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Promotion poster for Hot Shot Also known as 籃球火 Lan Qiu Huo Basketball Fire Genre, Directed by Lin He Long Starring Opening theme '箇中強手' (Best Of The Bunch - Hot Shot) by Ending theme '一半' Yi Ban by Country of origin Original language(s) No. Of episodes 16 Production Executive producer(s) Running time 90 mins (Sundays at 22:00 to 23:30) Production company(s) Comic Ritz International Production Release Original network (CTV) Picture format Original release 27 July ( 2008-07-27) – 9 November 2008 ( 2008-11-09) Chronology Preceded by (翻滾吧!蛋炒飯) Followed by (我的億萬麵包) External links Hot Shot (: 籃球火;: Lan Qiu Huo; literally: 'Basketball Fire') is a starring of, and of. It was produced by Comic International Productions and directed by Lin He Long. It was first broadcast in Taiwan on free-to-air (CTV) (中視) from 27 July 2008 to 9 November 2008, on Sundays at 22:00 to 23:30 and cable TV (八大綜合台) on 2 August 2008 to 15 November 2008, every Saturday at 21:30 to 23:00.

This show was also broadcast in, and the. Contents. Synopsis In a school where academic reigns supreme and sports were relegated to a dusty corner of the campus, Li Ying vowed to revive the basketball team by volunteering to be the coach of the basketball team.

Her first member was Yuan Da Ying, a boy from the countryside who was passionate for basketball but had no skills. Their recruitment went into a high gear when Dong Fang Xiang, a legendary basketball player, transferred to their school. Around the same time, Yuan Da Ying fell for Zhan Jie Er, a scholarship student who reminds him of his childhood friend Gu Gu Ji. Things were complicated by the fact her family works for Dong Fang Xiang, who she also grew up with. Their encounter may just rewrite the school's basketball history.

With three of Taiwan's top idols holding court, Hot Shot is hands down the most highly anticipated idol drama of 2008! Fahrenheit's Wu Chun ( Hanazakarino Kimitachihe), F4's Jerry Yan ( Hospital), and pop star Show Luo ( Corner with Love) go head to head on the basketball court in this exciting youth sports and romance drama. Find out what happens when a bumbling country boy with basketball dreams and the country's two top college players end up on the same court.

With Wu Chun being a former member of the Brunei national team and Jerry and Show known to be basketball enthusiasts, the hot-blooded idols set fire to the screen as on-court rivalries continue off court in matters of romance. George Hu ( Romantic Princess), Michael Chang ( The Outsiders), Coco Chiang, and leading lady Tracy Zhou round off Hot Shot's dream team cast. Basketball lover Yuan Da Ying (Show Luo) hits the courts whenever he can, but his skills are lacking and his grandmother is fiercely against him playing basketball. It is only after his grandmother passes away that Da Ying discovers she was once a basketball player. Carrying his family's mysterious legacy, the small-town rookie heads to the city to pursue his basketball dreams, and ends up at a college with the league's worst basketball record. He's about to get some big-time company though as top college player Dong Fang Xiang (Jerry Yan), who wants to give up basketball, is also entering the school.

Can they rebuild the school's ragtag basketball team? Director: Lin He Long Producer: Chen Zhi Han Feng Jia Rui Pi Li University is a high-class school famous for its excellent academic research and rigorous and conervative school tradition. Under the principal Li Zi Ping's scholarly guideline of stressing the cultural education over the physical education, all kind of positive sports have almost disappeared.

In this basketball, Xuan Wu, Cang Long, Bai Hu, Zhu Que, Cheng Lin, will be the champion of the national college tournament C.U.B.A., which arouses the vigorous participation of the youth from all over the state. Hot Shot!!!!!!!!!! Customer Review Rated Bad 10 - 10 out of 10 Highly recommended!!!! Kansas city zip code. The drama is very good in all aspects. The storyline is very good, some interesting characters and stories in it. The main actors and actresses were excellent.

Every basketball match is interesting. Theres also mixture of street basketball, fights and comedy. This drama has a anime feel to it aswell. The characters look it, the settings in a high school, some scenes are made in a anime style.

Its not just basketball, this drama has it all! Three Cheers for Hot Shot Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8 out of 10 A basketball fanatic like really enjoyed watching this film. Show Lou is fun but at times he can be corny. Jerry Yan on the other hand is as usual cute and lovable. I don't like his female partner. But I like their female coach.

She's pretty and charming. You won't be bored in every game they played because there's new tricks to watch out for.

So to those basketball fan out there, this is your chance to cheer for your favorite players!!! Jerry.go go go!!! Show Lou.shoot that ball!!!:-).