Kenwood Serial Number Decoding

There are backdoor codes for each Kenwood car stereo, based on the model and serial numbers. How to Reset a Kenwood Security Code; FRS (Family Radio Service). Encoder/decoder function uses QT/DQT to segregate talk groups, so users only hear calls from their own group. The TK-7302/TK-8302 has PTT ID (ANI: automatic number identification) and. KENWOOD ESN (Electronic Serial Number).

Laurie - G6ISY developed the method of calculating the manufacture date.You can find his original work in the files section on the Yahoo group for the TS-2000.
The file name is: 'SerialNumber to Date.txt' How to work out the age of your radio.
Utilizing his information I wrote this javascript to do the calculation. This should work for anything made since 1999.
Below are some example dates and at the bottom of the page is an explanation of the date formats.

Good Filters Defective Filters Good Filters
301xxxxx = April 2001
311xxxxx = February 2002
313xxxxx = April 2002
809xxxxx = December 2006
810xxxxx = January 2007
910xxxxx = January 2008
001xxxxx = April 2008
004xxxxx = July 2008
A88xxxx = August 2008
A8Bxxxx = November 2008
A91xxxx = January 2009
A98xxxx = August 2009
A99xxxx = September 2009
B02xxxx = February 2010
C5Axxxx = October 2025
Z9Cxxxx = December 2259

TS-2000's (Including the X model) in the serial number range 810xxxx - A98xxxx (dates January 2007 - August 2009) were produced with defective filters.
Kenwood has been replacing these bad filters for free. Contact Kenwood National Service Centers for more information.

Kenwood Serial Number Decoding

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Kenwood serial numbers issued from 1999 come in 2 formats.

The format used from 1999 until approximately August 2008 is numeric:
Zte mf667 mac driver. First digit is the year code, add 1998 to get year. If first digit is 0 add 10 to 1998.
Next 2 digits are the month code starting with 01 which is April (begining of Japanese tax year).
Months 10,11 & 12 will be Jan, Feb, Mar of the next year so add 1 to the year.

The format adopted from approximately August 2008 is alphanumeric:
The first character is the decade A=2000, B=2010, C=2020.
The second character would be the year of the decade from 0 to 9.
The third character is the month. 1-Jan, 2-Feb, 3-Mar, .., 9-Sep, A-Oct, B-Nov, C-Dec.

Hi All, I have a previous message posted concerning 2 TS-950sdx's and this subject. I have another question though-If a Kenwood radio has spanned 10 years or more, how do you tell which decade it was manufactured in?? Does anyone know when the TS-950SDX started in production???

Tring tring ringtone blackberry. I know that there was an 'S' and an 'SD' model before the 'SDX'. I am looking at 2 SDX'S, and one of their serial #'s start with 00, and the other one starts with 10. The guy with the 00 model says that he bought it in 1999, which could make sense as 00 translates into either 1988 or 1998.

I don't think the SDX was manufactured in 1988. The guy with the one starting with 10 is not the original owner, and thinks it is an older one. Could it have been manufactured in 1989??? I don't think the SDX went back that far. PLEASE HELP!!!. Ron Goldstein.KA2IIA STAY YOUNG-DRIVE A VINTAGE 427 CORVETTE. KEEP YOUR MIND ACTIVE-BECOME AN AMATEUR RADIO OPERATOR.