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Movie: A Little Thing Called Love / A Crazy Little Thing Called Love Thai: สิ่งเล็กๆ ที่เรียกว่ารัก Director: Puttipong Promsaka Na Sakolnakorn, Wasin Pokpong.

Contents. Plot Nam is a bespectacled, swarthy girl who has a crush on P'Shone (also known as Shone), a popular student in her high school, but she feels that he is too handsome for her. Helped by her three friends, Nam follows the advice of the guidebook Nine Recipes of Love, which supposedly has the magical power to win affection from the boy of choice. The nine steps require Nam to beautify herself by switching her glasses with contacts, wearing teeth braces, and whitening her skin, as well as secretly leaving a chocolate cake inside Shone's motorbike, though all of them seems futile in attracting his attention. Nam also has an additional pursuit of going to the, where her father works; he promises to Nam and her sister a plane ticket for whoever gets the top grade in school.

After getting into a fight with the influential Faye, Nam and her friends are unable to enter the Thai dance club and forced to register in the unpopular English drama club for the school fair. Nam is selected to play in the titular play, while Shone works as a stage painter. Thanks to the drama, Nam instantly becomes a hot issue within the school, and her popularity further explodes when she is chosen as the drum major of the school parade. During the second year, Shone's childhood friend, Top, transfers to the school.

He falls in love at first sight with Nam and declares his love for her. The shocked Nam does not respond for fear of hurting him, so Top thinks that she accepts the confession. Nam is uncomfortable with the situation, especially when Top kisses her suddenly when the two are attending a friend's birthday party, during which Top shares the story about a promise he made with Shone: that they would never like the same girl. Meanwhile, Nam's increasingly close relationship with Top, Shone, and their associates has distanced her from her three old friends; the four barely talk with each other anymore as they enter their third year.

Unable to repress her emotions, Nam breaks up with Top shortly before the finals, in which she ranks first, making her able to settle in the United States. She then has a tearful reconciliation with her old friends, who help her to do the '10th recipe' of the love guidebook: direct confession. However, to her dismay, Shone reveals that he is dating Pin, a mutual friend. That night, Shone comes home to find out that he is accepted into a trainee program in a professional soccer team, and has to leave for the camp the following morning. He goes into his room and takes out a diary containing all of Nam's photos; Shone has always loved Nam, even before her transformation, but never manages to gain the courage to confess. He leaves the diary in front of Nam's house; at the same time, Nam is shown mourning his rejection in her bedroom.

Nine years later, Nam and Shone have become successful fashion designer and photographer, respectively. Nam returns to to attend a variety show.

She gets a surprise visit by Shone, who reveals that he has been waiting for her after all those years. Cast. as Shone, a 10th grade boy who is a star of the school. He is a son of a retired soccer player of the town who missed his penalty shot which costs the team their national champion title.

From that incident, Shone is frequently teased as 'the boy whose father missed the penalty shot'. Shone nevertheless plays soccer at school although he refuses to shoot any penalty shot and thus is not part of the school team despite his high skills. Shone's other interest is photography; he is good enough to win a contest. as Nam, a 7th grade girl with dark skin, thick glasses, and a school-conformed haircut. She lives with her mother and a younger sister, and helps her mother manage a B&B while her father is working in the States as a Thai cook to support their family.

Nam hangs out with three close friends; they are often considered as an unattractive girl group in the school. Nam places average in her class rank; the only subject she is good at is English. as Teacher Inn, an English teacher in Nam's class who is fighting with Teacher Orn for the heart of Teacher Pon. She is also a caretaker of the school's English drama club, albeit its low popularity among students. She seems to be close to the superintendent that he tasked her to find a replacement drum major, where she chooses Nam. She eventually found love at the end of the story with the new P.E. Teacher, after Teacher Pon left the school.

Tangi Namonto as Teacher Pon, a P.E. Teacher and the coach of the school's soccer team. He is pursued by both Teacher Inn and Teacher Orn, although he seems to show no preference between the two.

Pijitra Siriwerapan as Teacher Orn, a caretaker of the school's Thai dance club, which is very popular among female students and is believed to be the pool of all pretty girls in school. She, like Teacher Inn, seems to be flirting with Teacher Pon although she chooses a more subtle way. Acharanat Ariyaritwikol as Top, a new student who enters the school midyear of the 11th grade.

He is a childhood friend of Shone. Top instantly replaces Shone as the new star of the school because of his good looks. He is attracted to Nam and decides to ask her out. After Nam breaks up with him, he makes Shone promise not to pursue her. Kachamat Pormsaka Na-Sakonnakorn as Pin, Shone's female classmate and in the same circle of friends. She is appointed as a makeup artist for the English drama club, where she successfully beautify Nam for the school play, Snow White. She once helps prevent Nam from Faye's fish sauce-infused Coca-Cola trap.

Pin remains close friend with Shone after high school: he helps her take care of her baby boy. Yanika Thongprayoon as Faye, Nam's archenemy. She considered herself a pretty girl and is also pursuing Shone based on the fact that he is a star of the school. However, Pin told Shone about her scheme on Nam and she later pursues Top instead. Front Montgomery as Shone's mother Releases Opening on Thailand's Queen's Birthday/Mother's Day holiday weekend of August 12–15, First Love was in third place behind the slapstick monastic comedy Luangphee Teng 3 and, but rose to second place the following weekend.

