Hp Compaq Dc5100 Sff Video Drivers Windows 7

Jan 02, 2017  i need video drivers on windows 7 to HP Compaq dc5100 sff i found drivers to wnidows xp but no for windows 7 - Computers & Internet question Search Fixya Press enter to search.

I have a good offer for an HP Compaq DC5100 SFF (EE419UC), - CPU intel p4 HT 3.4GB, - 1GB RAM, - 128 Graphics I believe the configuration is already fine, & i know this model is like 7 - 9 years old, but i'm wondering if it can work good for my needs: - I work video edditing (adobe, vegas) - i work image editting - i compose & arrange music (FL) - i play PC video games.& other usual stuff. I also would like to know wether it's possible to run Windows7 on it. Your experiences, opinions & advices are apreciated, thnx. Well to be quite honest gaming will be really hard with a 128mb (most likely motherboard built in) graphics card. Also the Pentium 4 3.4GHz as fast as it was is not great these days. It will maybe do for casual video editing but not a lot of video rendering as it will take a long time compared to more modern dual core CPU's. It may run Windows 7 but most likely not very well without a RAM upgrade to at least 2Gb of RAM.

I am running Windows 7 with 2Gb RAM and it fills 1GB just using Mozilla Firefox and I have a very lightweight running setup. What sort of budget do you have for a computer at the moment? Aside from the RAM and video card, the CPU is weak for video editing and gaming, and not great for Windows 7, and terrible for Vista.

The Intel 915 has poor support for Vista and 7 and completely fails for gaming - and you cannot really upgrade it; the small form factor of the case and limited slots do not allow a graphics card to be used - the HP specs list only 1 low profile PCI-Express x1 slot and 2 low profile PCI slots - almost useless for graphics cards. I'd look at a much newer system, based on a newer chipset, a dual core processor, and a full size case.

Hey all, i bought an outdated hp conpaq dc5100 sff base, xp 32 bit already on it, pretty cheap at a sale with the hopes of 'popping the hood for a tune up and an new os of windows 10. I have been met with several turns of doubt and some of favorable hopes. Can anyone tell me if my machine is even capable of the upgrade to windows ten? Its got a pentium 4 in it and i upgraded ram to 4 gbs. The computer only has 40 gbs with it but i planned on using external drive or networked one. Im also confused about the 32 and 64 bit?? I was told if i am running one or the other to stick with it in the future.but had sveral people tell me that it didnt matter.

Hp Compaq Dc5100 Sff Video Drivers Windows 7

Im worried im going to buy a new OS and waste it on the install.ANY ADIVCE??? Hi: The DC 5100 will not run W10 correctly because there is no Intel graphics driver for W10. You would have to purchase a rather expensive (for what you get) PCI video card for W10 to work.

You can install W7, and manually install the Intel XP driver to get the graphics to work, but that trick won't work on W10. Some pentium 4 processors can't run a 64 bit operating system, so I would need to know what model P4 processor you installed (650, 630, 520 etc). 64 bit operating systems require more disk space and memory to run than a 32 bit operating system does. Not double, but more.

Since you maxed out the memory, you would be OK with installing a 64 bit OS, provided the processor you installed is 64 bit capable.

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