How To Install Princess Maker 2 Windows 7

Mar 24, 2018 - How to install and play the game The file you are downloading is a special package created by GamesNostalgia so that you can easily run this. It will say, 'Princess Maker 2 is already configured to run off of the hard-disk drive. You maye change the configuration data or quit.' Use the arrow keys on your.

This is a guide to help you play Princess Maker 2 Refine. It's a mixture of information from multiple sources, hopefully it makes it easier for the user to find what they need without having to open multiple tabs. A lot of the information is old (from previous versions of this game), so take it with a pinch of salt. If any of you understand Korean, I recommend going to as this is the site I am translating information from. Sadly the owner of the site discontinued updating at around 2007. The ending section of the guide was made by 'Blueberry, I updated a few things moved it to google sheets and translated the guide. I've also used a lot of the information from the Princess Maker Wikipedia page.

Definitely check it out as many parts will be more detailed over there. Any additional tips and mistakes found in the guide are much appreciated in the comment section below.This guide is still making in progress, More will be added in a later date. 1) Introduction Statistics can be divided into those with a limit to 999 and 100.

Any stats with a limit to 100 will influence reputation stats and can be controlled with equipped or possessed items. Stats with a limit to 100 are: Attack, Defense, Combat Skill, Magic, Magic Defence, Magic Skill, Decorum, Personality, Cooking, Cleaning/Laundry, Art Skill, Speech(Conversation), Personality(Temperament). These stats actually have a limit of 999, however they can only be raised to 100 by classes and part-time jobs.

By using items and events, it is possible to raise them higher than 100. 2) General Statistics. EasyDifficult(Expensive).

Scorpio+Venus's Necklace+Silk Armour+Leather Dress with 10 Mermaid's Tear events = 999 Glamour. If you maintain a 'Healthy diet' then you need to go on Summer ocean vacations(only time where Mermaid's Tear events happen) anyways. When Olive turns 16, Illegal Bar(Sleazy Bar) part-time job becomes available. This increases Glamour by 3 every day. But it increases Stress fast and Intelligence and Elegance falls so it is important to be aware and careful. If you're tired of Lucifon's Drink event and don't farm it, Glamour is a difficult stat to raise. Difficult and boring.

The most difficult stat to raise to 999. Even if you have Olive as bloodtype A, she needs to go to Church for 2years.

Raised by Church or Tutoring. Lowered by doing evil deeds. If there is one tip, it would be that it is possible to wear the Demon Dress and undress when you have 0 Morality (i.e.

Because of a deal with the Cave Demon), it is possible to start with 100 Morality. But it's extremely difficult to get the Demon Dress by defeating monsters and can only be worn when Olive is 14+. If Olive is bloodtype A, she will have already garners 100+ Morality(Morality inceases by 3 each month, 36.4=144) so this method cannot be used. Returning the Spirit Ring(+100), hatching the Phoenix Egg(+100) multiple times and seeing the Mermaid's Tear(+20) event several times and it is easy to raise Sensitivity to a certain level. It is possible to raise Sensitivity by taking Poetry classes or buying Poetry books. Poetry Master level is so expensive, if you have a Personal Connection of 600, it is cheaper to raise Sensitivity by filling your inventory with Poetry books.

It is possible to meet the Royal Jester, go to Mountain/Ocean vacations or do the very cost-effective Salon part-time job, but time is limited and the stat increase is small. Sensitivity is one of the 3 stats( Morality, Faith, Sensitivity) unavailable to raise through Lucifon's Drink event, putting a lot of financial pressure on players. Pocket Money Giving pocket money starts out at 20 Gold, and raises by 10 Gold with each age. While it remains cheap, it's efficiency drops with age, and more effective stress relief methods are usually affordable by then.

Also, it can only be done once every month, and it won't build up her relationship with father unlike talking. Pocket money is useful for quick stress relief in the early game, and can supplement other stress relief methods later. If Olive is sick or delinquent, giving pocket money will do nothing to help. Olive won't take the money when she's sick, but she'll take it and complain about it not being enough when delinquent. Scold Only really useful when Olive is delinquent.

Normally you don't want her to turn delinquent in the first place but if she does then scolding at high relationships gets rid of a lot of stress for no money at all. This really helps for spending less schedule time on stress relief. Olive can visit the palace at the end of each month and talk to the people there. Having conversations will help raise her popularity. For each person, Olive is required to have sufficient decorum to talk with them. Decorum is raised through etiquette (protocol) classes.

