Kieffer Saddles Serial Number

Welcome to the digital Passier Saddle Number Check. Each Passier saddle is a unique piece of craftsmanship. Every single Passier saddle gets its own number from the saddle master during production, making it unmistakable. This number makes it possible to trace year of production and specifications of each saddle, even decades later. Please note: The year of production is not necessarily identical with the date of sale.

Saddle Number Check. Welcome to the digital Passier Saddle Number Check. Each Passier saddle is a unique piece of craftsmanship. Every single Passier saddle gets its own number from the saddle master during production, making it unmistakable. I am trying to find out how old my Kieffer saddle is and their website was not at all useful. Anybody know what the serial number means on the saddle? It reads 1018D1.

The saddle number is a 6-digit number. You find it embossed on the saddle flap (see photo).

Note: If the saddle number is lower than 212 041 the saddle was produced before 1986. Data for that period has not been digitized yet.

Saddle numbers 018 000 to 070 000 are an exception. They indicate that the saddle has a synthetic saddle tree. Information about those numbers is available via the digital Saddle Number Check.

Premium leather, first-class workmanship and long durability As premium manufacturers of quality leather products we feel not only committed towards our customers to produce according to the most advanced ecological principles and methods, but we must, of course, also comply with relevant EU regulations. Process-related qualities such as leather thickness, colour and surface must meet certain DIN standards, just as must the resulting properties of the leather, e.g. Tensile and stitch tear strength or the folding endurance. For years, we have used only high-grade European hides to ensure that Kieffer quality products meet these exact quality requirements. Performance, advantages and origin Kieffer saddle trees are made of high-quality, glass fibre reinforced synthetic material and fitted with a soft, permanently elastic seat covering. In case of emergency, the recessed stirrup bars ensure a safe opening even after years of use. All present Kieffer saddle trees are adjustable.

Depending on the model, the width of a Kieffer saddle tree can be adjusted either thermally by heating in an infrared process or by cold adjustment of the gullet plate using the Kieffer alteration bench. This can be done by a qualified dealer, master saddler or in our own service department. Quality characteristics:. Individual adjustment & optimal fit. Comfortable Medico seat & innovative gullet plate.

High elasticity & flexibility. PPH-synthetic saddle tree – the standard model PPH-synthetic saddle tree – the standard model For over 40 years, the Kieffer standard saddle tree has been popular with riders and favoured for its distinctive cut back pommel. This characteristic not only provides horses with a freedom of withers but also gives the rider a safe and comfortable seat at all times.

Adjustability As our synthetic saddle trees do not have a gullet plate they are adjustable to the required size in an infrared process with the Kieffer alteration bench. The saddle is clamped onto the bench and the front part heated. After adjustment the saddle must remain fixed on the bench for at least 12 hours to cool off. Saddle tree ”Exclusive“ with Medico seat Saddle tree 'Exclusive' with integrated gullet plate This advancement in the field of saddle trees increases safety as well as riding comfort particularly in the seat region.

Gullet plate and stirrup bar form a unification made of high-quality steel which is inset in the upper area of the saddle tree. This system exclusively patented by Kieffer, leads the stirrup bar closer to the saddle tree – the result is a narrower pommel and more seating comfort in the front part of the saddle. With its integrated gullet plate, the saddle tree model 'Exclusive' greatly facilitates adjustment of the saddle tree to the horseback – for example when purchasing a new saddle or as required due to muscular or nutritional changes of the animal.

In order to fit the saddle tree, the saddle is simply mounted onto the Kieffer alteration bench and adjusted by cold processing to make it either narrower or wider. Another advantage of this construction is that an escape of the stirrup bar is in actual fact impossible. The gullet plate is located above and not below the saddle tree as is usual, consequently sharp corners can herewith be avoided. In the case of a saddle tree with a narrow set fitting for a horse with a slim body shape, the gullet plate does not deform in a V-shape but remains in a rounded shape to prevent jamming the withers.

Of particular importance is the fact, that because of the seamless connection of gullet plate and stirrup bar the pressure caused by mounting the horse is distributed evenly over the whole saddle tree – this prevents the saddle tree from deforming. A deforming of the saddle tree, occurs in many saddles over a long time period and may result in a tilting of the rider´s seat which of course would have negative consequences for the rider and the horse. The Medico seat, a V-cut in the saddle tree, always swings with the movement, thus relieving the rider’s spinal column and seat muscles. In particular, the sensitive area around the ischium and the pubic bone are protected by the increased flexibility of the saddle tree. To achieve an even better seat experience for the rider, the stirrup bar is mounted closer to the saddle tree. The pommel thus becomes narrower for a more comfortable seat. The gullet plate is recessed into the saddle tree and consequently does not constrain the rider in any way.

