Fritz Trainer Opening: The French Defence

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Chessbase Fritz Trainer Megapack

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Fritz Trainers are the cutting-edge in chess training software. On DVD, these chess software programs contain both video clips and chess training instruction designed by the world's top players. Get the latest on the French Defense or learn from GM Vlastimil Hort what it's like to face a World Chess Champion over the board. Try an opening repertoire from GM Bangiev or discover the Closed Sicilian chess opening with Nigel Davies. Each title details the latest chess theory or winning techniques - you'll want to try these chess software training programs!
*Chessbase 12 is included with pack, a chess database program which also allows for viewing of the chess tutorials.
*Had to be compressed due to large amount of folders and files. Apologies.
All facets of chess are covered by these trainers: openings, middlegame, endgame, tactics, and strategy. The instructors are all either International Master or Grandmaster level.
Aagaard - Attacking Chess
Aagaard - Basic Positional Ideas
Aagaard - Queen's Indian Defence - The easy way (SDVL16bit)
Aagaard - The Nimzoindian Defence - The easy way
Anand - My Career 1-SDVL
Anand - My Career 2-SDVL
Ashley - The Secret to Chess (SDVL16bit audio)
Ashley - What GMs Don't See Vol.1 - Protected Squares
Ashley - What GMs Don't See Vol.2 - Discovered Attack (SDVL)
Ashley - What GMs Don't see Vol.3-Summaty and test-SDVL
Becker, Mueller - Ask the Pieces-SDVL16
Bojkov - Attacking with the Pirc SDVL
Bojkov - Chess Highways-SDVL
Bojkov - Meet the English Opening in 60 Minutes - SDVL
Bojkov - Meeting the Alekhine-The Classical Way in 60min-SDVL32
Bojkov - Meeting the Pirc Defence - The classical way, - SDVL
Bojkov - Modern King's Indian with ..Na6
Bojkov - No Need to Fear the Qd6 Scandinavian SDVL16
Bojkov - The English Defence SDVL
Bojkov - Try the Sicilian Kalashnikov - SDVL
Bojkov - Unorthodox against the French Winawer in 60 min-SDVL
Bologan - Beating the Sicilian A Grandmaster's repertoire Vol.1 (SDVL)
Bologan - Beating the Sicilian Vol 2 (SDVL16bit)
Bologan - Beating the Sicilian Vol.3 (SDVL16kbps)
Bologan - English 1.c4 c5 for Black-SDVL
Bologan - English 1.c4 e5 for Black-SDVL
Bologan - Fighting Philidor
Bologan - Fit for the French (SDVL16bit)
Bologan - How to tame the Alekhine, Scandinavian and Pirc SDVL
Bologan - Never too late for the Nimzo-Indian-SDVL
Bologan - The Caro-Kann Bologan - The Catalan A complete repertoire for White!
Bologan - The Chebanenko-Still improved-SDVL
Bologan - The Fighting Philidor Bologan - The King's Indian (SDVL 16 bit)
Bologan - The Sicilian Rossolimo for White (SDVL16bit)
Bologan - Winning with the Ruy Lopez Vol 2-Stein., Anti-Marshall, Open & Co-SDVL
Bologan - Winning with the Ruy Lopez Vol 3-Main Variations-SDVL
Bologan - Winning with the Ruy Lopez Vo - Berlin Wall and others-SDVL
Chessbase Tutorials Openings 01-The Open Games-SDVL
ChessBase Tutorials Vol. 2 - Semi Open Games [English]
ChessBase Tutorials Vol. 3 - Queen's Gambit and Queen's Pawn Game
ChessBase Tutorials Vol. 4 - Indian Defences- SDVL
ChessBase Tutorials Vol. 5 - Flank Openings
Chevannes - Chess for Novices
Chevannes - Chess for Novices Vol. 2 -SDVL
Collins - 1.e4 Repertoire
Collins - Know The Terrain Vol. 1 - Carlsbad
Collins - Know The Terrain Vol. 2 - The Capablanca Structure (SDVL)16bit
Collins - Know the Terrain Vol. 3 Central Majority (SDVL)
Collins - Know the Terrain Vol. 4 SDVL
Collins - Know the Terrain Vol. 5
Collins - Learn from the open games-SDVL
Collins - The Korchnoi Gambit against the French (SDVL16bit)
Collins - The Queens Gambit Accepted - A Repertoire For Black
Danielsen - A Clear Program to Fight the Panov Attack (60min - SDVL)
Danielsen - An effective way of meeting the 6 Ne5 Slav SDVL
Danielsen - No need to fear the Slav Exchange Variation in 60 minutes-SDVL
Danielsen - Pressing straight away-The London System in 60 min-SDVL
Danielsen - The Benko Gambit with g3 SDVL
Danielsen - The Slav Against the Reti in 60min-SDVL16
Davies - 1. e4 for the creative attacker (SDVL16bit)
Davies - 1..e6 A Solid Repertoire against 1.d4 and 1.e4 (SDVL16bit)
Davies - A Bury Person's Repertoire (2009)-SDVL
Davies - Attack with the Modern Italian (SDVL16bit)
Davies - Bamboozle Your Opponents with 1.g3!
