Installazione Connect Nav Alfa 147 Tuning

Connect (NAV) CAN Setup / PROXI Alignment Procedure /INFO/ADJ/ ELMOBDKey Had problems with my Alfa. Alfa romeo 147 gta chip tuning 4 mile. May reset the following. Sep 07, 2016  Alfa 147 FL,1.9 JTDm 150HP, bose audio test.

Alfa Romeo Car Radio Stereo Audio Wiring Diagram Autoradio connector wire installation schematic schema esquema de conexiones stecker konektor connecteur cable shema car stereo harness wire speaker pinout connectors power how to install Alfa Romeo 932 Alpine A: Power B: Speakers C: Changer / special 1. Masa pilota 2.

+12V po stacyjce 3. Masa audio 4. +12V na sta³e 4. +12V na sta³e 5. Sterowanie anten± 5. +12V za³±czanie 6. Pod¶wietlenie 6.

Power (+12 V) 7. R - right ( right), L - left (left) R - Rear (rear ), F - front ( front ) 9. Tel mute Alfa Romeo 147, 156 Alfa Romeo High CD Blaupunkt A: Power B: Speakers C: Changer / special 1. BOSTER IN (CD) 2. Sterowanie anteny 5.

Sterowanie BOSTER 7. +12 V BATT 7. Tel AF- Radio is connected only one plus, so do not turn off the ignition. R - right (right). L - Left (left), second letter indicates the location of.

R - Rear (rear). F - Front (front) - means the negative speaker terminal Note: Do not connect (-) with the mass of the vehicle and may damage the amplifier. +12V niewy³±czane 16. +12V wy³±czane 17. CD audio GND 19.

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CD audio L 20. CD audio R 13-20 CD Changer Interface Alfa Romeo 159 Blaupunkt Alfa 937 mid CR Alfa 937 GTA CD Alfa 937 High CD CONNECT NAV+ CONNECTOR A. 1 N.C. 6 12v Controlled by Ignition for ask Amplifier. 7 N.C 8 N.C. 9 N.C.

This is my first post despite years of membership. Hope that the upload of the photos works OK. Decided to take the plunge with V12.2 after first moving to V11.0. The photos show the Flasher program screen and successful upgrade to V11.0. On inserting the V12.2 disk and following the procedure, first the expected CD Error message appeared. Turned off Connect+ and restarted.

A version of the Flasher screen appeared that was not stable as shown in the photo. No amount of pushing 3-4-5-6 and fast forward would induce the unit to react. After 2 or 3 minutes the disk was rejected. Conclusion: version 12.2 is not compatible with Connect+ in the Stilo and the unit does not recognise the disk.

Verdict on V11.0: No discernible changes compared with V9.8. What version disc do you currently have? Firmware and setup downloads and procedures are below. Stilo Connect Nav+ (CN+) Firmware Update Procedure. WARNING: It has been reported by some people, that carrying out the firmware update has permanently destroyed their CN+. This could possibly be because the procedure was not followed correctly, or because the car battery was partially discharged.

Before proceeding, decide whether you really want the update, and that your battery is not discharged. Here are links for the various Firmware Update versions.

You will need to unzip one of them with WinRar (or similar) to produce an.ISO image file, and then burn a CD from that file. Use a good quality, blank CD-R at slow speed. Firmware v9.8 Firmware v9.9 Firmware v11.0 This is the U pdate procedure: NOTE: Some information stored in memory will be erased once this update starts.

You must follow the instructions exactly as follows:. Remove the SIM card then switch the ignition on ( DO NOT start the engine). Once the CN+ has fully started, clear any error messages using the “ESCAPE” button.

Remove any or music CD then turn the CN+ off using the “ON” button. Once the CN+ has fully shut down, turn it back on using the “ON” button and clear any error messages using the “ESCAPE” button.

Insert the U pdate Disc and wait for the display to show “CD Error”. Clear this message using the “ESCAPE” button. Turn the CN+ off by pressing the “ON” button.

Remove the ignition key and then wait about 30 seconds. With the ignition key still removed, switch the CN+ on using the “ON” button.

The Update procedure should begin. DO NOT switch the CN+ off during the procedure. The update may stop for a few moments a few times, this is normal.

When completed, the blue logo will appear on the screen and the CD will be ejected automatically. Remove the CD then switch the CN+ off using the “ON” button. If the update procedure has been successful, when you switch the CN+ back on, it should show your new firmware version number in the bottom right hand corner of the blue screen. NOTE: If the update procedure stops at 50% for more than 10 minutes, or does not complete successfully for any reason, you will probably now have a corrupted flash and a completely dead CN+. It has been reported that pressing buttons 3 then 4 then 5 then 6 then “TEL” will flash all the front panel lights twice and may allow the update to resume.

I have never needed to try this, so I don’t know if it works or not. Your only other option though, would be to send the unit to Magneti Marelli in Italy for repair, or to replace the CN+.

After you've updated the firmware, the language of the CN+ will have reverted to Italian. To change the language, you will need the Setup Disc. Here's a link for the Setup Disc. You will need to unzip it with WinRar (or similar) to produce an.ISO image file, and then burn a CD from that file. Use a good quality, blank CD-R at slow speed. This is the procedure to change the language:.

Switch the ignition on. As soon as the CN+ starts, insert the Setup Disc and allow the CN+ to boot up normally. Read and clear any warning messages using the “ESCAPE” button. Press 'SETUP' then 'LANGUAGE' then choose your language.

Highlight “OK” then press “ENTER” to accept the new language. Read and follow the warning messages as appropriate. When complete, press “ESCAPE” to clear the final message. Eject the Setup Disc. 12.2 is definitely not for the Stilo Connect NAV+. I have a defective unit (had some problems after a longer period of usage, but always booted correctly) and tried to flash it with 12.2.

But during the trial of flashing appeared only the mismatched screen of post #35 (right bottom). Afterwards I replaced the FLASHER.OUT file of 12.2 with the FLASHER.OUT from 9.9 and burned a CD. It looked like that the flashing progressed correctly and finally appeared the 'flashing OK' message. BUT afterwards the Connect did not boot, only an incorrect screen appeared (similar to the screen of the post #35 - right bottom). After this I could reflash it with 9.9 and seemed to work again.

I prepared another hibrid flashing disk where I copied the VXROM.OUT, VXWORKS and CRCK and FLASHER.OUT of 9.9, the other files were from 12.2. Again the flashing seemed to progress correctly and finally showed the 'flashing OK' message. The Connect started to boot correctly, appeared the logo with 9.9 but nothing else. I could switch it on and off with the power button and ignition key.

But after a few attempts it freezed totally no more reaction on the power button and ignition key. So it has finished its life. Now I searched in the users manuals and found that the screen of Stilo is different from the other units: Stilo 7' 480 x 234 (strange is the vertical resolution, seems to be incorrect - the Stilo screen is vertically and horizontally larger than the others -, but this resulotion is stated everywhere) Bravo 6,5' 400 x 240 Croma 6,5' 400 x 240 159 6,5' 400 x 240 147 5' 320 x 234 This different resolution is the reason of the incorrect images. And probably the flash eproms are also incompatible. So if you want to save your Connect, don't try with 12.2.