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Batch '86 Forum: Hello there! All the students of BUET graduated in 1986. I am trying to start a Batch 1986 club. Please help me by sending your where abouts to. Bangladesh Urban Forum (BUF). Department of URP, BUET. Md Musleh Uddin. Department of.

BUET 88 Club was established few years back. Activate motorola pager. Since its inception within a very short time it has already engaged to assemble members who are now working at vaious important organizations in both public and private sector. Although right now BUET 88 club is performing as a social club where members get together in a regular interval in a very close, informal and interactive way. However BUET 88 club sees itself not only as social organization but as a club which would work in a much more broader field and make its contribution visible at national level in near future. In order to make this club a really meaningfull and significant organization we have to decide upon cetain short term and long term mission which we wish to realize in futute.