Forkplayer Torrent Tv Series

Install widgets on Samsung smart TV does not require much effort. Their main part was created for watching movies and TV channels, but you can find gaming, as well as simply useful widgets from Angry Birds to the Yandex application.

There are quite a few widgets available in the Samsung store. They are uploaded to cloud storage and do not occupy space in the device’s memory, unlike programs from other sites. Widgets for samsung smart tv can be collected as much as you need for a comfortable stay.

Samsung Smart TV 2017 does not support the installation of third-party applications, starting with firmware version 1442, characteristic of new models. If you have an old TV, then after the upgrade it will be impossible to roll back to the previous version. From now on, the manufacturer allows you to download widgets for Smart TV only from the official Samsung store.

Forkplayer Torrent Tv Russian Hi All I have Samsung Smart TV Samsung 55ES7100 Suddenly some websites on the browser asking me to upgrade the flash player. When I click on Get Flash. Ottplayer Iptv on Samsung J series. Ottplayer Iptv on Samsung J series. Skip navigation Sign in. Instalar APPS no oficiales en TV SMART SAMSUNG - FREE TV GRATIS - Install unofficial apps.

  1. is a universal application for watching TV shows and movies on Samsung TV. In this online cinema most of the domestic and foreign cinema is freely available. Novelties of recent years for Smart TV are paid and available by subscription.
  2. STS is a program for watching a popular TV channel, which broadcasts both domestic sitcoms, shows and series, and foreign products.
  3. Zoomby is an application for those who missed their favorite movie or TV show. Immediately after the broadcast video content falls into the program, where it is available for review at any time.
  4. Amediatateka put together the most hit TV series for Smart TV. Users will be able to watch fascinating stories in excellent quality simultaneously with the premiere in the USA.
  5. IPTV technology for watching videos over the Internet is also available after installing the corresponding widgets on Samsung Smart TV. IP TV will give access to free TV channels. You only pay for the Internet connection. IPTV is gaining more and more popularity among Smart TV owners.
  6. Arrange karaoke at home and have fun with friends. It is enough to download the eponymous application of a popular service.

If you can’t configure IPTV, please contact support. Polite staff will help deal with the problem.

Installing widgets on Samsung Smart TV

To use applications, you must perform the following simple steps. Many programs do not require customization and work well out of the box.

  1. Go to the section Smart hub and select Samsung Apps. A list of applications will open, for the convenience of users, divided into categories.
  2. Refer to the required section and read the description of favorite Samsung TV applications. If in doubt, go to the category popular programs. Here you will find interesting and useful software.
  3. Samsung Smart TV applications are easy to install. Open each desired program in turn and find the “Download” button.
  4. The rest is 'smart' TV in 2017 makes himself. You will only have to launch the application.

Programs for Smart TV have great potential, but restricting applications only from the manufacturer’s store has disappointed many experienced users. Even support for IPTV has not become a consolation. They are used to installing new widgets on a TV as well as on a computer and storing them in the device’s memory, not trusting cloud storages.

How to uninstall programs for Smart TV

It happens that applications bother or cease to be relevant. The best widgets appear, and those that you liked earlier in vain fill the menu. Although they do not occupy space in the memory on Smart TV, the user is wondering how to remove unnecessary add-ons. This is done as easily as installing new widgets on the Samsung Smart TV.

  1. Log in to the Smart Hub section and your account again.
  2. Switch to the Samsung app store.
  3. Press the 'C' yellow button on the remote. You are in edit mode.
  4. Select the program to be removed.
  5. Now it remains only to perform the cleaning procedure. Find the menu item 'delete' and confirm the command. Installed application for TV will disappear from your menu.

Installation of various applications on Samsung Smart TV is possible even for people who are not familiar with computer equipment. Download karaoke as well as programs for digital television Wifire TV or watch channels over the Internet using IPTV is easy and simple. There is no need to dig into the network, looking for compatible applications, Samsung has prepared all the necessary programs.

Namely .. about the possibilities of lg smart tv.

