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Contents. Life and career As a product specialist for V-DRUMS, Rabb has performed around 70 international clinic dates per year. He endorses several companies including: Mapex Drums, Audix Microphones, Prologix, Blowit Fans, Drumometer, and HansenFutz. Rabb designed a series of cymbals with the MEINL company: Drumbals and Safari cymbals are part of MEINL's Generation X line. Rabb designed a signature stick, TX7731W, for Pro-Mark drumsticks. In 2006, Rabb and formed the band BioDiesel, described as 'environmentally friendly Intelligent Dance Music'.

Rabb is the drummer for U.S.S.A., a rock n' roll collaboration with bassist/programmer/producer, guitarist/composer, and lead singer Gary Call. Rabb formed the duo DrumJockeys with percussionist Chris Patterson (DJ Krushar) performing and. Rabb also plays in Magnetic Lobster with friend. Save mp3 from url. Rabb held the title of ' by playing 1,071 single strokes in 60 seconds.


Collective Soul Rabb became the drummer for in 2012, making his first live performances with the band during their between May to July. Rabb's debut studio album with Collective Soul, was released on October 2, 2015. Bibliography. (2001). Jungle/Drum 'n' Bass for the Acoustic Drum Set: A Guide to Applying Today's Electronic Music to the Drum Set. Discography With Collective Soul Studio albums. (2015) See also.

I'm training to compete for the title of World's Fastest Drummer™ World Champion. Subscribe to my channel to stay updated on my training or train with me for free! Facebook: Insta: Twitter: @SirArlen In this video I do a follow-up 'Cold Run' of 60 seconds on the Drumometer™ without warming up, and repeat the exercises from the previous video in this series.

The exercises in this series are from Johnny Rabb's 30 Days To Better Hands Exercise 1 PDF available for free to download: For more in-depth instruction and exercises performed by Johnny Rabb himself you can purchase the DVD at: For more information on the World's Fastest Drummer® competition: World's Fastest Drummer® web site: 30 Days To Better Hands (DVD): Exercise 1 PDF: Original music 'Actions Speak' by Ten Yard Fight ©Equal Vision Records Ten Yard Fight Facebook: Download Ten Yard fight on iTunes.

Due to some label issues/mergers, his album was caught in limbo. Like It was critically praised, but failed to generate much success. That same year, he was commissioned to produce a few remixes for the hit single '' in addition to doing some appearances/production work on albums by and.