Java Game App Chota Bheem And Karishna

Chhota Bheem is India’s most loved animated character. With a viewership of over 40 Million people, Chhota Bheem is India’s top animated TV Series.

Blockbuster Hollywood IPs. 200 Million downloads. 5 topchart games. Global audience in 45 countries. 4+ star average rating.

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Green Gold presents its second theatrical movie “Chhota Bheem and the Throne of Bali” which is slated to be released on May 3rd 2013. This app thrills you with a peek inside the movie: Cast – Describes each character Synopsis – Brief overview about the movie Trailer – Exclusive footage from the movie Music – Song previews from the movie Gallery – Image gallery pictures from the movie Shop – Look at exclusive merchandise related to Chhota Bheem About Chhota Bheem and the Throne of Bali: On an invitation from the King of Bali, Bheem & his friends head out to Bali to attend the crowning ceremony of their Prince.

But before they can reach Bali, the kingdom is captured by evil Rangda who also arrests the king & queen of Bali. However the little Crown Prince manages to escape and alliances with Bheem to take on Rangda, the evil witch who wants to rule Bali. Can Arjun and Chhota Bheem defeat Rangda and restore the past glory of Bali?

It has also nominated for Indian Telly Award for Best Kids Programme. I’m sure that it would be the programme of your kids. So, on seeing such a craze of Chhota Bheem programme, many Android apps developers created numerous outstanding games on Chhota Bheem genre for kids. I’ve collected 10 best and very interesting Chhota Bheem genre games that your kids will like to play on. Chhota Bheem Android Games for Kids Here’s the list of very interesting Chhota Bheem Android games for your kids that can be installed from Google Play in your device.

It is the Endless Runner with great graphics and fun animations. The Goal of Bheem is to cover as much distance as possible. Collect Laddoos and Cool Powerups to increase health and energy to keep going on. There may be various bad guys in the forest so keep going on by avoiding all of them. This is not an endless game, in fact you’re on a mission. In this game, you will have to go through the exotic lands of Bali and avoid the evil monsters Layaks of the spirit Rangda to save the captured King and Queen of Bali. You don’t need to fight with evil monsters, just try to be as far as possible by the perfect timed jumps and collect Ladoos and bananas.

It’s also a most interesting Chhota Bheem Android game for those who loved Chhota Bheem and Throne Bali movie. Yes this game is depends on that movie. In fact, you will have to help Chhota Bheem to rescue the islands of Bali from monsters called Leyaks. This game has two themes (day and night) and each of these themes has 10 exciting and challenging levels. So, install it today to have fun. It’s another endless Chhota Bheem running game for kids. Your objective is to collect and connect as many SAME COLORED LADDOOS as you can. Run, Jump, Dash or Slide through beautiful Indian village (Dholakpur) environments, evade every obstacle on the street like Villagers, Buffaloes, and Bull Carts while collecting his favorite sweet Laddoo. The idea of this game is taken from Chhota Bheem Pirate Attack episode of Chhota Bheem programme.

In this game, pirates intercepted the Royal ship, capturing Raja Indravarma along with his daughter Indumati. They are being held captive on the pirate ship.

Your objective is to help Chhota Bheem in the rescue mission by using the weapons correctly and destroy the pirates to clear the level before the pirates defeat Chhota Bheem’s team. You have to decide the angle and power of the shot to fire at the pirates. This is awesome forest game for Android lovers and for all the kids who love Chhota Bheem because he’s the hero of this game. You’ve amazing chance to take the role of Chhota Bheem to explore the dense forest near Dholakpur to find Daku Dangal Singh and his men.

Your enchanted stick will help you to defeat the enemies. In this game, Chhota Bheem has a shop of Ladoos but Kalia has planned to take revenge on Bheem by letting in mice in all the ladoo shops.

Play as Bheem and catch the mice before they eat all the ladoos. Clear all 12 levels to win the game! Some Educational Chhota Bheem Android Games This is the best educational apps for kids who love Chhota Bheem. In this Android game, various characters, images and poses from the Chhota Bheem TV show have been used here to teach Alphabets. This is the best Android app to improve the skills of your kids against math and English subjects. The scene is that Dholakpur is under a massive alien robot attack! The only way to save Dholakpur is give the answers of puzzles asked by the robot.

For example, robot will ask you for Apple and give you some optional images and you will have to hit the right image of Apple. It’s just an example, there may be different English and math puzzles for your kids. This App teaches Kids how to draw their favorite Chhota Bheem character and color the same. All the friends of Bheem: Chutki, Kalia, Raju, Indumati, Krishna, Ganesh and Aliens can be drawn using friendly outlines. Multiple colors can be used to color the various characters from the show.

This app also help to improve creativity of your kids. More Android Games:.

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