN = -NAN; Should be .. = -NaN, 1.2 E2451 Undefined symbol 'INF' Delphi, defined as Infinity = 1.0 / 0.0; C++Builder header: static const Extended NegInfinity = +INF; Should be .. = +Infinity, 1.3 E2451 Undefined symbol 'INF' Delphi, defined as NegInfinity = -1.0 / 0.0; C++Builder head..
Help installing .pas component in delphi 2010.. addressing error message [Edit]
I downloaded this component.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Components > System > Shell TShellCommand Interface v.1.02 FWS 57 Kb 10 Jul 2000 By Ken Miles. A component that allows applications to interact with the Windows Explorer, open documents in an existing (single) instance of the application and respond to right mouse menu items for file types in the Windows Explorer. It can simply process the command line parame..
I have installed the Delphi 2010, How install XE5 on the same computer?
HI! I have Delphi 2010 in my notebook. And I buy one new upgrade XE5. 1-To install XE5, I have to uninstall 2010 before ? 2-If I install XE5 without uninstalling 2010, the two continue working ? 3-Ideally I could continue compiling my systems, with 2010. While doing compatibility tests with XP5. This is possible ? Thanks to anyone who can help me ! Luiz, I have Delphi 2010 in my notebook. And I buy one new upgrade XE5. 1-To install XE5, I have to uninstall 2010 before ? 2-If I install XE5 without uninstalling 2010, the two continue working ? 3-..
ANN: Delphi Data Access Components with RAD Studio XE5 & Android support [Edit]
+Devart presents new versions of Delphi Data Access Components with support for Android application development in RAD Studio XE5. New versions of DACs have been significantly improved and they now provide numerous opportunities for more effective application development.+ The latest versions of Delphi Data Access Components contain the following new features : *RAD Studio XE5 support* With the newest RAD Studio XE5 support Devart users can develop their applications using the cutting-edge IDE for all the supported target-platforms: Win32, Win64, Mac OS, iOS, and now – Android. *..
Converting from Delphi 2005 to Delphi XE5
I have developed a number of Windows applications in Delphi 2005. I recently purchased Delphi XE5. I have started by trying to compile an existing 2005 application. I am getting a 7 errors about FMXTeeEditor. [dcc32 Error] E1026 File not found: 'FMXTee.Editor.Brush.fmx' Not able to find a solution to this. Any help greatly appreciated. Did you open every form before compiling? The old forms get updated with new properties when they are opened. I would make a copy of the old project before doing any of this. maybe you have links to the older tchart files..i.e its not usi..
Code Porting
Hi people, Basically, I am moving an app from Delphi 5 to Delphi 2009 which is all great (yeah right!) and I am having a couple of issues with some thirdparty components that we have the source code for. Being that I wanted to make the task as easy as possible, I was able to download the component in Delphi 2007 format. I have now managed to port that to 2009 so it compiles only with warnings and no errors. So all is good at this moment. Now I am trying to install the component into the IDE by using the install menu option from the project manager. This is where I run into errors. ..