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With a calculator-like interface, FastChordsLite uses an extensive chords dictionary and knowledge of chord synonyms to convert chord symbols to piano key positions.

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With a calculator-like interface, FastChordsLite uses an extensive chords dictionary and knowledge of chord synonyms to convert chord symbols to piano key positions.
The program can also deduct the chord symbol corresponding to piano keys played.
Autodesk inventor 2010 free download full version. FastChordsLite allows you to explore chord inversions, hear how chords sound and save chord progressions to disk.


Download FastChords Lite

Authors software

FastChords Lite
With a calculator-like interface, FastChordsLite uses an extensive chords dictionary and knowledge of chord synonyms to convert chord symbols to piano key positions.

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FastChords Lite
With a calculator-like interface, FastChordsLite uses an extensive chords dictionary and knowledge of chord synonyms to convert chord symbols to piano key positions.

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