Emagic Unitor 8 Windows Xp Driver

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I cannot get Windows XP to see my serial Unitor8 MkII properly. It reminds me. After installing the latest Unitor driver (Windows 2000, ver. Could likely be that the '.inf' file the Emagic provides for the Unitor8 driver installation is. I purchased Unitor 8 when it first came out and unfortunately there have. Hundreds of Emagic device drivers available for free. 21/12/05, Emagic Unitor8, AMT8 and MT4 Unitor 8 Control 3.1, Mac OS X. 21/12/05, Emagic Unitor8, AMT8 and MT4 Unitor Family Driver, Win 2000, Win NT 4.0, Win XP, Win 98, Win 95.

You can unzip the file, open the DMG, then show the package contents for the.pkg file, then open the file in Contents/Archive.pax.gz and that will be the EmagicUSBMIDIDriver.plugin file that you want. This version is only for PPC. To get the very latest driver you will need to install a new version of Logic Studio, Express, or Garageband.


Once you do that, visit my site at to get the latest version of my configuration preference pane for the Unitor8 and AMT8.