In versions of lg smart tv with webOS functionality, you can download third-party applications for watching TV on the Internet.

Of course, in lg smart tv there are already such opportunities, but it makes sense to consider other possibilities.

And so, Torrent TV.

Torrent technology allows you not only to download files, but also to watch live online broadcasts on your computer and TV! For this purpose, the portal “First Torrent Television” was created.

All online broadcasts are provided by a P2P network consisting of many users who watch the same channels. This viewing method has a lot of advantages, the main one is viewing live broadcasts without brakes!

Thanks to many users of the P2P network, the servers are not overloaded, all traffic is distributed among the users of the P2P network. Due to this, this portal is not afraid of overloads and is able to withstand any sporting event!

Watching torrent television on lg smart tv TVs is possible with the help of any third-party player (video player) supporting playlists using a local or server TS-Proxy.

You simply load the playlist (or click on the link) to the video player and switch channels from the playlist list. The work takes place through a proxy, which performs the role of a “bridge to a p2p network”.

The main features of the official application Torrent-TV:

• watching TV channels;
• viewing the archive;
• manage your favorite channels;
• tv program;
• guide;
• support of local and server TS-Proxy;
• support webOS TVs;
• personal Area, personal settings, etc.

Download the widget here:

Instructions for installing the official application Torrent-TV on webOS TVs:

1. Unzip the contents of the archive to hDD.
2. Copy the “developer” folder to the root of the USB flash drive.
3. Connect the USB flash drive to the USB connector of the TV.
4. When the message about connecting a new USB device appears, click cancel.
5. You will find the widget by pressing the Smart button on the remote, among the small icons in the ninth position.
6. If the widget does not start, then check your account authorization in TV by going to the menu-general-management account.

Official site:

On Samsung Smart TV E Series 2012

* press the “Smart Hub” button on the remote
* Press the red “A” button on the remote to enter
* create a new account with the name develop and any password convenient for you
in new TV models, the password is automatically inserted
* then log in with this account
* a portrait of a little man should appear in the lower left corner with the inscription develop
* select 'Setting the IP address of the server.'
* Enter IP:
3. Update the list of widgets
* open the “Service” section using the “Tools” button
* open the “Settings” menu
* select the “Development” option (Developer)
* select “Synchronize user applications”

Installation on the Samsung Smart TV F Series 2013

1. Create a new user on TV called develop
* press the “Menu” button on the remote (on the touch panel, press the “Misc” button and use the arrows to select “Menu” on the screen)
* select the menu item 'Smart Features'
* select “Uch. zap Samsung ”, then“ Login ”
* enter “El.p.”: develop
* enter password: sso1029dev!
if the password is not suitable try leaving it empty
* put a tick 'Remember password'
* click 'Login' and exit the menu
2. Change the IP address of the widget update to
* click 'Smart Hub'
* select “Add. app '
* select 'Param'
* select “IP Settings” and enter
3. Update the list of widgets
* click 'Smart Hub'
* select “Add. app '
* select 'Param'
* select 'Start App Sync'
* After this procedure, the Torrent-TV widget should appear in the list of widgets

Installation on Samsung Smart TV H Series 2014

1. Login with the user develop
* open the TV menu
* select 'Smart Hub'
* select 'Samsung Account'
* select 'Log in'
* at the bottom select “Sign in”
* enter develop login and tick for automatic login
no password is required
* click 'Sign in'
2. Change the IP address of the widget update to
* go to 'Smart Hub'
* highlight one of the applications
* select “IP Setting” and enter
all four groups of numbers, confirming each by pressing the central button, the cross of the remote
3. Update the list of widgets
* go to 'Smart Hub'
* highlight one of the applications
* hold the central button of the console cross until the synchronization menu appears
* select 'Start User App Sync'
* After this procedure, the Torrent-TV widget should appear in the list of widgets
For the widget to appear in the Smart Hub, you need to exit it and log in again.

