Hack Dofus Avec Wpe Pro Download

Fm radio download for pc. I’ve found a way to add CJ Snow stamps without getting banned.

Jan 9, 2018 - Hack Dofus Avec Wpe Pro 2016 Rating: 5,7/10 462reviews. Dofus Avec Wpe Pro Download Maintenant ouvrez la calculatrice windows et.

1.Go to Club Penguin
2.Open WPE PRO and target your browser:
-Google Chrome: chrome.exe (the first process)
-Opera: opera.exe (the last one)
-Mozilla Firefox: plugin.container.exe
3.Start logging packets, move your penguin somewhere and stop logging.
4.Right click a packet that popped up and select “Set Send List with this socket id”
5.Go to Card-Jitsu Snow start screen
6.Open CJ Snow.spt in WPE PRO and select stamps you want to add
7.Click play button and set the number of stamps you’ll add. Set timer to 100 ms. Don’t send packets yet
8.Disable Internet connection and send packets
9.Enable Internet connection
10.Reload Club Penguin. The stamps should be added to your account

CJ Snow.spt

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