Davies - Build a 1.d4 Repertoire
Davies - Chess for Scoundrels (SDVL16bit)
Davies - Classical Steinitz French With 5.Nf3 60min
Davies - Closed Sicilian (SDVL)
Davies - Colle (SDVL Davies - d6 Universal (SDVL16bit)
Davies - French Defence Strategy
Davies - How to Beat Younger Players (SDVL16bit)
Davies - King's Indian Attack (SDVL16bit)
Davies - Pirc Defence
Davies - Play the exchange variation against the Caro-Kann in 60 min-SDVL
Davies - QGD Exchange Variation Davies - Scotch Davies - The Accelerated Dragon (SDVL16bit)
Davies - The English Opening (SDVL16bit)
Davies - The f4 sicilian
Davies - The London System (SDVL)
Davies - The Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack - SDVL
Davies - The Tarrasch Defence (SDVL)
Davies - The Torre Attack (SDVL 16 bit)
Davies - The Vienna with 314 (SDVL 39.6 MB)
Davies - Tricks & Traps Vol.1 (SDVL)
Davies - Tricks & Traps Vol.2 - 1.d4
Davies - Tricks & Traps Vol.3 - In the Flank Openings (SDVL 16 bit)
Ftacnik - 1.Nf3-A variable Repertoire for White-SDVL
Ftacnik - 1000x Checkmate-English SDVL
Ftacnik - An ambitious setup against the Benoni in 60min-SDVL
Ftacnik - Classical 1.d4 Repetoire
Ftacnik - The English Hedgehog-SDVL
Ftacnik - The Gruenfeld Defense
Ftacnik - The Grunfeld Main Line in 60min-SDVL
Ftacnik - The Scheveningen Sicilian
Grivas - Chess Epertise Step by Step Vol.]. Grivas - Chess Expertise Step By Step Vol.2 - Mastering Strategy
Grivas - Chess Expertise Step by Step Vol.3 - Rook Handling
Grivas - Chess Expertise Step by Step Vol.4 Endgame Magic - SDVL
Gustafsson - Repertoire for Black against 1.e4 - The Marshall Attack
Gustafsson - Repertoire for Black against 1.e4 Vol.2 (Open games)
Hort - Facing the World Champions-SDVL
Kasimdzhanov - A World Champion's guide to the King's Indian - (SDVL16bit) Kasimdzhanov - A World Champion's Guide to the King's Indian (2nd Edition)
Kasimdzhanov - A World champion's guide to the Petroff
Kasimdzhanov - Albin's Countergambit (SDVL16bit)
Kasimdzhanov - Anti-Moscow gambit for mperts-SDVL
Kasimdzhanov - Attacking the King for Experts (SDVL16bit)
Kasimdzhanov - Beat The Slav The Classical Way in 60min
Kasimdzhanov - Beating The French (Vol. 1)(SDVL16bit)
Kasimdzhanov - Beating The French (Vol. 2)(SDVL16bit)
Kasimdzhanov - Beating The French (Vol. 3) (SDVL 16bit)
Kasimdzhanov - Endgam. for Experts (SDVL 16bit)
Kasimdzhanov - Meet the Nimzo-Indian with 4.Qc2
Kasimdzhanov - Strategy Step by Step
Kasimdzhanov - The Path to Tactical Strength (SDVL 16bit)
Kasimdzhanov - The Power of Tactics
Kasparov - How to Play the Queen's Gambit - SDVL
Kasparov - QGD16bit
King - Chessbase Tutorials - Starting Chess-SDVL
King - Power Play 1 - Matting Patterns
King - Power Play 2 - Attacking the
King King - Power Play 3 - Pawn Storm (SDVL 16bit)
King - Power Play 4 - Start Right (SDVL 16bit)
King - Power Play 5 - Pawns
King - Power Play 6 - Pawns, Pieces & Plans (SDVL 16bit)
King - Power Play 7 - Improve your Pieces
King - Power Play 8 - Knights and Bishops (SDVL 16bit)
King - Power Play 9
King - Power Play 10 - Calculation
King - Power Play 11 - Defence
King - Power Play 12 - The Hedgehog 16bit-SDVL 56MB
King - Power Play 13 - Squeeze
King - Power Play 14 - Test your tactics-SDVL
King - Power play 15 - Practical Pawn Endings
King - Power Play 16
King - Power Play 17 - Attack with 1.