Installation on Samsung Smart TV J Series 2015

1. Prepare a USB flash drive
* format the USB flash drive in FAT32
* create userwidget directory on a flash drive
* download the archive with the widget
* copy the downloaded archive into the userwidget directory without unpacking
2. Install widgets from a USB flash drive to the TV
* go to the TV in 'SmartHub'
* connect the USB flash drive to the TV
* wait until the widgets are installed
* After this procedure, the Torrent-TV widget should appear in the 'My App' section
Watching torrent television on Sony Smart TV

Torrent-TV can now be watched on Sony Smart TV using local or server TS-Proxy. For viewing, you can use any video player that supports playlists. You simply load the playlist (or click on the link) to the video player and switch channels from the playlist list. The work takes place through a proxy, which performs the role of a “bridge to a p2p network”.

View torrent television on Panasonic Smart TV

Torrent-TV can now be watched on Panasonic Smart TV using local or server TS-Proxy. For viewing, you can use any video player that supports playlists. You simply load the playlist (or click on the link) to the video player and switch channels from the playlist list. The work takes place through a proxy, which performs the role of a “bridge to a p2p network”.

View torrent television on tv philips Smart tv

Torrent-TV can be watched on Philips TV with smart function TV using local or server TS-Proxy. To view, you must use either the official widget, or any other widget that supports playlists.

But this is certainly not all! Not all at all!

Now let's talk about so worn players.

ForkPlayer 2.0 - 2.5 widget for LG smart tv

The main functions of the Fork Player widget for LG and webOS smart tv:

1. This is a program for watching movies online on LG smart tv.
2. Play online video from sites: bigmir, (, EX.UA, tree tv, hdkinoteatr, Ekranka, moiserialy net, kinomax, video XXX;
3. Search video with feature quick search
4. The choice of quality (720p, 480p, 360r) when playing vk and youtube links

Installing ForkPlayer:

1. Go to the TV in the settings and select the connection to the network.
2. Select a manual setting.
3. Select your network (access point) and in the DNS line list (launch ForkPlayer directly) or (launch the unofficial ForkStore application store, including ForkPlayer).

4. Start the LG Store, go to “Applications” and install one of the applications: First Automotive, Russia Television and Radio (PREMIUM section) or Accu weather (only for DNS If these applications are not available, make sure that the country of use of the smart in the settings specified Ukraine or Russia.

Watch the video about lg smart tv

Launching the OTTPlayer widget on LG TVs.

All instructions:

• Unpack () to the root of the USB flash drive.
• On the TV we enter under the account in SmartTV LG.
• Insert the USB flash drive into the USB connector of the TV.
• When the message about connecting a new USB device appears, click on the House on the remote and use the buttons to the right to find the widget in the Launcher list.

Samsung touch screen driver mac. When you first start OttPlayer, warns, in the form of a pop-up message, about the need to enter registration data.
After starting the widget go to the settings.

You must fill in your username and password. Registration data coincide with the data you use to enter the site

Here you can also configure additional options. Changing each option is completed by pressing OK on the remote. To save the fields, such as login and password, select the OK button with the arrows on on-screen keyboard and click OK on the remote. If after changing any item, press Back on the remote control, the changes for the selected item will not be saved.

After changing all the necessary settings, press the red button on the remote control to save the changes. If you click Back - all changes will be lost.
After the first authorization, you will be asked to register a new device, or select one of the previously registered devices.

The device will be available in the list of your devices on the site. Once on the site will bind playlist to a new device, you can, without restarting the widget, update the data by pressing the red button on the remote.

Simple Smart IPTV

Simple Smart IPTV is a free application for LG TVs with operating system webOS, designed to view streaming video.

SS IPTV today is a dynamically developing platform, an entertainment center inside your TV. IPTV from hundreds of content operators, terrestrial channels, video from social networks, cloud services and video hosting - all this is available to our users with the capabilities of a single application!

The application only provides access to the content supplied by the IPTV operator (as a rule, by your Internet provider). In case this service is paid, all mutual settlements between each other by the IPTV operator and the user are carried out without our participation.

