Digifly Vl100 Manual

Neoprene case for following variometers: Digifly Cartesio,; Digifly Flyer,; Digifly Graviter,; Digifly Runner,; Digifly VL-100. Protects the instrument against.

The unofficial Digifly Flyer VL100 vario manual The unofficial Digifly Flyer VL100 vario manual The 'Flyer' VL100 vario from Italian company 'Digifly' was a deservedly popular entry-level vario for paragliding and hang gliding. However the manual that came with it was not great. Apparently it makes slightly more sense pre-translation from the original Italian, but even then is less than ideal.

Oat stairway to heaven mp3. The 'support' forum is worse. It includes such classics as 'The calibration of the barometer instead (see KBAR) is from carrying out single if the main barometer indicates wrong values respect to a barometer champion (see airport barometer)' (official Digifly answer on a ). Hence my attempt at giving it the manual it deserves. Mainly for my benefit, because having worked out what it does I forget again, so it helps to write it down.

But having written it down, am happy to make it available to others for comment and for use. The information for these notes is collected from a variety of sources, including: the Digifly manual in English and Italian, experience of using the unit, experiences of other users from the Internet, newsgroups, retailers, the UK importers, and other users out on the hill. The Flyer VL100 was replaced in the Digifly range by the Flyer 2 in 2006, about which I know very little. I am a paraglider pilot in the UK, so these notes have a paragliding and UK bias. If you fly something else or live somewhere else some bits may not apply to you. Contents Comments, corrections and suggestions Comments, corrections and suggestions are all very welcome.

I can be contacted at Steve Aze, Shipley, West Yorkshire, UK.

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