Gorillaz Discography 320

Colgate vs pepsodent ppt download site. Virtual band founded in 1998 by from, and comic-book artist designing and drawing the band. It can be found in The Guiness Book of World Records under Most Successful Virtual Band. When the band were first created in 1998, the original concept was a group named 'Gorilla', with a slightly different lineup. The lineup of characters is: - Lead singer, keyboards, additional instruments. Gained his nickname from injuries he sustained in a car accident (vocals performed by ). Bassist, additional instruments.

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Sold his soul and middle name to the devil for the band's success. A Japanese expat, she was shipped to the band in a crate at 8. An American expatriate, possessed by the ghosts of his late friends. Ace - Bassist. Former Gangreen Gang member (from the cartoon The Powerpuff Girls), joined in 2018 to fill in for Murdoc while he's serving time in jail after being framed for smuggling.

Former members: Del The Ghost Rapper - Rapper. One of the above friends, he was sent to the afterlife by the Grim Reaper following their first album (vocals performed by ).

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Paula Cracker - Guitarist. 2D's girlfriend of two months, she was kicked out of the band for having an affair with Murdoc. She was a part of the band when they were known as 'Gorilla'. Cyborg Noodle - Guitarist.

Robotic replica of the real Noodle who replaces her on Plastic Beach. There was also an actual gorilla who played bongos, also during the band's time as 'Gorilla'.