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May 8, 2018 - Download Paladin Design Base for free. Total downloads:336 (1 last week). This program was originally developed by Power Analytics Corporation. Create a robust electrical designbase – a detailed knowledge base of. Jul 4, 2014 - The link below is the installation file for EDSA Paladin DesignBase 5.0 without c.r.a.c.k. Details about the software: 2000 licensed bus. Petroleum Community Forum -Free Discussion and Education Community. SmartPlant Electrical 2015 Electrical System Design reference help Omicron CMC.

There is a quick and easy spread sheet for fault calculations at mikeholt.com. This spread sheet is set up to detrermine AIC for service equipment. Get there by going to site map then to calculations. Be warned this is a basic calculation that needs information to fill in the blanks and does not add motor contribution to the calculated fault. It will get you to an AIC as quickly as any I have used and is betteer than using only the Utility contribution.

RE: fault current calculation software (Electrical) 5 Nov 02 16:19. Suggestion to dspell (Mechanical) Jun 10, 1999 marked /// Ben: The electric utility you are connected to typically supplies the Available Short Circuit Current upon request.

///These parameters are good at the upper tiers of the power distribution system. Any power distribution downstream may need to be refined to establish lower fault levels and not to pay for unnecessarily expensive electrical equipment because of excessive short circuit currents or faults. Also, at some points, there may be motors that contribute to the short circuit levels.

If you are connected to a generator of some sort, the manufacturer specifications should list the AIC required. ///Again, my above comment applies. Also, one must account for motor contributions of short circuit currents to the faults. DeWayne RE: fault current calculation software (Electrical) 21 Oct 03 02:51. Suggestion: The posted commercial packages by the major software developers, e.g.


Software called Dapper, A-Fault, Captor, etc. EDSA Power System Analysis Software by EDSA Microcorporation 3. Operation Technology, Inc. Software called Etap are comprehensive software tools for the electrical power system modeling, analysis, computations, etc. They are fairly complex and expensive to develop and are not for free beside limited demo periods with some restrictions. There may be proprietary expertise programmed in the software, e.g.

The manufacturers, e.g. Free ef-s download. Siemens, Cutler-Hammer, General Electric offer their software packages with libraries including their equipment only.

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