Hannstar J Mv-4 94v-0 Bios Reset

Download: Hannstar j mv-4 94v-0 bios reset I bought a HP62-450sa Product Number XF483EA ABU from ebay, with a faulty motherboard NEVER AGAIN!

The Hannstart J MV-4 is a motherboard that works with the Windows operating system. One way to reset the password on the BIOS is to take its power source away. The power source on the BIOS is a small battery on the motherboard. Once the battery is taken out, the BIOS will return to its default settings without a password.



    Unplug your computer’s power cable and let it sit for a couple of seconds. Press the power button to dispel any remaining electrical charge inside the computer.


    Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding your computer’s tower door onto the tower casing. Take the door off and locate the motherboard. The motherboard is the large circuit board in the computer.


    Locate the battery inside the motherboard. This battery will look like a watch battery. It should be by the PCI slots on your Hannstart J MV-4.

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    Press the retaining clips on the side of the battery to remove it from the motherboard. Wait a few seconds, then put it back into its slot.


    Replace the tower door and the screws holding it on. Replace the computer power cable and turn the computer on. Follow the instructions on the screen to enter the BIOS without a password.

Need bios update for Hannstar J MV-4 94V-0 015 I have a custom laptop built by 'I Buy Power' I have been searching for a way to update the BIOS. Windows and the BIOS is reporting the cpu speed as 800Mhz (never any higher)it is an AMD athlon 64 3400+ capable of 2.2Ghz. The mother board is a 'Hannstar J MV-4 94V-0 0443' (all I could find written on it) it has an AMI BIOS ver 08.00.11 and an SiS chip set. The numbers at startup are '63-0100-01111-090604-sis755-258ka000-y2kc' Please if you can help me find a BIOS update or another fix to get the cpu to run correctly I would be VERY grateful. The screen just goes blank.

The blue lights on the keyboard indicate the computer remains plugged into outlet, the on light is lit, but the?processing? Light is on.but nothing is happening. It is as if the computer is off. The fan will shut off, and no amount of button pushing changes things. The only way to get anything going again is to shut the computer off manually and then turn it back on. Things act normal from there on for quite a while. This problem has been reported by other users of the same system, with the following workaround: 015 012.

Now i can see what's happening. It's working at 3% CPU and i am reading 40C at sensor 0 and 66C at sensor 2.! Its sweating for nothing! Fooling around whith the fanspeeds dousn't seem wise at this stage. So i went looking at lowering the FSB speed.

I don't know what mainboard or PLL manufacturer and type to put in the windows. So i can let CPUcool do it's own work. It gives me ICS/ 9148-04 for PLL. The given FSB calculations,however, do not work! CPU cool states that 8 bytes were First of all, we need to check whether the Cooling Fans of the Notebook are working perfectly or not.

015 012 015 012To check this, check if you are able to feel any hot air coming from the cooling fan vent at the rear of the Notebook.