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The Raid 2 2014 720p Full HD Movie Free Download. Download The Raid 2 2014 Full 720p HD Movie Free High Speed Download. SD Movies Point. Movie Overview The Raid 2 2014 720p Full HD Movie Free Download After the disastrous raid on crime boss Tama’s apartment building, Rama meets with Bunawar, a police officer deemed honest by Andi. After executing Wahyu and sending Rama’s fellow survivor Bowo to receive medical attention, Bunawar invites Rama to join a clandestine anti-corruption task force. After effects star wars crawl template. This undercover unit seeks to expose the backroom dealings of Reza and other police leaders with the Bangun and Goto crime families.

While Rama initially declines, he agrees to join after learning of his brother’s murder and the threat made by Bejo. Bunawar fakes Rama’s death to protect his family from Reza and the corrupt cops, assigning Rama to infiltrate the crime world by befriending Uco, son of Bangun and heir to his criminal empire.

Softcam key north america. Uco is currently incarcerated; to reach him, Rama takes on the alias Yuda, assaults the son of a politician who opposes Bangun, and goes to prison. Soon after, several assailants led by a man named Beni start a prison riot and attempt to kill Uco in the chaos. Rama saves Uco from Beni during the riot; when Yuda leaves prison two years later, Bangun hires him as thanks.

As Yuda, Rama proves his value to the crime family, earning their trust through his work under Bangun’s consigliere Eka. Despite their power, Bangun’s gang is revealed to suffer from hidden faults: Uco is hotheaded and resentful of his father, elite assassin Prakoso is estranged from his wife and son, and Bangun lives an isolated life with only Eka for counsel. Meanwhile, Rama begins to distrust and resent Bunawar, who endangers Rama by withholding information and micromanaging. While Rama succeeds in growing close to Bangun and planting a bug in Uco’s wallet, he becomes frustrated with the anxiety of undercover work and his longing for his wife and son. Capitalizing on Uco’s angst, Bejo invites him to dinner at Bejo’s restaurant. Sharing rumours of a Japanese plot to turn Reza against Bangun and overthrow Goto, Bejo also lets Uco personally kill his assailants from the riot; in the process, Uco notices a distinctive gang tattoo on Beni’s wrist before killing Beni himself. The duo hatch a plot to start a gang war, which would let Uco prove himself to Bangun and help Bejo profit from the chaos.

Uco lures Prakoso into an ambush by Bejo’s gang, then lies to his father that the Japanese were responsible for Prakoso’s death. Bejo’s elite killers – deaf-mute Hammer Girl, her brother Baseball Bat Man, and the Assassin – kill dozens of Goto’s subordinates the next day, creating the false appearance of reprisal by Bangun.

In the course of the escalating conflict, Rama is attacked. He defeats a horde of assailants only to discover police IDs on their corpses after the fact. When the families meet to reconcile, Uco lashes out in anger, embarrassing Bangun into an important territory concession. Bangun beats Uco harshly on their return to the office.

Shaken after killing other policemen, Rama contacts Bunawar and learns that he killed a team of Reza’s corrupt cops sent to aid in the gang war. SCREEN SHOTS.