There are two exceptions to this rule. Most palace folk have a limit on how much they can raise her Popularity, and they'll tell you to talk to someone else once you've reached it. They often also have a limit on how much they can raise Popularity in a single meeting.

The Popularity raised depends on the stats/skills they look for. They usually indicate what they like in their dialogue. Example: 'I like intelligent folk.

Nowadays, women too are required to be knowledgeable and educated.' This is what the Minister of State says, and it indicates that he looks for Intelligence. 1) Palace Guard The very first person you meet, the palace guard is a humble, polite guard who will help Olive find her way around the palace society.He's good for getting early game Popularity raises if you haven't been reducing your Refinement, especially since Protocol classes aren't really affordable early on. Requirements: 10 Decorum, looks for Refinement. Every 5 points of Refinement makes him raise Popularity by 1, up to 15 per visit. He can raise her popularity by a max of 40 points. 2) Royal Knight A cheekier, less friendly guy.

Good for if you've been taking a few Protocol classes and haven't built up enough Decorum to talk to higher placed people yet. It's better to talk first with the Palace Guard though. Requirements: 30 Decorum, looks for refinement. 8 Points of Refinement raises Popularity by 1, up to 25 per visit. He can raise popularity by a max of 50 points. 3) General Pretty good if you have been raising her Charisma, but it's a little tricky to do conventionally. Requirements: 50 Decorum, looks for Charisma.

Every 5 points of Charisma raises Popularity by 1, upto 50 per visit. His max is 100 points. 4) Minister of State It's pretty handy since Intelligence is easy to raise through classes, so use it if you've been raising it. Requirements: 70 Decorum, 100 Intelligence. Every 10 points of Intelligence raises Popularity by 1, upto 60 per visit. His max is 120 points.

5) Archbishop While he becomes available a bit too late, Faith is easy enough to raise through Church work or Theology classes, so he's quite useful. Requirements: 80 Decorum, 100 Faith. Every 10 points of Faith raises Popularity by 1, upto 60 per visit. His max is 120 points.

6) Royal Concubine She mentions that she wants someone to talk to since the king is old, and Olive having good Conversation is liked by her. She is not very fast at raising Popularity, and Conversation is incredibly time consuming to raise, so try other people first. Requirements: 85 Decorum, 200 Refinement. Every 10 points of Conversation raises Popularity by 1. Since Conversation can only be raised up to 105 in the game, the maximum Popularity you can gain per visit is 10.

Her max is 120 points. 7) Queen She puts a lot of emphasis on a person's temperament, saying that Olive's beauty and strength will fade someday and keeping a good temperament is the most important thing for a girl. She's not very fast at raising Popularity, though Temperament is less time consuming than Conversation to raise. Try other people first.

Requirements: 90 Decorum, 300 Refinement. Quick macros 2 4 cracked tooth. Every 10 points of Temperament raises Popularity by 1. Temperament can be raised only up to 105 points, so the max Popularity per visit is 10. Her maximum is 160 points. 8) King He's the very last person on the Palace list who will raise your Popularity. He encourages Olive to bring honor to her father and mentions that he was a magnificent warrior.

Unlike previous people, he has no limit to the Popularity raised per visit, so it can be 99 if Olive has 990 or more Fighter Reputation. Fighter Reputation isn't hard to raise, and if you've been training Olive to be a warrior it can be quite high. So he is very useful, and certainly worth trying to max out when first available. Requirements: 95 Decorum, 500 Refinement.

Being popular as a fighter influences him well. Every 10 points of Fighter Reputation raises Popularity by 1. His max is 300 points. 9)Court Jester The jester is a comically dressed guy who's infamous for his acts. The palace guard warns about him being the laughing stock of the castle and advises Olive not to get involved with him. Requirements: He talks to Olive when she has 40+ Conversation. Every visit raises Sensitivity and drops Social Reputation by 15 points each.

After 7 visits, he will visit your house and advise Olive to meet the young officer in the palace through a song. After 14 visits, he will visit and gift the royal harp to Olive. After 21 visits, he visits to wish farewell.

He sings about how he was the butt of all jokes in the castle, and how he was soothed by the words of a young maiden. He's no longer available at the castle after that. 330-500 These are approximate ranges for HP and Morale, and they can take many values.

