Install Deb Package Puppy Linux Download

Contents. PETGet The official software package for Puppy Linux. DotPup The community software package for Puppy Linux.

Debian Puppy can install Debian packages with some tweaking. As these packages are made for other linux distributions and not puppy specifically, some install and function directly and well, but others may not work due to dependencies (system files) that the package maker assumes will be on your system, are not, due to the 'cut down' nature of the Puppy system. These dependencies need to be installed separately. Slackware Puppy Linux 3 had Slackware package compatibility.

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Jan 18, 2018 - Install Deb Package Puppy Linux Download. Packages are manually installed via the dpkg command (Debian Package Management System). Dpkg is the backend to commands like apt-get and aptitude, which in turn are the backend for GUI install apps like the Software Center and Synaptic.