In case you do not have your own IP-television operator or you could not find it in the list of supported providers, you can use the services of any OTT-operator whose video streams are compatible with the LG Smart TV platform and independently upload its playlist to our application.

All content posted in the Open TV section (only in agreement with the copyright holder) is provided completely free of charge.

Specifically how here:

Let me remind you, the application is installed directly on your TV with Smart TV technology, thus eliminating the need to purchase additional expensive equipment.

It seems like thinking, about everything that I think about smart applications.

Now SS IPTV - the most dynamic among free widgets with the most adequate creators.
Peers tv - at first they were adequate, and now it became impossible to use their product.
Comfortable TV - quiet horror. It cannot be said otherwise. And their widget, and their portal itself.
ott player - initially had a very good idea for organizing a centralized storage of playlists for various devices.
The situation was aggravated by problems with their portal, without which the functioning of the player is impossible in principle.
ForkPlayer - the idea is not bad. Functional level. But on the exterior should work. The impression is spoiled by the binding of part of the functional to their portal, the protection of which causes outright laughter.

So then, the choice is yours!

However, if the TV is completely broken and you can on the computer!

To watch online TV through a web player you need:

1. Windows OS and browser availability Internet Explorer or Mozilla firefox or Google chrome;
2. Install the Ace Stream Media plugin (TorrentStream); Downloading here ..
3. Restart the browser.

You can always download the latest version of Ace Stream Media on the official developer site

During the installation of the plug-in, be sure to set the directory to download the video, since the default is the drive: “C”, and the videos you watch will be automatically downloaded to the directory specified during the installation. The installation directory for the plugin itself is recommended to be left unchanged.

After installing the plugin, you must restart the browser! In rare cases, a computer restart is required! Watching online TV broadcasts will begin only after clicking on the 'Play' button and after 100% buffering!

If during the viewing of the online torrent broadcast you observe a complete stop of the image and the beginning of the buffering process, we recommend increasing the size of the Live buffer.

To do this, on the tray icon Ace Stream click right button mouse, in the menu that appears, select the menu item 'Options ..', enter the desired size of the Live buffer in seconds in the appropriate field. We do not recommend setting the buffer less than 10 seconds and more than 60.

At the time of testing broadcasts on the website of the First Torrent of Television, it is necessary that the Login and Password options be specified in the Ace Stream Media settings. Do not change these values ​​after registering with the portal.

After testing, we will inform you additionally your username and password for the TS plugin! In order to check the current values ​​of the username and password - select the menu item “Options ..” and look at the value of the fields “Username” and “Password”.

The concept of this plug-in, supports the basic ideology of P2P and in the options of the plug-in for this, the parameter for determining the speed of sending / distributing is provided. Sending video is supported both while watching the broadcast, if you have a free Internet channel, and after, if you do not forcibly disable the plugin.

After installing the AceStream distribution, open a browser and go to the broadcast page. To view the video in the browser, follow a few simple steps:

If you use chrome browser:
1. Click on the blocked AceStream plugin icon in the address bar of your browser.
2. Select “Always allow modules for”
3. Click on the “Finish” button.
4. Reload the page

If you are using the Firefox browser:

1. Under the address bar of the browser, click 'Allow'.

2. Select “Allow and remember” next to Ace Stream P2P Multimedia
3. Click on the “OK” button.
4. Reload the page

Good luck friends!

Every owner of a 'smart' TV would like to make it as useful and convenient to use. Significantly expand the functionality of the device allows special graphic modules - widgets for Samsung Smart TV, you can download for free from the official store of the manufacturer.

Widgets are very convenient programs that perform a variety of functions, for example, they provide all sorts of relevant information, make it possible to play games and communicate on social networks, deliver video to order and provide interactive TV services. The user can interact with various services without launching a browser.

So, if applications are installed in the device’s memory, the widgets are located on the personal cloud storage. Thus, the economy of resources of the TV is carried out.