Anita's combat attack, skill and defense go up with age, as does her magical skill and defense. If Olive was born in October, she faces an Anita one year older to her, who can be tougher to beat. Strategy Anita relies on her HP pool and dodging melee attacks. She's not very tough initially, but with age she gets good combat skill and can land blows on Olive even with combat skill maxed out.

Magical attacks work better on her, but don't rely solely on them as she gets decent magical resistance at later ages too. It's a good idea to raise combat defense and to wear good armor while fighting her. Equipping powerful swords gives an edge over her. 220-320 Strategy Wendy is the weaker of the two fighter rivals, preferring to specialize in hitting hard with magical attacks rather than have high HP and sustain a lot of punishment. This means that she's easy to fight as long as you have good Magical skill. Even if Olive ignores raising her magical skills and focuses heavily on combat skills instead later, Wendy isn't too hard.

As long as Olive has a decent Constitution, she can tank a few spells while hitting her for good damage. Raising Magical Defense a bit also helps. 170-290 Patricia always participates in the Dance Party, and at an age of 10 she always has 55 Art and 45 Charisma. Both rise over the years, with Charisma usually rising further than Art. These are the approximate ranges of her Art and Charisma, and they can take a wide range of values.

Her paintings typically score lower than her Art stat for that year, and as such she never makes any painting with a score above 90. These stats do not change regardless of her becoming Olive's rival.

If Olive was born in October, she'll face Patricia as one year older than her, which can be tougher to win. Note that Constitution isn't listed because it doesn't affect the Dance Party scores.

Strategy High Art will help Olive win against Patricia, as will raising her Charisma. 300 or so Charisma with Art at 104 guarantees a win. Becoming popular with the Minister of State also helps, it can grant a huge bonus to the score. Keeping a few master brushes makes it easy to win even without high Charisma. Marthia ShareweareMarthia Shareweare is one of four potential rivals for Olive in Princess Maker 2.

She specializes in cooking. If Olive has Housework Reputation as her highest reputation at age 14 and it's above 100, Marthia meets her after class and invites her to compete in the Cooking Contest. Marthia sometimes participates in the Dance Party, but her stats aren't good enough to make her win any of the prizes. Strategy It's very difficult to calculate Marthia's relevant stats for the Cooking contest since they aren't displayed, only her score is. Generally, it seems like having a high Cooking skill, at around 150 or so, backed up with decent Sensitivity guarantees a win against her.

This is recommended over raising Sensitivity to high levels since it doesn't risk Olive running away randomly. If you have the perfect flour, you'll win regardless of your stats.

Of course, this isn't really practical most of the time. This is somewhat of a moot point though since Housework reputation isn't hard to raise and if you're going for something besides the Housewife ending you don't want to attend the Cooking Contest too many times. There are a total of 74 endings in Princess Maker 2. Only 60 ending CGIs exist but with 14 of the general endings branch out depending on your future job, part-time job, reputation and each having different required criteria for a good ending. Considering this there are a total of 74 endings in Princess Maker 2.


Princess Maker 2 endings can be broadly divided into dark/karma, art and general endings. General endings can be further divided into multi(expert or employee), fighter, magic, social and housework endings.

Difference between minmax Reputation stat 50 Housework reputation is highest OR Difference between minmax Reputation stat 50 Social reputation is highest Qualify wedding criteria for prince, father, Cube, dragon or demonking.Order of priority goes 123 Despite Olive having stats of a ruling queen, if arts becomes her highest stat, the art endings will become a higher priority. She will end up as an artist. This applies equally to Olive with ruling queen stats but with 0 faith and 100 karma (or Faith 129 and Karma 250+) = karma ending. 500+ Karma = Demon king ending. Be extra careful when you gather multiple Master Brushes from winning the Art (Harvest) Festival. 3.3 Following the table above, 5 successful work days at a bar of private tutoring will be considered as 10 successful work days.

Same goes for working at the cabaret, 3 successful work days is considered as 10 successful work days. If the number of maximum successful work days are tied between two part time jobs, the highest job will have a higher priority. For example, if Olive had 10 successful work days for both babysitting and working at the farm, she will get a fulltime babysitter ending. Final Ending Score = Basic ending score + Ending type score(Good/Normal/Bad) + Wedding ending score + Average of 8 general(red) stats - Karma Ending type scores: Good +300 Normal +100 Bad -10.