Adjustability With its integrated gullet plate, the saddle tree model 'Exclusive' supports an easy fit for a new saddle purchase and aids adjustment of the saddle tree which may be necessary due to muscular development of the horse or a change of horse ownership. In order to fit the saddle tree, the saddle is simply mounted onto the Kieffer alteration bench and adjusted by cold processing to make it either narrower or wider. Saddle tree 'Exclusive' with 'Kieffer easy-fit-system' Saddle tree 'Exclusive' with 'Kieffer easy-fit-system' Accurate self-regulation of the fit which may be necessary due to seasonal body changes. The innovative 'Kieffer easy fit system' is a development which works like a kind of flexible hinge fixed to both ends of the tree tips to adapt to the angle of the horse’s back automatically. This vernier adjustment in the area of the tree tips helps to adapt to slight fluctuations in the muscle conformation in the horse‘s scapula due to training or seasonal changes.

The muscle growth in the area of the trapezius muscle may be encouraged by the anatomic pressure distribution of the 'Kieffer easy fit system'. The same positive effects could be found by changes of the horse’s coat.

The 'Kieffer easy fit system' is an additional option only available in combination with our saddle tree 'Exclusive' and cannot be retrofitted. It does however not replace the basic adaptation of a (new) saddle to the horse’s back, requiring adjustment of the gullet plate and saddle flocking by a master saddler. Adjustability The 'Kieffer easy fit system' in combination with our saddle tree 'Exclusive' is easily adjustable by cold processing with the help of the Kieffer alteration bench.

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Saddle tree '1000' Saddle tree '1000' – for normal and wide backs This saddle tree consists of Polypropylen with a glass fibre reinforcement. The seat comes with a Polyurethan-Membrane and provides a pleasant sitting comfort. The stirrup bars are made of a special stainless steel alloy with a load capacity amounting to 1.700 kg.

The forged gullet plate is simple and steplessly adjustable. This saddle tree is especially suited for horses with normal or wider backs and enables the use of a bolted panel. Adjustability Because of its forged, high-quality gullet plate, the saddle is steplessly adjustable as often as necessary. In order to fit the saddle tree, the saddle is simply mounted onto the Kieffer alteration bench and adjusted by cold processing to make it either narrower or wider. Standard saddle panel Standard saddle panel This panel is suitable for horses with a normal round back – especially for horses with a significant difference in height between the withers and the 18th thoracic vertebrae. The horse’s back should be evenly muscled in order to provide an even contact area for the panels avoiding bridging or pressure points.

As an option, this panel is available with an enlarged volume in the rear that is 1,5 cm higher than on the usual standard model and allows a greater adjustment potential when more height is necessary. Drop Panel Drop Panel / DP The innovative ‘Drop Panel’ provides a significant larger contact area and a more voluminious cushion behind the shoulder in comparison to our standard panel. In particular, horses with problems in the trapezium muscle area or with hollow shoulders will benefit from this extra new feature. The contact area on the horse’s back is optimized to prevent bridging or pressure points being built.


The possibility that the saddle can swing in harmony with the horse’s movements is not influenced in any negative way by the ‘Drop Panel‘. This panel allows a greater adjustment potential when reflocking is needed and offers the saddler a better choice of adaption of the panel for a soft and perfect fit.

Due to its various adaptabilities, its softness and its supportive effects on muscle growth, the ‘Drop Panel’ has become one of Kieffer’s most popular panels and is optionally available for almost all dressage and general purpose saddles. Passage saddle Panel Passage saddle Panel Saddle panel ‘Passage’ with its shortened panel at the front (half panel) complements Kieffer´s saddle panel options and provides an even better freedom of movement around the shoulder. Due to its specific cut it is eminently suitable for well-trained horses with a wide costal arch. For horses as mentioned above but with atrophies in the shoulder area, the ‘Passage Panel‘ is also available in combination with ‘Drop Panel Cut‘. The saddle panel ‘Passage’ is available for all dressage saddles with knee rolls positioned on the saddle flap. Brian weiss regression youtube. Short Panel Short Panel Our shortest saddle panel is suitable for horses with special requirements. Standard saddles often rest over the lumbar region on horses with a shorter back.

We at Kieffer have developed a special short panel to cope for horses having a comparatively short contact area or a significant rising lumbar vertebrae. The dressage models ‘Inzell’ and ‘Salzburg’, which are also available as general purpose saddles, can be ordered as standard models with this short panel. This panel variation is optionally available for almost all dressage saddles. 'With regard to products from kieffer, I am full of praise! After 10 years of riding on saddles 'made-to-measure' – my last saddle cost 3,600 euros – I have realized that this investment wasn't actually necessary. Now that I have been riding the new kieffer saddle for some weeks, I wouldn't like to swap any more. Although my horse does not have an easy saddle fit and I have special requirements due to the paralysis in my legs, it has been no problem to find a new saddle, thanks to the flexibility of the new kieffer saddle tree and, of course, kieffer's support. This saddle is not only super for my horse and for me, but it's also really beautiful!'