At last count, First Love had earned around $2.6 million (70+ million baht), higher than expected. It was initially televised on, dubbed in Filipino (Tagalog) on June 5, 2011, and was replayed on June 20 and October 28. The movie re-aired on its movie cable network during the thanksgiving season due to viewers requests at 8pm.

It was shown again on March 30, 2012 and June 9, 2012 under free movie block Kapamilya Blockbusters. The full and uncut scenes are aired on its subsidiary network and Filipino-Asian Blockbuster Movie Network on Cable.

The movie was released in Shanghai for the 2011 Shanghai International Film Festivals. Soundtracks. 'Someday', sung by.


'A Little Thing Called Love', sung by. 'Because of My Heart', sung by Chick Whantana. 'Someday I'll Be Good Enough', sung by. 'The Star', sung by. 'Day, Month, Year (DMY)', sung by Kachamat Pormsaka Na-Sakonnakorn Reception The film received generally positive reviews from critics and audiences, despite the average budget. In Thailand, the film placed in 3rd place from its weekend gross in almost a hundred cinemas in, and then up to 2nd place on the next weekend behind.

The other two movies (including ) simultaneously released with First Love dropped to 3rd and 4th respectively. The film managed to maintain its position in 3rd place the following weekends and stayed inside the top 5 for six consecutive weeks. The film was shown in cinemas for nearly ten weeks (until October 2010), making it one of the longest running movies in the history of Thai cinema. The film grossed a total of $2,659,443, becoming the second highest grossing locally produced film in Thailand.

By early 2011, copies of the film were uploaded on the Internet, with several other countries applying for screening rights. In the, the movie made an impact to viewers after it was dubbed in Filipino and shown on free TV on June 5, 2011 on. It dominated the daytime viewership ratings, Just 2 weeks after it was first shown on free TV, on June 20, the film repeated in an afternoon slot.

The movie block time slot got the highest rating compared to other programs. and, the main stars of the movie, arrived in the Philippines together on August 3, 2013 for their fan conferences on the following day for their endorsement of a local clothing brand. Due to the film's success in the Philippines, produced and released the Filipino romantic comedy film which starred, and.

. August 12, 2010 (Thailand) Running time 118 minutes Country Thailand Language Box office $2,658,811 First Love (: สิ่งเล็กเล็ก ที่เรียกว่า.รัก, Sing lek lek thi riak wa.

'A Little Thing Called Love') is a 2010 Thai and also a 2011 Asian film starring and. The story depicts love in the eye of young people who first experience it and how it affects their lives and their inspirations.

Plot Nam is a girl who is secretly attracted to p'shone (many people pronounced it as Shone), her senior at school. However, she feels that Shone is too good-looking for her.

Nam and her three friends instead turn to the help from the book '9 recipes of love', believed to have a magical power to win affection from the boy of choice. Nam's father works in the States to support his family and promises to Nam and her younger sister that he will send a flight ticket to US to whichever one of them earn the first place in school. Nam misses her father and is determined to study hard to raise her grade. Nam and her friends were denied by the Thai dance club after picking a fight with Faye, a pretty girl at school. They instead joined the English Drama club headed by Teacher Inn, where Nam is chosen to play Snow White in the school drama, during the school fair. Shone was also helping the Drama club as a stage painter.

After the drama, Nam becomes popular among the boys at school. Nam also tries to change her appearances by wearing contact lens, braces, and whitening her skin. Her look improves dramatically. She is also chosen as a drum major of the school parade, while Shone joined the soccer team as a striker.

During the second year of the story, Shone's childhood friend Top joins the school. He immediately likes Nam and some days later he confesses his love to Nam. She is shocked and does not answer to avoid the risk of hurting Shone's best friend, Top. Top takes that as an acceptance. Next morning, Top asks Nam to go to the football match to see Shone play.

After the match, Shone told Nam that he is wishing he has a girlfriend, much to Nam's shock. They are interrupted by Top before Nam can say anything back. At the birthday night party of Ake, one of their friends, Top and Shone share their story and say that they promise never to fall in love with the same girl. During a dance Top kisses Nam's cheek. That night, Nam breaks up with him. Top made Shone promise never to pursue Nam.

Three years has passed by since the beginning of her story. Nam secures the first position in her exam, which means she will get to stay with her father in the States. Nam and her friend finally realized that the book did not do much help and decides to use the 10th recipe: Direct confession. On the closing of the school year, Nam finally confesses to Shone only to find out that she is too late. Shone's already going out with Pin, his classmate. That night, Shone came home to find out that he is accepted into a trainee program in a professional soccer team, and has to leave for the camp the following morning. He went into his room and take out a diary.

That diary contained all of Nam's photos. He always loved her but never got a courage to tell her. Shone leaves his diary in front of Nam's house.


Nine years later, Nam is a successful fashion designer who recently came back from the States and is asked to appear in a variety show. Shone is now a professional photographer. In that variety show, Nam and Shone reunite.