English Grammar Worksheets For Class 10 Cbse

Sample Paper: English Communicative Class-IX (GRAMMAR) Q 1. Complete the sentences in reported speech choosing the correct option. (4 marks) Rashmi: I have invited four friends for dinner. Renu: I will also call my friends. Rashmi: What should we serve them for dinner?

Renu: We can serve them Chinese food. (a) Rashmi told Renu that (i) she has invited four friends for dinner. (ii) she will have invited four friends for dinner. (iii) she had invited four friends for dinner. (iv) she will have invited four friends for dinner.

English grammar exercises for class 10 samacheer worksheets cbse sa2 essays integrated 5th grade free printables education textbook 12 scert 2015 spandanam papers. Jan 29, 2016 - Determiners worksheet. January 29, 2016. Some of the information proved to be outdated. I didn't use much fertilizer last spring.

(b) Then Renu said (i) that she may invite her friends also. (ii) that she would also invite her friends. (iii) that she might have invited her friends too.

(iv) that she must invite her friends too. (c) When Renu asked (i) what they should serve them for dinner. (ii) that what they should serve them for dinner. (iii) that should they serve for dinner.

(iv) that what they should have for dinner. (d) Rashmi replied that (i) we can serve Chinese food. (ii) they could serve them Chinese food. (iii) that we could also serve Chinese food.

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(iv) that why not serve Chinese food. Complete the following paragraph by choosing the correct word from the options given below. (½x8=4marks) When the old lady (a) to her flat she saw at once that the burglars (b) in in her absence. Though the burglars themselves (c) no longer there she saw at once that they (d) because there was a burning cigarette in the ashtray. Probably they (e) the lift coming up and (f) down the stairs.

But in their hurry one of them (g) his wallet. The old lady called the police and all of them (h).

(a) (i) return (ii) returning (iii) returned (iv) had returned (b) (i) break (ii) broke (iii) had broken (iv) were breaking (c) (i) be (ii) were (iii) was (iv) are (d) (i) just leave (ii) just leaving (iii) are just leaving (iv) had just left (e) (i) heard (ii) hear (iii) had heard (iv) hearing (f) (i) run (ii) were running (iii) ran (iv) had run (g) (i) had dropped (ii) are dropping (iii) dropping (iv) dropped (h) (i) catch (ii) were caught (iii) had caught (iv) are caught Q 3. Given below is a conversation between David and his friend, Meenu. Complete the dialogue in any suitable way. Choose the correct option from those given below. (4 marks) David: Hello. Is this 26897367? (a) ?

David: Can I talk to Meenu. I am her friend, David. Meenu: David! (b) ? David: I'm calling from Indira Gandhi International airport. I'm here for a visit.

Meenu: That's great. (c) ?

David: I wanted to give you a surprise. Meenu: When did you arrive? (d) ? David: I just got here and I'm alone. (a) (i) Who are you calling to? (ii) Whom do you speaking with? (iii) Whom do speak to?

(iv) Whom do you want to speak to? (b) (i) Where are you calling from?

(ii) Where from you are calling? (iii) Where are you calling? (iv) From where you are calling? (c) (i) Why you didn't let me know (ii) Why didn't you let me know of your coming? You were coming? (iii) Why aren't you let me know (iv) Why didn't you let me know you were coming? You are coming (d) (i) Is someone else accompanying (ii) Who are you accompanied?

(iii) Who you are with? (iv) Is someone else accompanying you? Sharma is the owner of K.P.Bakeries. He has made the following notes about a wedding cake to be delivered to Mr. He asks his personal assistant to write a brief note to Mr. John, using the information from the note pad given below, complete the notes choosing the correct option. (4 marks) Mr.

John - Cake ready weighs 10 kg, thick layer of chocolate names of bride and groom written Request-collect by 5 p.m. Not responsible-any damage afterwards Dear Mr. John, We are pleased to inform you that a) the cake you ordered is ready.

It is a cake. B) with a thick layer of chocolate on it. The names of the bride and the groom c) on the top.

