Hot Girl From Canada S Worst Driver

Directed by Joey Case, Wayne Moss, Guy O'Sullivan. With Andrew Younghusband, Robert Cardenas, Tim Danter, Margherita Donato. This season, the eight nominees for Canada's Worst Driver will be facing big city driving issues. Those eight are: Robert Cardenas who believes slower is always better, and who doesn't know how to drive.

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CALGARY — His segment on Canada’s Worst Driver ended with him kicked off the show and city police tipped off to his many, many examples of bad behaviour behind the wheel. Saturday night in the city’s northeast, local traffic cops made Scott Schurink’s acquaintance again. It was happenstance, Staff Sgt. Paul Stacey said, one of his guys had the radar gun up on Stoney Tr. When Schurink drove by, allegedly doing 176 km/h in a 100 km/h zone. Stacey said he still wears his brief brush with infamy like a badge of honour and asked the officer, 'You don’t recognize me, do you?'

Calgary police have known about him since 2010, when he was a contestant on the Canada’s Worst Driver TV show. On the show, which was televised across the country, Schurink said, 'I’m a good drunk driver.'

'I have driven well over 200 km/h,' he said. 'I’ve been suspended several times and I’ve never actually stopped driving. 'I probably hit this guy’s car at like 50 (km/h) I changed my tire, and then I drove off. 'In order to drive when I was off on house arrest I got a friend, memorized his name, his date and all that sort of stuff, and I drove as him for a number of years.'

They booted him from the show in the season’s second week. What show staff, one of whom is an ex-traffic cop, heard was so disturbing they called Calgary police.


At the speed he is alleged to have been driving Saturday night, several years later, Schurink now faces an automatic court date. He was also allegedly driving while suspended, so he’s lost his car for 30 days too.

'I’m not sure what makes him feel invincible, but it seems that he hasn’t learned a thing,' Stacey said. And Stacey called his alleged actions 'absolutely reckless.' 'This isn’t a mistake. This is just a blatant disregard for everyone’s safety on the road, including his own,' he said. Reached Sunday evening, Schurink told Postmedia Network the officer had an axe to grind. “I feel my character was really slandered by the way I was represented on the show.

And it has definitely affected my dealings with the police since the airing of the show.” Schurink said. “But I figure that I acted young and dumb and said some dumb stuff and that’s how they portrayed me.

It certainly is not who I am, and is not my driving style. “I could produce 100 people I know that would support my skill as a driver, as well as countless others who have since driven with me, to see that I am not such a horrible person.” Schurink didn’t answer whether or not he was speeding Saturday night. Daniel Bridgman, a one-time friend who was Schurink’s nominator on the show, told Postmedia Network, “This still won’t stop him from driving.” On the show, when the host told Schurink looking cool on TV wasn’t going to work out how he had planned, Schurink fired back, “Wow. I’m about to cry — shed a tear.” An episode later, he did.