Family Quiz Questions Cryptic Televion Programme Clues

Clue Program 6x4 Where am I? Boiled, roast, Cell snap Smallest state's half century Eddie Murphy 45105x2 Hip hip hooray!! Famous for it's Cowboys Passed from generation to generation Old bark I get by with a little help.

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Strange pairing You find them in your recycle bin Destiny's Child Song 10123 Not on the rink (UK) Lazy Americans Holding out for what Chad Kroeger thought would save us VAT me Bronze medal for solar power He was killed by someone Arise Sir Joaquin (UK) Yes the charge is correct Clue Program OJ, Jessica, Ashlee He went from his lab to a murder Just idiots and GGs (UK) GP what?? (UK) One up from the resevers Lancelot on a bike Petit French town BINGO!!! Doctors wear them They originally wanted 8800 but had to settle for half You know that program from nearly 40 years ago Law abiding Bruins The best clothes (UK) Gene and Sam in the best selling show (UK) Dwayne Johnson +1 AKA Two feet in the grave Rouge midget (UK) Killing dracula at an all you can eat Keeping an eye on the sea Set fire to the forest (UK).

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