Download The Space Game Candystand Free

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Hi guys, I tried everything so far with some games. First one is splitter 2 and then the games from (those from candystand can be saved but can't be played). Splitter 2 looks like is 'splitted' in very tiny pieces. K I understand.But the games that I already download e.g. Parking-shuffle.swf (which has 2.99 MB) is unable to play (opera firefox or explorer) just freeze. Ther were some games that after a few seconds had to right click them and hit the play button (IDK why) but now looks that doesn't work anymore.I tried live http page source code everything that I tried before and worked on any site.Is there a new catch so we can't play online games, offline???? Raheem devaughn dating.

Pls If u know anything let me know.Meanwhile I will Keep searching Thank You!!! The simplest thing to do is to look into the games source code.


In your web browser, select view-source. Once the HTML appears, press control+f to open the find dialog box. Then search for.swf For example, I want to save and play this game offline: I first open of the source code, find.swf There are about 5 results. I browse through them all and find this Then all you have to do is to download this file through a download manager (or some how make the link click-able to you can save the file. This link will also work: I hope this helped you. You can do this for almost any flash site - I first about this method on when I wanted to save their video clips because it took to long to load to show my friends on dialup.