Download Halo Ce Cmt Spv3 The Silent Cartographer

From the readme. The Silent Cartographer: Evolved (TSC:E) is a ground-up re-imagining of the Halo: Combat Evolved map of the same name. The map comes with an all-new layout, a vast array of custom content, a reconstructed weapon set emphasizing improvisation and variety in tactics, and plenty of hidden secrets to discover. It is the final Halo CE project for many of CMT's members - a labor of love and hate spanning almost three years of development. TSC:E makes use of Open Sauce, a community-made game extension that enables many new features, from upgraded visuals to new gameplay mechanics.

A Complete Walk-through of the newly out-standing Halo Custom Edition Campaign Mod that's Re-imaged the classic campaign level,The Silent Cartographer! The Silent Cartographer: Evolved This entry was posted in Open Sauce Maps Singleplayer - Original and tagged CMT (Custom Mapping Team) on March 3, 2015 Section: Single Player Maps.


Open Sauce is required to play TSC:E - the map can't exist without it. At the time of writing, OpenSauce's public releases are available here:.

The map requires Open Sauce version 4.0 (or newer). Open Sauce 4.0 requires a properly-installed copy of Halo Custom Edition, updated to 1.10. See the installation guide if you don't know how to get these. This map comes with a user manual providing information on difficulty and weapon usage (among other things). Evolved treats difficulty and many weapons differently from some other Halo games - which may be disorienting to new players - so be sure to read the manual!

Issues encountered while playing the map may be reported in this thread. The map does have a few rare (but known) issues, which will be addressed if possible in maintenance releases. If you are reporting a crash, be sure to include your crash dump (if you have one).

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Scarface the world is yours cheats. If the game crashes with Open Sauce installed, you can find the crash dump on your computer in My Games Halo CE OpenSauce Reports CrashRpt. If you are encountering an Open Sauce-specific issue, please direct your reports to the issue tracker. A short time after release (likely within the next month), there will be a public release of all source files for the map that we can reasonably organize and distribute. Until then, we urge you to use caution if you choose to extract tags from the map.

Open Sauce and the HEK+ do not get along well, the HEK+ is known for corrupting tags in general, and there are many aspects to the Evolved tagset that have the potential to cause serious problems with other tagsets if you don't know exactly what you're doing. (We also encourage you to have a heart and give the map at least a little time to shine before you make CMt Evolved Reachgultch). More details are provided in readmeforripping.txt.