  1. KinoFlux and Dom-Film - these widgets for Samsung Smart TV J series let you watch TV shows, movies and cartoons at any time of the day and in excellent quality. All materials for convenience are divided by genre.
  2. KinoStokTV - there is a huge collection of videos here. In addition, the services of the user will be relevant news and music videos.
  3. ForkPlayer - a player that can be installed on samsung tv Smart TV. At the same time, it is controlled not only in the traditional way, but also with the help of a mouse and a remote-pointer.
  4. GetsTV is an add-on that provides access to multiple TV channels. Thus, if you are looking for widgets for samsung Smart TV IPtv, you can use this.

  1. is a solution for true connoisseurs of quality films. In addition, there is a TV-online - a function that allows you to watch your favorite programs at any time of the day. Every month 200 new films from the world hire are added to the resource.
  2. Radio101 - a widget that offers over 70 Internet radio channels. For work this decision, like any other, you need access to the network via Wi-Fi or LAN.
  3. Twitter - now microblogging service can be used directly from the TV.
  4. AutoshowTV - program for car lovers. There are 4 main categories of video: tuning, crash test, auto show and car review.
  5. Deezer - provides access to your favorite music on the Samsung Smart TV. In addition, there is a system of individual recommendations. The service is available in 182 countries.

There are already standard extensions, but you can install free third-party widgets.

Therefore, it would be useful to understand how to install the widget on Smart TV.

Installing the widget in the standard way

Step-by-step instructions for installing the widget on TVs are as follows:

  • Press the “Smart TV” button on the remote and see our menu (the figure shows the Smart TV menu on the Philips TV, depending on the manufacturer and model, its appearance may differ).
  • Click on the “App Gallery” tab (in the picture above it is circled in red). Again, depending on the model, the name of this item may differ, see the instructions for your device — you need to find an app store or something like that.
    After this, we see approximately the window shown in the picture below.

  • In the field highlighted in red in the picture, you can enter the name of the widget. After entering click on the search button circled in green in the photo above.
  • After searching or selecting one or another widget in the list, click on it and follow the instructions of the installer. Usually the installation is quick. After installation, you need to exit the app store and see the installed widget in the list of bookmarks.

What if the widget is not installed?

There are situations when the application for Smart TV is not installed. The download may stray, the installation may stop, after clicking on a widget, nothing can happen or something else.

Then you can do the following:

  • Check the connection to the Internet - often due to poor connection, the download can not be completed;
  • If there is a router, connect directly to the TV;
  • Check whether the application is licensed - this can be found on the developer’s website or in the description, although if it is already located in the official app store, it should be licensed;
  • Trying to install a widget with - applications for Smart TV can be installed not only from the official app store.

Installing the widget from a flash drive

In most cases, this process is as follows:

  • We take the flash drive and format it into the FAT32 system. The easiest way to do this is with the FAT32FORMAT program, you can download it, this is the official developer site. It looks as shown in the figure.
    There, an orange arrow highlights the field where you need to specify the letter of your drive. After that we press the “Start” button circled in green. We are waiting for the end of the installation.

  • On the flash drive create a folder called 'userwidget'.

  • In this folder, throw the downloaded widgets. Usually they are delivered in archive format, you do not need to unpack them.
  • We insert the USB flash drive into the TV.
  • The TV should detect the flash drive and install the widget located there. The user will see something like this, which is shown in the figure.

  • After installation, go to the Smart TV menu, find the installed widget there and launch it. You can find out that the installation is complete by the caption shown in the image.

Install from IP Address

Tip! For many TVs, this instruction will look slightly different. The above is the easiest way to install, it is suitable, for example, for Samsung j series TVs. For most modern devices, widget addresses will be needed.

This means that the user will have to enter developer mode. This is done for everyone in different ways, you need to look at the instructions.

For example, for the Samsung E series you need to do the following:

  • Press the Smart Hub button (this is the same as Smart TV). On the remote, press the red button. We see what is shown in part A of the figure.
    In the field “Uch. zap Samsung ”enter the login“ develop ”, in the field with the password do not enter anything, it will be entered automatically. Press the 'Login' button (circled in red).

