Gta Chinatown Wars For Pc Windows 7

The game has got the same name tag of the world famous GTA series of games but is quite different from the original ones generally made for playing on PC, Xbox or PlayStation. This is a game made for the portable game platforms, especially for Nintendo DS, iOS and PlayStation Portable.

Gta chinatown wars free download

Feb 9, 2010 - The official website for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

The game is developed by Rockstar Leeds with the contributions from the Rockstar North. It is one of the 13 games in the GTA series and one of its first kinds for the Nintendo and iOS. The Nintendo version of the game takes it advantages from the touch screen.

It helps in the controlling of the PDA, GPS, and the radio and also for the use of Molotov cocktail and also grenades. But the PSP version has the updated graphics, and thus donning a classic looks like those of the previous games for the other platforms in the GTA series of games.

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The PSP version has some extra missions for the player to have in the game, and also a few extra radio stations added to it, which aren’t available for the Nintendo version. For the iOS version of the game for the iPhone, there is a touch screen function as well as customized radio stations, which access the iPod library to play the soundtracks in the game.

There are mini games also in the version, which does well compatible with the touch screen. The iPhone version has the limitations of the lack of NPC sounds in the game, making it considerably silent, and thus being criticized.

The game has been a topic of controversy from the day of its release. The controversy is because of the mini games involving drug dealing as well as the involvement of heroin and ecstasy. For the protesters around the world against the game, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars sends out wrong message to the players of the game.

There is an iPad version of the game released later on September 2010. The version received acclamations from all around. This version has got 1024 X 728 HD graphics. The popular game critic website IGI gave it a 9.0/10 rating.

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Complete Gaming Experience from Grand Theft Auto for Windows PC

The iOs version previously allowed the user to add music from their music library to customize the radio in the game. But a subsequent update for the game included all the music from the PSP version in the game. The game could be downloaded from the link below

Free Download Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars Game for Windows XP Vista 7

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