Edelweiss English Patch 2.0

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There are many more patch notes than were reported in some of the translations, and some of the changes in those translations were misconstrued. Version 1.2.0 Changes to Player Ranking. Fixed an issue where player rank would change slightly despite a message displaying that stated player rank would not change when other players disconnected early on in a match. Changes to Spectator Mode.

Title: Edelweiss Original title: エーデルワイス. Length: Medium (10 – 30 hours) Year: Japan 2006-12-15, English Version 2.0 2011-09-02. Developer: Overdrive. Mar 22, 2010 - [H-VN] Edelweiss 2.0. Re: [H-Game][English] Edelweiss FINAL VERSION. I believe i played this game before the update patch.

When spectating from a player's viewpoint, opposing team player names will no longer display unless ZL is pressed. When spectating from a player's viewpoint in Rainmaker mode, the on-screen warnings 'DON'T RETREAT!' And 'Rainmaker-Free Zone!' Will now be displayed.

When spectating from a player's viewpoint, the on-screen ink border that indicates the player is taking damage will now be displayed. Fixed an issue where, when a matches ended while spectating from a Bravo team player's viewpoint the turf map results were mistakenly displayed from Bravo team's perspective, despite other results being displayed from Alpha team's perspective. Fixed a graphical issue affecting player appearance when standing in the zones in Splat Zones mode. Changes to Salmon Run. The new stage 'Lost Outpost' is now available when playing Salmon Run via local wireless at The Shoal. 21 weapons have been added to the selection of those available when playing Salmon Run at The Shoal.

Flyfish can now be defeated by using a Splashdown special on their launchers. Fixed an issue where direct hits on a Stinger Boss Salmonid from either a Blaster or shots fired while using the Ink Jet special did not deal the added damage of their shots exploding, and only destroyed one level of the towering enemy. Fixed an issue where Steelhead Boss Salmonids were not exploding with the player team's ink color after being defeated by a Stingray special. Fixed an issue where destroying one of the Mothership Boss Salmonid's coolers immediately after it appeared would cause an invulnerable cooler to appear on the enemy on the screens of other players. Fixed an issue causing players to occasionally clip into stage objects in Marooner's Bay.

Fixed an issue where playing 'With Friends' repeatedly would allow random players to join the group before selecting 'Recruit crew members'. Adjusted parameters for Salmon Run specific weapons: Weapon Adjustment Salmon Run specific Slosher Fixed an issue where the Slosher dealt significantly different damage to Salmonids when standing in slightly different positions.

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