  • As a result, we see that “develop” is written in the lower left corner (highlighted in orange on the part B of the figure).
  • After that, press the “Tools” button on the remote, select the “Settings (Settings)” section, then “Developer”, accept the terms of the agreement and select the “Setting the IP address of the server” option (shown in Part A of the figure in the red frame ).

  • In the appeared window, which is shown in Figure (B), enter the IP address of the developer server, that is, the address of the widget itself. You can find it on the official website of the application or in its description. After entering the installation will begin.
  • Restart the Smart TV and find the installed widget in the list.

In TVs of other series, you also need to look for similar items in the menu. For Samsung F series in the name and password of the developer you will need to enter “develop” and “sso1029dev!” Respectively. In other models, you just need to enter “develop”, and the password is automatically inserted.

Top Widgets

Almost every day, developers are trying to release new widgets for TVs with the Smart TV function, but there are those who occupy the leading positions in the ratings of audience sympathy. Consider each of them in more detail.

As you know, the site has a huge number of films in good quality. The same choice is available for Smart TV users.

The application has a convenient sorting (as many as three options) of films, a huge selection of what can be viewed, as well as simple television channels. In general, this widget allows you to watch movies in excellent quality.

A paid subscription is not provided here, but there are always new films.


GetsTV widget allows you to simply forget that people need television. It gives you the opportunity to watch a variety of television channels for free. There are not only main channels, but also cable channels.

In addition, GetsTV has a huge number of films, including new ones, as well as TV shows. Fans of watching TV shows will be pleased to know that GetsTV has an automatic series switching function.

If the Internet connection is weak, you can watch the channels in low quality - in the TV section you can choose between low and medium quality signal transmission. On this momentgetsTV widget Available in three languages ​​- Russian, Ukrainian and English.

In 2016, the developers of GetsTV released version 0.8. Among other things, it added the aforementioned function of automatic switching of series and the choice between the quality of signal transmission.


Widget SportVideoBox is designed for those who love various sporting events and does not spend a day without football, hockey, tennis, and so on. The meaning of the widget is that it takes videos and news from various sports sites on the Internet and shows them to the user.

In the application window, all content is divided depending on the sport. In addition to the match recordings themselves, there are also analytical TV shows, articles and much more that fans usually like.

There is also an opportunity to watch live broadcasts of various sporting events. For those who can not always find a link where to watch football or another sport, this widget will be a real salvation.

Appearance of the SportVideoBox widget for Smart TV

Smart tv - an important part of any TV in the modern world, and in this article you will be shown and told about how to connect Smart TV on a free basis, as an example of the Samsung brand.

For many years, analysts have been saying that traditional television will end and the Internet will completely replace it. But this so-called extinction will also affect the television “projector” itself - television.

The essence Smart technology TV is simple: with the help of a special module in the TV, it almost turns into a full-fledged tablet with a lot of special functions.
Of course, on TVs, they often watch TV shows or movies straight, with the help of smart television this can be done via the Internet while having the opportunity to launch various interactive games, surfing the sites and so on.

The brand 'Samsung' from South Korea is one of the top manufacturers of TVs with Smart function, setting up and connecting to the worldwide network.

The process can be divided into two main stages: software and hardware connection. Hardware connection - this is the connection of any set-top box, as well as don’t configure or configure the network connection on the TV itself.

The procedure is quite simple, but with many nuances that will be indicated in this article. The software is the installation or removal of any applications for Smart TV, and their configuration, if required.

To activate the “DU” mode, the remote control should have a special button that stands out among others, but has different view on different models TVs.

After you appear in the Smart TV menu, all the widgets that will be shown in several tapes will be visible.
Here you can watch applications that are already “in the settings”, while others can be downloaded and installed, most of them are free, but include paid features, as well as a subscription.