King - Power Play 18 - The Sicilian Najdorf - A Repertoire for Black
King - Power Play 19 - Attack with 1. Part 2
Kortchnoi - My Life for Chess Vol 1-2
Kramnik - My Path to the Top
Kritz - Being Safe With the Berlin Defence in 60 Minutes
Kritz - Countering with the Chebanenko Slav (SDVL)
Kritz - Play it safe, play the Petroff-SDVL
Kritz - Safe and active with the Dutch Stonewall-SDVL
Lilov - Attacking a king which has castled short-SDVL
Lilov - Flank Attac. SDVL
Lilov - Gambit Opening Repertoire-SDVL
Lilov - Opening Repertoire for the Positional Player-SDVL
Lilov - Queen's Gambit Accepted-SDVL
Lilov - Secret Weapon Four Knights Game SDVL16
Lilov - Tactics-from Basics to Brilliance Vol.1
Lilov - Tactics-from Basics to Brilliance Vol.2
Lilov - Tactics-From Basics to Brilliance Vol.3
Lilov - Tactics-From Basics to Brilliance Vol.4
Lilov - The Botvinnik System in the English opening-60 min-SDVL
Lilov - The Dutch Stonewall-SDVL
Lilov - The Sicilian Kan Variation-SDVL
Lilov - Unorthodox Chess Openings (SDVL)
Lorin DCosta-Chess Prodigies Uncovered-Sergey Karjakin-BP-MP4
Martin - A Waiting Game in the Queen's Indian 7..Na6 in 60min-SDV..
Martin - ABC of Alekhine 2nd Edition (SDVL)
Martin - Enter 1.f4, Bird's Opening!
Martin - First step in techniques-SDVL
Martin - First steps In Attack (SDVL)
Martin - First steps in Gambits and Sacrifices-SDVL
Martin - First Steps In Opening Play-SDVL
Martin - First Steps in Strategy-SDVL
Martin - First steps in the Positional Play-SDVL
Martin - First Steps to Defence - RESTORE
Martin - O'Kelly Sicilain
Martin - Open Ruy Lopez
Martin - Play 6.Bg5 in the Saemisch variation in 60 min-SDVL
Martin - Ruy Lopez
Martin - Systems against Queen's Pawn Openings (SDVL)
Martin - The ABC of the Vienna (SDVL)
Martin - The ABC of Chess Openings 2nd edition
Martin - The ABC of the Anti-Dutch (SDVL16bit)
Martin - The ABC of the Benko
Martin - The ABC of the Benko Gambit 2nd Edition
Martin - The ABC of the Bogo Indian-SDVL16
Martin - The ABC of the Budapest Gambit-SDVL
Martin - The ABC of the Caro Kann-SDVL
Martin - The ABC Of The Classical Dutch-SDVL
Martin - The ABC of the Czech Benoni
Martin - The ABC of the Evan's Gambit (SDVL16bit)
Martin - The ABC of The King's Indian 2nd edition
Martin - The ABC of the Leningrad Dutch (SDVL16bit)
Martin - The ABC of the Modern Benoni
Martin - The ABC of the Modern Slav 2nd Edition-SDVL
Martin - The ABC of the Ruy Lopez 2E SDVL 72MB
Martin - The ABC of the Sicilian Dragon (SDVL16bit)
Martin - The Basics of Winning Chms (SDVL)
Martin - The Queens Gambit Declined
Martin - The Scandinavian-The easy way-2nd-SDVL
Martin - The Trompowsky - The easy way - 2nd Edition(SDVL)
Meyer, Mueller - The Magic of Chess Tactics
Mikhalchishin - 1. e4 e5 active repertoire for Black-SDVL
Mikhalchishin - Bishop Against Knight-60 Min-SDVL
Mikhalchishin - Decision Making in Chess (SDVL16bit)
Mikhalchishin - Fighting the Grunfeld with g3 -SDVL
Mikhalchishin - Play the King's Indian Defence with g3 in 60 minutes - SDVL
Mikhalchishin - Power of Exchange (16bit audio)
Mikhalchishin - Power of Planning (SDVL16bit) Mikhalchishin - Strategy 5-Winning Methods of Great Players-SDVL
Mikhalchishin - Strategy University vol.l
Mikhalchishin - Strategy University vol.2
