Kamen Rider Ryuki Anoboy

SYNOPSIS People have begun to disappear in Japan, and nobody seems to care. Cops turn up no results, and the only one investigating is an online newspaper called the ORE Journal. When an overly ambitious intern named Shinji Kidou decides to investigate one of the missing persons cases, he finds himself in an abandoned apartment that once belonged to, what seems like, a seriously deranged man. The windows, mirrors, and any other reflective source in the apartment has been covered up. Young Kidou finds a black deck laying on the floor, and when he later uncovers a window, he is attacked by a dragon. This is only the beginning for Shinji Kidou, who is about to enter the most terrible time of his life. Emuparadise.

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Kidou is helped by Yui Kanzaki, a teenage girl whose brother is among the missing. She tells him of the other world, the mirror world, the world that is only inhabited by monsters, monsters who leave that world for ours when they need to feast. Yui suspects her brother, Shirou, is somehow involved. IMDB RATING: 7.7/10 YEAR: 2002 FILES: 81. File Name File Size File Ext.


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Welcome to JAToku.com, to watch Kamen Rider Ryuki English Subbed Online For Free. You can find Kamen Rider Ryuki Episode 6 English Subbed in SD and HD format. Kamen Rider Wizard is the 2012-2013 Kamen Rider series; the fourteenth entry. Major characters can be seen as similar to some of the characters from Ryuki.