Smart TV has its own counterpart of an app store similar to Google play and the AppStore. In our case, this store is called ' Samsung appps».
On the screen, select the section with the official catalog of widgets, it looks like it is shown on the screen below.
Selecting the desired application from the categories and lists, you can go to the application page, read the details about it and download them to the TV.

Mostly in the store the weight of programs is quite small, so downloading applications will take no more than a minute, or even less.

After installation, the new widget will appear in the 'User' section in Smart TV.
Deleting applications is as follows:
In the navigation bar on the left you need to enter the spec. Section 'Downloaded Applications'

Select the desired application (widget) and delete it with the appropriate 'delete' button.

This can also be done with the “Tools” button on the remote.
In the drop-down menu after clicking 'Tuls' there is an item 'Delete'.

It is very easy to work with official apps with the Samsung technician, as well as with the store. Concerning informal applications - This is a difficult process. Free TV, widgets, games and applications can be found in Smart TV only with the help of additional programs.
The procedure for using widgets and working with TV in general may differ on different Samsung TV models.

The process on the TV series J (2015)
1. Prepare a flash drive, where the files with the program settings will be placed. Flash drive should work in file system 'FAT32'.

2. Next, create the “userwidgets” folder and drop all the necessary widgets into it.

Board: files should be compulsory in ZIP, because the TV will simply not see them on the other.

3. After turning on the flash drive in the TV, the TV recognizes the downloaded programs. When the process starts - you will be given a message.

4. On successful completion, the process will report another message at the top of the screen.

5. These widgets are usually located in a special sub-section “My APP” in the “Applications” section. Deletion installed programs produced in a standard way.
This is all very similar to working with a regular desktop computer.
Smaller new models of Samsung, for example, the previous H series, are not so convenient in the settings and implementation of custom software.

1. First of all you will need to log in to your account. Samsung, and to do this, you need to press the 'Menu' button on your remote and then enter your account information.

5. After that, a special Devolop window will be opened. Here you also configure the IP address of the developer, where you need to specify the specific IP address of the desired server, the server from which the application or widget will be downloaded.

Tip: each application is different from the other. You can find out its values ​​on the site of the application developers themselves.
6. Added widgets will be all in the same section ' My APPS». Smart TV area is rather poorly developed, therefore, a kind of chaos reigns in it.

Large or centralized portals that would be devoted to building or cataloging software simply do not exist for Smart TV. Dvla.
Large services, such as YouTube and in Contact, create their own applications and widgets. Each individual widget differs from the other in its appearance and general functionality, and it is quite difficult to determine the thematic category.
Still, Smart TV can be divided into several categories of thematic plan:
- Searchable video content, such as: IVI or Yota Play;
- Special products for working with IPTV;
- Games;
- Info widgets: news, exchange rates and more;
- Applications for social networks;
- Software for viewing content in 3D.
All this of course can be collected, but from various “corners” of the Internet. Something really worthwhile can be found based on user feedback.

After analyzing the situation on the forums, we can draw the following conclusion: the Smart TV user should have a minimum range of programs, but with universal functions.

I took the first place in the rating and it was created to create a free Smart TV browser. Its principle of operation is quite close to Opera Mini: ForkPlayer also adapts regular sites from the Internet to watch them on TV, while Opera does it for a phone.

TheDark SmartTV Media Center
Universal application that greatly expands the capabilities of Smart TV. TheDark SmartTV Media Center widget has a lot of features that can play webstream video, show photos in different modes, including slide shows and more.

Similar to the first two XSMART applications, no less functional. The application differs from other programs in that it has support for other content platforms, for example, the Ukrainian half-closed FO EX.UA.

All of these widgets individually give the user access to free TV channels, games and other joys of the digital world today.
With all the abundance of functions, you will not even have to pay for watching TV channels and using functions. Mobile gadgets in our time is already an integral part of man and the information space. Therefore, it should be mentioned that streaming TV can work on Android OS devices.

The best application for this task. The advantages of this application is also the possibility of using Peers.TV on iOS

Also, this application is able to provide the user with Internet TV viewing via IPTV playlists, which is very attractive to many.