Mikhalchishin - Strategy University Vol.3 - Pawn Sacrifice ESDVI,
Mikhalchishin - Strategy University vol.4 -The Technique Of Realising The Win-SDVL
Mikhalchishin - The Arkhangels
Mikhalchishin - The King in the center in 60min (SDVL16bit audio)
Mikhalchishin - The secret weapons of the champions (SDVL16bit)
Mikhalchishin - Winning Structurm (SDVL16bit)
Mueller - Chess Endgames 1 FIXED (SDVL16bit)
Mueller - Chess Endgames 2 - Rook Endgames SDVL16bit)
Mueller - Chess Endgames 3 — major piece endgames (SDVL16bit)
Mueller - Chess Endgames 4 — Strategical Endgames (SDVL16bit)
Mueller - Chess Endgames 5
Mueller - Chess Endgames 6 - Endgame Principles Domination & Prophylaxis
Mueller - Chess Endgames 7 - Endgame Principles Weaknesses & Fortresses
Mueller - Chess Endgames 8
Mueller - Chess Endgames 9 - Rook And Minor Piece
Mueller - Chess Endgames 10 - Rook And Two Minor Pieces - SDVL
Mueller - Chess Endgames 11-English SDVL
Mueller - Chess Endgames 12 - Rook vs Knight-SDVL
Mueller - Chess Endgames 13
Ramirez - Attacking with the Benko Gambit -SDVL
Ramirez - Attacking with the Benko Pa. SDVL
Ramirez - The Reti-A Flexible Attacking Opening-SDVL32
Ris - Attacking the Semi-Slav with g3 in 60 min-SDVL
Ris - Fighting for the initiative with the Fajarowicz Gambit-SDVL
Seirawan - My Best Games (SDVL)
Shirov - And Action! How to crown positional play by tactics-SDVL
Shirov - Beating the Berlin Defense - SDVL
Shirov - Endgame Fireworks Shirov - French Winawer
Shirov - Guide to the Tkachiev Ruy Lopez
Shirov - My Best Games in the Caro Kann Defence (SDVL 16bit)
Shirov - My best games in the Gruenfeld
Shirov - My Best Games in the Kings Indian
Shirov - My Be. Games in the Nimzo Indian
Shirov - My best games in the Petroff Defence (SDVL16bit)
Shirov - My Best Games In The Sicilian
Shirov - My best games in the Sicilian Najdorf
Shirov - My Be. Games in the Slav & Semi-Slav (SDVL16bit)
Shirov - My best games in the Spanish Vol. 3 (SDVL16bit)
Shirov - My best games in the Sveshnikov (SDVL16bit)
Shirov - My Best Games with Black (SDVL16bit)
Shirov - Sicilian Najdorf 6.Bg5
Shirov - Sicilian with Bb5
Shirov - Spanish Vol.1-SDVL
Shirov - Spanish Vol.2-SDVL
Shirov - The Advance Caro-Kann - 2nd edition (SDVL)
Shirov - The Philidor Defence (SDVL16bit)
Shirov - The Slav and Semi-Slav Revisited
Short - Greatest Hits Volumel (SDVL16bit)
Short - Greate. Hits Volume 2 (SDVL16bit)
Tiviakov - Alapin SDVL
Tiviakov - Attacking with the Italian Game and the Ruy Lopez-SDVL
Tiviakov - How to combat rare lines as Black-BP-MP4
Tiviakov - Maroczy system
Tiviakov - No Fear Of 1.d4! Vol.01 - Catalan And Queens Indian
Tiviakov - No Fear Of 1.d4! Vol.02 - Nimzo-Indian - SDVL
Tiviakov - Scandinavian With 3..Qd6
Trent - Winning with the Fantasy Variation in 60 minutes
Trent - Smith-Morra Gambit (SDVL)
Trent - Two Knights Defence (SDVL)
van Wely - An Anti Sicilian Repertoire in 60 min-SDVL
van Wely - Fighting Against The Kings Indian - 60min
van Wely - Play the Sicilian Najdorf in 60 min. (SDVL)
van Wely - The Botvinnik and Moscow variation (SDVL 16bit)
Van Wely - The Sicilian Sveshnikov
Wells - Strategy and Tactics 16bit-SVDL 27MB
Ziegler - Modern Benoni - SDVL
Ziegler - The Art of the Exchange Sacrifice-SDVL
Ziegler - The French Defence
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