Gcos 1.5 Gamecube

. Goal of this thread is to help with the following: - How to use your SD Media Launcher - A place to get everything you need in one thread (Downloads) - How to take your Gamecube apart. Show you how to do the Laser 'POT' Tweak and How much to Tweak it, is based on your model of your Gamecube.

So lets get started!: How to use your SD Media Launcher Step 1: Ordering your SD Media Launcher Well first you have to order your SD Media Launcher from Datel You have two choices Does not matter which one you get. Order it and it should take a 10 days or less to get to you. Step 1 1.5: Getting your DVD-R While you wait go get some Mini- (THEY MUST BE DVD-R) Top Mini-DVD-R are: Ritek Ridata Mini DVD-R 4x (Really popular) DVD-R (Worked really well for me) DVD-R CMC (Heard good thing about it) A good price for Mini-DVD-R should be around 50 Cents - 60 Cents a Disk. A good place to buy your Disk from: Replacement Top is another way to go if you don't want to trouble yourself with the Mini-DVD-R. Just get DVD-R and it should work the same way.

I know this is old. But I never own a GC until now and I found out about this a bit ago. During that search, I found all of the videos were of horrible quali.

Step 3: Your Package Arrives When it arrives it should look like this: Checklist: A SD Media Launcher SD Card Reader 1gb or 2gb SD Card The User Manual SD Media Launcher Disk (Its inside the user manual) Step 4: Downloading the GCOS GCOS = GameCube Download the most recent version of GcoS (Currently 1.X beta). You can get 1.X beta from. Or get the 1.5 GcoS from here. Extract it to a folder.

I had more luck the with 1.5 so I am using the 1.5 on my Media Launcher. Step 5: Putting your GCOS on your SD Card Plug in the USB 2.0 Card Reader and the SD card. When your computer reads the SD Card, Drag and drop the GCOS to your SD card. File Name: If you are going to use version 1.5, then the file name will be: GCoS 1.5 (PSO).dol If you are going to use version 1.X Beta, then the file name will be: gcos1.x.dol Step 5: In to the Media Launcher. Unplug it and take the SD card and put it in to the Media Launcher. Step 6: Putting your Gamecube game Back-up on a disk. Before burning make sure your Back-up Rip should exactly read 1,459,978,240 bytes.

(1.35GB) It does not matter if its a 50MB game. If it is not that size, that game will not work, but you can use a program called: Wiped GCM Fixer 1.5 (This program will help make it to that size.) If the back-up is a.gmc file just rename it to.iso.

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Download here: Finding a back up of your game is one step you have to do on your own. But when you find that back-up you should use a program called. Its free and very easy to use, + It works! Download Here: Imgburn: 2x Speed Burning If you are a user: Extract your iso and burn it with Nero.

If you get a.gcm file, rename it to.iso and burn away with Nero. I had some problems with Nero but when I reburned it with Imgburn it worked. Nero: 2x Speed Burning Step 7: In to the Gamecube Now Plug in the Media Launcher in to memory card slot 1 or slot 2. Then put the Media Launcher Disk in to the Gamecube. Step 8: Turning it on Turn on the gamecube. You will see the SD Media Launcher screen pretty quick.

Now you should be at the main screen. Select the GcoS 1.5(PSO).dol file and press start or if you are using Version GCOS 1.X Beta: click on gcos1.x.dol. And let it load.

Step 9: GCOS Now you should be at the GcoS main menu. Select the Boot Game option, from here on in it's pretty simple. It will tell you to swap your game so open up the lid and put in your backup.

After this, it will detect the game, and give you 3 loading options.If your backup is the same region ( or ) as your gamecube, just choose the Autodetect Region function (Press A) - If your backup is differently region coded than your gamecube (IE PAL game NTSC Gamecube) loading for the region of your gamecube (X or Y depending on your region, IE if you have a PAL gamecube force load as PAL). Step 10: Have Fun! Step 10.5 (NOT ALWAYS NECESSARY): Did you follow this tutorial to ever step, yet you have one of the following problems:. Game Wont Boot. Game TOC Loads, but fails to boot (You get the Cube setup screen). Onscreen Error 'Can't read disc, etc' (Most Common). Onscreen Error 'Refer to instruction manual, etc'.

Random Game Freezes. Choppy Movie Playback.

Screen of Death? It could be due to many things, DVD-R Quality, Burner Type/Speed, Laser POT Adjustment etc.

Check out the following link to solve that problem. EXTRA INFORMATION: - The Mini DVD-R I used was Fujifilm DVD-R - The burner I used was DVR-108 Firmware 1.20 MOD (100% Success Rate) - Other Burner TSSTCorp TS-H652L (0% Success Rate) - Other Burner Plextor PX-708A (33% Success Rate) Next Part to this Tutorial Laser POT Adjustment This helped me play all my games. It makes the laser stronger so it reads your back-up copies much better. I will only link to places so you are able to get the information better. First you need to know how to take your Gamecube apart, by going here: When on the site look on the left and find Guides and Tutorials and click on 'Taking apart the cube' When you learn how to take apart your gamecube, click on this link for step by step information on adjusting your POT. This next link will tell you how much other users adjust their POT: NOTE: Lower the number stronger the Laser NOTE: The average for most system is 200 ohms NOTE: The lower the Ohms, The lower the life of your laser Download Links: GCOS 1.X: GCOS 1.5: ImgBurn: Wiped GCM Fixer 1.5: GameCube Game Ripper: NEW: GCMUtility(Makes Multi Game Disk): BTW: This isn't my Tutorial, Neither is the pictures, I got this from a site.