Since it is a perishable item, d) to collect it by 5p.m. This evening. We shall not be responsible if e) afterwards. Yours truly, M. Sharma Proprietor (K.P.Bakeries) (a) (i) the cake you ordered (ii) you ordered the cake (iii) you order the cake (iv) the cake you orders (b) (i) which weigh 10 kg.

(ii) weighs 10kg. (iii) weighing 10 kg.

Weight (c) (i) is written (ii) have been written (iii) has been written (iv) is being written (d) (i) we requests you (ii) we are requesting you (iii) we requested you (iv) we request you (e) (i) it is damage (ii) it get damaged (iii) it is damaged (iv) they are damaged Q 5. Rearrange and rewrite these words/phrases in the correct order to form meaningful sentences as shown. (1×4=4) (a) to/this inn/came/a stranger/wintry day/one (b) head to foot/wrapped up/from/was/he (c) of/his face/hid/every inch/ his/hat (d) the/of/ nose/was/visible/only/ shiny tip/ his Q 6. Look at the notes given below and complete the paragraph that follows choosing the correct options from the choices given below. 4 marks Sudha Murthy - social worker - accomplished author - initiative - provide computers - Govt. Schools - Karnataka - written many stories - a Padmasri awardee Sudha Murthy (a) author. She (b) computers to the Government Schools in Karnataka.

She (c) stories. In 2006 she (d) a civilian award from the Govt. (a) (i) is not only an social worker but also a accomplished (ii) are both a social worker and an accomplished (iii) is a social worker and an accomplished (iv) has been a social worker and a accomplished (b) (i) has provided (iii) has been providing (iii) is providing (iv) are providing (c) (i) have written many short (ii) has written many short (iii) is written many short (iv) are written many short (d) (i) was awarded (ii) is being awarded (iii) has been awarded (iv) was being awarded Q7. Each sentence has four words that are underlined. Select the ONE underlined word that is incorrect and write it in the space provided.

(4 marks) a) Rangoli is an art form used by people in India that is passed by one generation to another. By b) It is a type of decoration drawn in the ground or sidewalk in front of a house. c) Rangoli has the purpose; it is used to 'enlighten' and to welcome Hindu gods to the household. d) Mothers in India did this activity every morning and teach rangoli to their daughters. e) The designs must be geometric patterns, drawings of Diwas or earthen lamps, or pictures of symbols.

Q8. Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences. The first one has been done as an example. (4 marks) After 1960 / Indian cities / expanded / all / have. All Indian cities have expanded after 1960. (a) live in / of spaces / Indians / the most / crowded (b) slums / at least / 35% of / lives in / urban India (c) free of / city is / dangers of / no Indian / pollution / the growing (d) at night / the stars / in the sky / difficult / to see / it is Q9. Fill in the blanks choosing the correct option.

(½x8=4 marks) Hillary Clinton is (a) (a/ the/ an/ X) 67th U.S. Secretary of State. She embarked (b) (on/ in/ at/ for) a career in law graduating from Yale Law School. She (c) (has been/ had been/ was/ was being) elected as Senator for New York state (d) (for/ on/ in/ since) 2000.

As Obama's Secretary of State (e) (they/ her/ she/it) is the first (f) (new/ old/ former) First Lady to serve in (g) (the/ any/ a/ all) President's Cabinet. As the Secretary of State, she is responsible (h) (to/ for/ of/ in) carrying out the President's foreign policies. Choose the correct answer and fill in the blanks. (½x8=4 marks) (a) Sameer intends to start his own business inyears. (some/ a few/ few/ a couple) (b) Yesterday, I saw a movie that my friends the week before. (seen/ have seen/ had seen/ were seeing) (c) I am now washing the clothes that I during gym lessons.

(wear, worn, have worn, was wearing) (d) Don't give me the parcel now. In any case I you once again before I leave for London.

(meet, will be meeting, met, may meet) (e) We must guard ourselves all possible infections. (for, with, against, over) (f) Indians are doubtful winning the match against the West Indies.

(in, to, at, of) (g) The Government should ban sprays which destroy the Ozone layer. (all, every, each, any) (h) The villain had been hiding in the musty warehouse the morning.

(for, from, since, till).