So give thnxx to Afterdawn! Oh yeah and you know da hand in da pic. It ain't mine.eughhhh.

I have some trouble with my television and my pal gamecube Television = 34' CRT HD with component/composite/svideo only ntsc Gamecube = Pal dol-001 connected with the composite lead. Since i wanted to play my pal games on my ntsc tv i ordered a Xeno GC modchip which should allow me to force ntsc output.

Force NTSC display mode - Press X button during disc load. Force PAL display mode - Press Y button during disc load.

But after installing i can't get my games to output NTSC, pressing X at boot does nothing, pressing Y results in a black screen. Burned a NTSC version of ZTLP, pal output = X makes the game crash Y does nothing. The game boots so the modchip works. Then i tried burning a GCOS disc to force my games.


Burned a multidisc V3 copy, start it, swap a pal disc in, force Pal = Black screen Burned a multidisc V4 copy, start it, swap a pal disc in, force Pal = Black screen but booting this version with the Y button pressed does change the 'bios version' display from pal to NTSC. So it seems xy are swapped on a pal gamecube. So i still can't play pal games on my NTSC tv. Isn't this possible on my pal gamecube and will i need a NTSC cube? (expensive since i live in europe) (Or a component cable).

If you force PAL output on a TV that's NTSC-only you should still get a flickery black and white image. Something's wrong in software. With that said, why are you trying to force an NTSC TV to display a PAL signal? You want a standard 60Hz NTSC signal. All you should need to do is hold down X as the console boots. This is the problem, can't get this to work No, they aren't. Y is always on the top regardless of region.

Not the buttons offcourse but the modchip functions bound Good luck with that - they're ridiculously expensive. Sounds like something might have gone wrong whilst installing the modchip. Does anything happen if you don't press any buttons?

The modchip works like it should, booting the ntsc backup and gcos disks. Other functions work aswell Also, if I remember correctly the modchip doesn't let you force it into NTSC, more that it lets you force it into 60Hz 480p, still in PAL (which only would work on component anyway, not composite). Okay, this might explain the modchip problem but can't GCOS force NTSC output? Essentially, the easiest way of getting colour is, sadly, to buy the component lead. I can't think of another way of running a PAL GameCube on your TV. I don't think it can.

Much like with the Nintendo 64, the graphics chip used in the console only supports PAL, as far as I know. Games that run in 60Hz will run in 480i on component. In the case of games that only run in 50Hz PAL, usually they will run in 576i, so it'll be a case of whether your TV will accept that, and whether your modchip will force it to run in 60Hz. My concern regarding component cables is they can be expensive - more than an NTSC console in some cases, but then I suppose that if you can't fix the problem you can get an NTSC GameCube that is supported and still have component cables!

Click to expand. Okay, my tv does not support 576i so i'll have to get a cheap ntsc console, hope shipping won't be too bad:crying. I was under the impression that it was possible with a gamecube, same hardware different settings which required a modchip or softmod too change, like the xbox i have here which outputs ntsc after modding. Or maybe RGB = Component? Seems like the arcade solutions are affordable (little bit cheaper then component cables) but will they work with the rgb out of my Pal gamecube?Or worst case scenario = A wii using component video. Sorry if this is a stupid question or something that has already been explained, but I have a problem that is somewhat similar to this. I want to play Doshin the Giant (PAL version) on my NTSC gamecube.

My TV is a viewsonic television/monitor and also NTSC. I've tried many different ways of booting the game with different GCOS versions but the game is always in black and white. I found out that the game does not support the 60hz option like other PAL games when you hold down 'b' and it will ask you if you want to run it in 50hz or 60hz. So my question is: Is it possible to somehow play this game in color with the equipment I have now (NTSC Gamecube, NTSC TV, and PAL Doshin the Giant)? Or do I need to have other things and what are those things?

Thanks, Matt. Click to expand.That's the issue. It was never released in the US, only in Europe and Japan. But I can't find a copy of the Japanese game at all.

Of course if I did get the Japanese version it would be in color, but in Japanese, so I wouldn't be able to read it. So I guess I'll try to find the PAL NTSC converter box.

The PAL version is supposed to run fine on an NTSC Wii using NeoGamma backup launcher an setting it to force video as NTSC, but is that because the wii has the component cables? Thanks for the help. Click to expand.I'm not sure if my TV supports RGB SCART and I'm not at my house right now to check. But I'll check when I get home. I also don't have a gamecube that supports the component cable.

So it's looking like I won't be enjoying a color version of Doshin the Giant in english unless my TV supports the RGB SCART. Or if I try the converter box that was mentioned earlier. Thank you very much for the help guys. I'm new to this kind of stuff.

I've always just played games US games that work on my systems and never had an interest in anything else, so I'm still learning about some of these things.